Friday, December 3, 2021

Stocking Stuffer Time with Santa Mouse Makes a Christmas Wish based on Michael Brown's Santa Mouse !

Happy Friday! Doesn't that usually mean that a weekend of relaxation and freedom is here after a long week of work? Well, if it does in your world, enjoy it! In our household, this weekend....well, every weekend... means more hectic than during the week. Especially this close to the holidays.

That's why it's time for a....

 Today's review is super-duper-amazing-absolutely cute! And perfect for a little, Christmas surprise for young readers out there. Don't believe me? Well, let's read on!

based on Michael Brown's characters
Illustrated by Elfrieda De Witt
Little Simon
24 pages
ages 2 to 6

Santa Mouse searches for his true Christmas talent in Santa’s workshop in this magical 8x8 storybook about finding your own special way to celebrate the holiday.

Life at the North Pole is exciting and different for Santa Mouse, who has become Santa’s littlest helper. Santa Mouse is full of Christmas joy, so he can’t wait to find out the best way to help the others at Santa’s workshop. First, he tries his paws at toy making with the elves, but it’s not quite right. Then he joins the present wrapping station, but it’s still not a good fit. Can Santa Mouse find his true calling?

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First off, I had no idea who Santa Mouse was before reading this book. (Gasp here in shock if you need to). Second, there was no way I was going to pass on the chance to review this one because...oh-my-gosh, that mouse is so cute!

This little mouse packs holiday cheer and tons of it, despite his small size. He wants to use it and heads up to the North Pole in hopes of helping Santa get ready for Christmas Eve. The elves are busy, busy, busy, and Santa Mouse does what he can to help get those gifts prepared, but things don't run quite as well as he'd hoped. Instead, his presents are a mess...but can he find a way to help out, anyway?

I'm going to start with the practical bonus of this book, and why I've add it to my 'stocking stuffer' list. Inside the book flaps (beginning and end), there are punch-out ornaments kids can use to help decorate the tree. These are easy to do (maybe, with a tiny bit of help) and add some fun. Plus, they are created in a way which doesn't ruin the book after use. As a fan of do-it books, I had to give this one kudos for that. Now, for the story itself.

The text is simple enough and follows Santa Mouse on his journey. This one flows along very quick, giving a short visit to each scene, which definitely keeps boredom from settling in. It's actually almost too quick, but I do see this one working very well for those young listeners with short attention spans (and the approaching holidays will definitely shorten attention spans). So, I'm taking that as a plus with this book. I was a little confused why it starts with an empty house on the first page, and then, jumps right into Santa Mouse heading to the North Pole. I assume...because it's not said...that Santa Mouse gets lonely???? As said, this is completely left up to readers' imaginations.

The illustrations are bright and cheerful and so holiday-ish. The elves are portrayed more realistic (well, human-like) than is often seen, which I appreciate. The illustrations are created with care in aquarelle and have a nice touch.

This is a sweet, little book with a bit of fun for the Christmas season...and a tiny mouse, who is hard not to like.

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