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Review: The Wonder of Creation by Louie Giglio

Happy Sunday! Today's review also makes a great present and not just during Christmas time. This is the third (I'm pretty sure it's the 3rd) devotional from this author for kids and centers (as do his others) around science and the wonders of creation. As a kid, I could never get enough of odd facts about the world, and my own kids aren't any different. So, I was more than glad to take a look at this one. And thanks to TLC Book Tours for this one.

Ready to see what I thought? 

100 More Devotions About God & Science
by Louie Giglio with Tama Fortner
Illustrated by Nicola Anderson
Thomas Nelson
Middle Grade Religious
208 pages
ages 6 to 10

In this captivating follow-up to the bestselling kids' devotionals Indescribable and How Great Is Our God, discover more mind-blowing, faith-building scientific facts and biblical truths about the wonder of God's creation from author, speaker, and founder of the Passion movement Louie Giglio.

Well-known for his powerful and highly visual messages about science and the Bible, Louie Giglio has a passion for inspiring kids to notice, enjoy, and marvel at God's creation. In The Wonder of Creation, children will find new delight in God's creativity with 100 devotions that explore:

animals—from honeyguide birds to flying snakes to white rhinos
space—from black holes to volcanic moons to gamma-ray bursts
people—from optical illusions to brain freezes to our immune systems 
Earth—from rainbow rivers to blue lava to flowing glaciers                                                    
and much, much more!
With engaging illustrations and striking photography, this fun and informative book is ideal for children ages 6–10. Each of the 100 devotions features a scientific fact or an easy activity for exploring faith, a short Bible verse, and a closing prayer.

With a beautifully bright and colorful cover and a ribbon bookmark, The Wonder of Creation

is ideal for science-loving kids, Bible-loving kids, and any child ready to go deeper in faith
continues a well-loved devotional series that has impacted over a million children, parents, and teachers
includes informative content call-outs inviting kids to "Explore the Wonder"
makes a great addition to a homeschool STEM curriculum or a bedtime reading routine
As kids explore this awe-inspiring devotional, they'll be amazed at the many wonders God has made!

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Devotionals don't need to be boring or superficial or cheesy, and this one proves that.

I have not read the other books by this author, but I'm definitely going to be checking them out now. This devotional takes the wonders of the world and creation (true facts), highlights little known as well as more known ones, and shows how wondrous creation truly is. Each devotion starts with a very short verse before the science end of something is discussed. Then, in the last paragraph, all of it is tied together and ends with a short, related prayer. As an extra bonus, another interesting tidbit of science is added in a colorful side-box. There's a Table of Contents in the beginning to make things easy to find and an index at the end for those searching for something specific. Add the interesting foreword, which not gives the author a chance to explain why he does these devotionals, but it also shows which devotions fall into one of four science themes, and encourages readers to visit their favorites.

This is such a well-done read that I've decided to lay down our usual devotional (although we're only halfway through) and use this one instead. My kids, although older, do love science and find this one more interesting than the more 'personal/emotional' one I'd picked up this summer. These devotions are about two pages, but they are interesting and my kids, who usually love quick ones, have no problem listening to these. The author doesn't talk down to the reader but helps waken curiosity about creation and how amazing it is.

There are illustrations as well as photos to lighten the mood and give readers an impression of what some things truly look like. The information is laid out in an understandable manner and, more than a few, were new facts to us. The Bible verse doesn't necessarily fit 100% in all ways, but the author makes sure there is a related topic in some way or another. So, everything does tie together well enough. The devotion part doesn't come across as preachy and is also easy to connect with and understand.

As said, we've switched over to this one and are enjoying it quite a bit.

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