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Review: Type X by M. A. Phipps with Giveaway!


Today's review slides into a dystopian world and is the 2nd book in the series. And guess what? I actually read the first one awhile ago! The first one did end with a cliff-hanger and was a good enough read that I was excited to see what happens next. And since I haven't hit a dystopian recently, it was time to dive back in.

by M.A. Phipps
Project W.A.R., #2
Publication date: March 26th 2021
YA Dystopian


Feared by many. Frightened of few. Torn between humanity and the monster she’s become.

When Wynter surrendered to the DSD two years ago, she thought she was protecting her friends. Lured by the promise of a cure, she hoped she might finally be rid of her devastating disease or, at least, be on the path to controlling it. But Dr. Richter was never interested in curing her.

With a collar around her neck keeping her unstable powers in check, Wynter is transformed into an unstoppable weapon. Compelled to do the State’s bidding, she kills without feeling, remembering nothing of the people she gave herself up to protect. Her only thought is to obey.

When a mission goes wrong, triggering suppressed memories, Wynter finds herself determined to piece together her past. But as she uncovers the truth, she realizes it’s no longer clear who the real enemy is, and with the threat of war looming, she must again make a choice. Can she escape her role in the impending destruction?

Or is she doomed to remain a monster forever?

TYPE X is the second book in the Project W. A. R. trilogy, which readers have compared to The Giver, Divergent, and The Hunger Games!

“This series is a must-read for dystopian and YA readers.” ★★★★★

“Twists at every chapter will have you thinking and rethinking about the way things will play out and even then you will never see it coming!” ★★★★★

“Amazing story that leaves you begging for the next one.” ★★★★★

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After having read and enjoyed the first book in this series, I was excited to dive into this one. Since the last one ended on a cliff-hanger, it's safe to say that this second book doesn't work very well as a stand alone. The series should be read as such. This one also ends with a cliff-hanger...just to give a heads up. Unfortunately, it did take long enough for this second book to come out that I had forgotten many of the details and should have grabbed up book one again to refresh some things.

This tale takes place in the remote future. Wynter, who was finally captured by the State and fell under the Dr.'s hands, is now their strongest weapon. Her special genetics gives her powers, which no one can match or even slightly come-up against. She's battling, however, some guilt on the psychological end (only a tiny bit, though) with the death toll she's caused and is still causing, but thanks to missing memories, she continues her destruction as commanded. When a solider stares at her with a look of fear, something clicks. Her carefully built wall of indifferences starts to crack.

As said, I really should have revisited the first book before diving into this one because there were holes for more than a few chapters thanks to my memory loss (so, I guess I understand Wynter in that sense?) Honestly, this is a well written book and holds tons of excitement, action, and unexpected twists and turns as book one did. In other words, this one is an enjoyable read and does keep the suspense, tension, and emotions running high. I'm glad I picked it up and am looking forward to the next in the series because this one ends on another amazing note, which demands for more. So, dystopian fans who love a little hint of super powers and rebellions and greedy governments are going to like this one.

Unlike the first book, this one digs deep into Wynter's psych the first chapters. She doesn't really speak to anyone but goes about her destruction and life in her head. Whatever character depth was missing in book one is made up for during the first part of this book and is well done. On the other side, we don't really get to know Wynter, either, since all glimpses into her day-to-day life are missing. We see her fulfilling orders and being escorted back and forth to her room. I couldn't help but wonder what she did between those attacks, but this came up with zilch. Still, it'd be wrong to say this really hurt the tale because it does grab and hold in. 

When things start unraveling and Wynter begins to remember things and sees people she recognizes, the atmosphere switches, leaving her head for the rest of the world. This means ranked up tension, much more action, but much less character depth. Which is fine, since being in her head would have dragged after awhile. So, this one is well enough done and is entertaining until the end. Now, I can only hope the next book doesn't take too long because I am more than curious to see how this all ends.


A heavy wind slams into the side of the helicopter, jerking the metal carcass with rough, repetitive jolts, which threaten to send the gargantuan carrier aircraft spiraling to the ground. The two dozen Enforcers around me don’t seem to take much notice of the turbulence, their expressions drawn, eyes fixed straight ahead, like robots that have been programmed to concentrate only on the specified task laid out before us.

Propping my head back against the vibrating wall, I focus on the roaring drone of the rotors, listening intently to the constant whir. Steadied by the deafening hum, I drag in a deep breath and let my eyes drift closed, my heart rate evening out as I distance my thoughts from what awaits when we land. More than anything, I wish my consciousness could remain in this state of calm in-between forever. Here, reality is but a dim afterthought.

Unfortunately, such blissful escape isn’t an option.

I push out an exasperated breath through my nose and peek open my eyes, scowling at the tingle creeping over my face. Even without looking, I can tell someone’s watching me. The burning touch of wandering eyes is a far too familiar sensation by this point—that unavoidable curiosity that seems to go hand in hand with what I am now that my existence is public knowledge.

Hell, after this long, I’ve grown to expect it.

Looking up, I narrow my eyes into slits, glaring at the Enforcer strapped in the seat directly across from me. He doesn’t glance away, which intrigues me considering how skittish others tend to become in my presence. Especially the newer recruits who have only heard stories of my unfathomable power.

Based on this particular soldier’s appearance, I’d be willing to venture a guess and wager he’s barely older than me. Perhaps we’re even the same age, although twenty is unusually young for an Enforcer. Then again, the State is at war. The rules for registration have likely been eased to help expand our ranks for the battles ahead.

If only these soldiers knew how little their presence in this war even matters.

Typically, registration age begins at twenty-five, so the person in question has to work within their designated career for a minimum of six years before they can make the conscious choice to become an Enforcer—a decision not to be made lightly given everything the individual would be sacrificing. For one, service to the State is for life, which means no reneging and going back to your previous career, not to mention that Enforcers all reside in the barracks in Zone 5, which means surrendering any previously assigned living quarters. Secondly, Enforcers aren’t allowed to enter partnerships or have families of their own and all existing familial ties must be severed. This rule is in place to prevent deviant forces from ransoming loved ones to gain access to intel or admission to prohibited locations that an Enforcer would be able to access. Not that such an eventuality is even really a threat to the State. Enforcers are nicknamed Loyalists for a reason, and they live and breathe devotion to the governing body. The good of the State must always come first.

To them, nothing and no one else matters.

The young soldier’s dark eyes scan over my throat before meeting my gaze again, his pupils blown wide with the same fear written all over his face. The metal ring around my neck chafes against the skin of my collarbone when I shift in my seat. As the Enforcer quickly looks down at the floor, I grasp what it is he’s truly afraid of.

The irony of the situation would be amusing if it wasn’t so damn maddening. The battle we’re about to fly into poses far more danger to the Enforcers aboard this aircraft than I do, and yet, I’m the one he’s second-guessing. Or maybe, he’s simply doubting the effectiveness of my collar.

I breathe in, holding back a mocking laugh.

Dont worry, I’m tempted to say to him. You arent the one who needs to fear me.

Author Bio:

M. A. PHIPPS is an American author who resides near the ocean in picturesque Cornwall with her husband, daughter, and their Jack Russell, Milo. A lover of the written word, it has always been her dream to become a published author, and it is her hope to expand into multiple genres of fiction.

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