Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Wrap-Up

With 2015 coming to an end, I had a chance to glance back at the reviews, blitzes, excerpts, releases, cover reveals and all other posts which have hit this blog during the last twelve months. And what a busy year it was! According to Goodreads, I reviewed over 150 books this last year. . .no wonder I felt like I was buried in pages! Luckily, almost all of them were worth a read and most I would recommend to any of you.

To wind up the year, I thought I'd go back and point out some of my personal favorites. Of course, this list could go on and on, but these are the ones which strike me at first thought. . .

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wickedly They Come by Cathrina Constantine

by Cathrina Constantine
CHBB Publishing
YA Paranormal
270 pages

Haunting visions and supernatural talents are the norm for the sixteen-year-old warrior, Jordan and her mother Seeley. Together with their formidable angels they find themselves in peril when a wicked sorcerer is determined to fulfill the prophecy to his lord, Lucifer.

After an ominous vision of spirits inhabiting teenagers in a local school, Jordan enrolls in the social culture of teendom at Elma High to combat soulless demons. She encounters Mark, a mysterious new classmate, who is hell bent on keeping her unscathed from the forces of evil.

The battle between Heaven and Hell is escalating—and Earth is their battleground.

Quick Quibbit!

Something dripped on Seeley’s shoulder. Then another wet dribble skimmed her cheek and landed on Jordan’s arm. The wetness was bright red. She gazed up at a mammoth pentagram embedded into the rocky dome. The five-pointed star sparkled in the flickering light, and a planked balcony bordered the elevated fortification.
As she craned her head and peered directly upward, her bloodcurdling scream split the air. “Ohmigod! Ohmigod! What have they done?” Her knees buckled.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Re-Release of Raising John by Jennifer Lesher

By Jennifer Lesher
Booktrope Editions

RE-RELEASE: December 15, 2015

How do you go on living when you have done the unforgivable? Robert Lewis isn’t surprised to wake up in the drunk tank. He assumes that, as usual, he’ll sleep it off, then return to the routine of golf games, broker meetings, symphony dates and nightcaps that make up his life.
Then his lawyer delivers the news: Robert is responsible for an accident that has killed a young mother and orphaned her young son, John.

Robert is quickly yanked from his life of privilege and sent to prison to atone for his crimes. Defiant at first, Robert believes he’s better than his fellow inmates and that unlike them, he has no room for improvement.
But, as the months wear on, Robert’s fellow inmates push him to confront his actions and the choices that brought him to prison.

Meanwhile, as John grows up under the care of his maternal grandmother, he must come to terms with losing his mother and decide whether he can forgive the man who destroyed his childhood.

Spanning three generations, Raising John tells the story of John’s bittersweet childhood, the history of the mother he never knew, and of Robert’s collapse and redemption.


Jennifer Lesher is an author, blogger, mountain biker, travel junkie, non-sufferer of fools, and graduate of the School of Hard Knocks.

She is the author of the "Modern Love?" series of Kindle short stories and the novel Raising John.

Recently Jennifer effected a career change, leaving her job in the high-tech industry to pursue certification as an airplane mechanic. She will complete her schooling in the spring of 2015 and, FAA willing, will be certified shortly thereafter.

She lives in Seattle, Washington.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review: Witch Wars by Sibeal Pounder

by Sibeal Pounder
Illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Middle Grade Fantasy
ages 7 to 9
224 pages

Available January 19th!

When Fran the Fabulous Fairy turns up in Tiga Whicabim's shed to tell her she's a witch, Tiga doesn't believe her. Or at least not until Fran points out that TIGA WHICABIM is actually an anagram of I AM A BIG WITCH . . . and takes Tiga through the drainpipes to compete in a challenge to crown the next Top Witch of Ritzy City. No one expects a witch from 'above the pipes' to be a serious contender, but soon Tiga and her new best friend, Peggy Pigwiggle, are at the head of the pack! Does one of them have what it takes to win?

There will be spells. There will be shrunken heads. But most of all, there will be serious shoe envy. Perfect for fans of Sarah Mlynowski's Whatever After series and filled with hilarious black-and-white illustrations, delectable dresses, and ridiculous riddles, Witch Wars is whimsical, magical fun!


Ready to travel through the drain pipes? Be careful, though, it might cause warts! This is a story packed full of fantasy and fun, taking the reader to a world which could only materialize with a ton of imagination.

The first sentences already set the tone--a small fairy trudging through a yard while holding a leaf over her head. And Tiga, the girl this fairy is about to visit, eats nothing but boiled cheese water and has no idea how to escape the 'evil' woman taking care of her. This is a story where it's never clear what will pop up next, but whatever it is, it's sure to entail tons of whimsical and nonsensical ideas. In other words, kids will eat it up.

Tiga is the kind of girl who gains sympathy the moment she hits the first page. Not only do her sad circumstances play at the heart strings, but she's kind-hearted and clever. When she lands in the witch world of Ritzy City, her reactions seem not only bold but reasonable. . .well, as reasonable as anyone could be in such a situation. Later in the book, her reactions aren't always as convincing, but in general she's a fun character to follow. She's the kind of girl most readers would love to be friends with.

There's a nice message of friendship, perseverance, and loyalty in these pages, which rounds off the adventure with a sense of warmth and well-being. Everyone is different in this story, but each character has it's place. It's easy to dislike the bad ones, enjoy the nice ones and laugh with the silly ones.

The plot is relatively fast paced, jumping from one situation into the next. There are several riddles which the characters need to solve, Although these are well written and thought out, I found they were quite as involving to solve as they might have been and could have pulled the reader in more. But each new clue leads to more exciting places and enjoyable scenes. There isn't a dull moment.

The only thing which bothered me about this book was the length. The writing and story are geared toward the younger side of the middle grade audience (ages 8 - 10), but at around 270 pages, I found it a bit of a challenge for the average reader at this level. But, on the other hand, there was a lot going on. So much so that several times scenes seemed to leap too fast or things happened too suddenly as if rushing to get to the next point. This left me feeling as if I'd missed something and was a bit confused at times as to how moments suddenly popped up.

Summed up, this is a lovely read packed full of fun--the nonsensical kind which lets children imaginations soar. I recommend it for kids 8 to 10, and especially believe girls will enjoy Tiga's silly adventures and root her on.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas book tour sale

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Lionel's Christmas Adventure by Paul Hewlett with Giveaway

Mother Daughter Book Reviews is pleased to be coordinating a Book Blast for the middle grade book, "Lionel's Christmas Adventure: Lionel Learns the True Meaning of Christmas", based on the lovable character, Lionel Snodgrass, created by Paul Hewlett.

christmas cover1a(1)  

Lionel's Christmas Adventure: Lionel learns the true meaning of Christmas
by Paul R. Hewlett 

 40 pages
For ages 5 to 10

Have you ever wanted something you couldn't have? Meet Lionel, a loveable bully-magnet who desperately wants a new sled and will do anything to get it.This fun Christmas book follows Lionel from Larrystown to the North Pole. His magical Three-Toed-Potbellied Walbaun foot is back and is as unpredictable as ever. Whether Lionel's sledding, ice skating, or in a life-sized gingerbread village, it takes him on some grand adventures. Filled with great Christmas imagery, this book is perfect for young readers and family story time.

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"I loved reading about Lionel and his adventure. And I love a good Christmas story. I got both in this one amazing book! " ~ Susan S., Amazon

"Lionel's Christmas Adventure is a classic, reminds me of Charlie Brown in fact it would be super cute as a cartoon for kids during the holidays. Must Read!" ~ Lovely Reader, Amazon

"A great story for children with a sprinkling of magic... A book that will encourage children to think about what is really valuable in life. ~ Diane, Amazon\

"The story is a great read, not just for the holiday, but all year as well." ~ Mysunshine510, Amazon

"Lionel’s character and thoughts are perfect for teaching younger ones the true spirit of the holidays, and ways that we as community members can give back to others and it doesn’t cost us anything but some time and kindness. Join Lionel in spreading some Christmas cheer!" ~ Charlie A., Amazon

All about. . .Paul R. Hewlett!!!

Paul Xmas

Paul R. Hewlett is the author of the Lionel’s Grand Adventure series. Lionel Goes to Camp is the third book in the series. In addition to writing the Lionel’s Grand Adventure books, Paul does freelance writing and co-authors a children’s/middle grade/young adult blog called Sher A. Hart: Written Art. You can learn more about Paul at  

Website * Blog * Facebook

Twitter * Google+ * Goodreads


** Book Blast Giveaway **

Prize: One winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card or $25 PayPal cash prize, winner's choice Giveaway ends: December 18, 11:59 pm, 2015 Open to: Internationally How to enter: Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Terms and Conditions: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. A winner will be randomly drawn through the Rafflecopter widget and will be contacted by email within 48 hours after the giveaway ends. The winner will then have 72 hours to respond. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours, a new draw will take place for a new winner. Odds of winning will vary depending on the number of eligible entries received. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. This giveaway is sponsored by Paul Hewlett and is hosted and managed by Renee from Mother Daughter Book Reviews. If you have any additional questions – feel free to send an email to Renee(at)MotherDaughterBookReviews(dot)com. a Rafflecopter giveaway MDBR Book Promotion Services

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Escape by Allana Kephart and Melissa Simmons

The Escape
Gumshoes & Grifters #0.5
By- Allana Kephart & Melissa Simmons
Genre- Mature YA/ Contemporary/Suspense / Thriller
Publication Date- February 1st, 2015

Run for your life…

Sixteen-year-old Claire McBride just witnessed a brutal murder at the hands of someone she knew, someone she thought she could trust. Now she’s alone, afraid and desperate to put as many miles as possible between herself and the killer. Seeing no other options, she flees her home town of Galena, leaving behind everything and everyone she’s ever held dear.

Run for your life…

Carter Emerson's whole world has come crashing down around him. He woke to the news his best friend, Claire has gone missing without a trace, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Finding out her car was abandoned in the busy city of Chicago, he and his brother can't help but fear the worst… With no solid suspects or leads, it looks like Carter’s worst nightmare could come true, and Claire’s disappearance may turn into a cold case.

Run for your life…

With the killer at her heels, Claire has no choice but to leave Carter in the dark. She can’t risk his safety just because she misses the sound of his voice… But will the run of Claire’s life be worth it in the end? Or will her past catch up with her no matter how hard she tries to escape it?


Download your FREE kindle copy today! 


(**Free from December 21st-25th**)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Review: A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story by A.J. York

by A.J. York
Children's Holiday Fiction
32 pages
ages 4+

Upstairs in the Anderson’s attic there is chatter coming from the Christmas, Easter and Halloween boxes. Someone new has arrived. Tallulah the Christmas Fairy wakes to find herself attached to the top of a tree. She soon makes friends and has a magical first Christmas. Once the festivities are over, Tallulah finds herself in the attic with the other decorations from Easter and Halloween. Each year they watch the seasons change as they wait excitedly for their turn to go downstairs. Until one day new boxes appear and then the unthinkable happens. A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story is a magical and uplifting tale for the whole family.


If you're looking for a cute story to read to kids around Christmas, this one should definitely be on your list (although it does cover several other holidays and could be read all year around).

Tallulah is a sweet little fairy brings the world of holiday ornaments to life. She's warm hearted, curious and all those things which make a character unforgettable and lovable. Fun and friendship are never far behind no matter where she appears, and this warm attitude is addictive.

The story is wonderfully written. The world around Tallulah comes to life, and I had no problem diving into her story. There's never a dull moment as the plot thickens in a light but exciting adventure. Although there are some moments where the reader wonders how Tallulah and her friends will find their way, there's always a sprinkle of humor to keep it magical.

This is a short read, which it makes it perfect for a nice evening read or a last bedtime story. Kids ages 4 and up will enjoy having this as a read-aloud where older ones will have no trouble zipping through the pages.

All about. . .
A.J. YORK!!!

A. J. York is the author of the middle grade fantasy series called The Delilah Dusticle Adventures. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden and raised in the UK, A.J. York's first love was telling stories through drama. 

"I have always enjoyed making up characters and their life stories, therefore I jumped at the chance to study theatre at the University of Brighton.  I later trained as a drama teacher and I have a Master's degree from Goldsmiths. I have gone back to my roots and I now live in Gothenburg. People have told me they love reading my stories and I hope you have fun reading them too!" A.J. York

Twitter: @delilahdusticle

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Review: The Question by R. Breuer Stearns with Giveaway

by R. Breuer Stearns
YA Contemporary Thriller
270 pages

THE QUESTION invites readers to consider this premise:
If you could have the answer to one question, and only one question, what would you ask... and who would try to stop you from asking it?
To what extremes would they go?
THE QUESTION is a thriller that explores a new way of thinking, a method powerful enough to answer very complex questions . . . perhaps powerful enough to solve the universe's most fundamental mysteries . . . perhaps powerful enough to resolve religions' most beguiling unknowns.
THE QUESTION is an adventure story . . . fiction that you may wish, may believe, may know, is true. The narrative occurs in the present, with scenes in California, Washington, D.C., Paris, Shanghai, New York, and Afghanistan.
The story is aimed at high-school and older readers and contains some graphic violence and occasional sexual allusions. The plot is action-oriented with an element of scientific fantasy, similar to Jack Finney's "Time and Again." The prose is crisply written, professionally edited, and organized into movie-scene chapters.
THE QUESTION is ideal reading for anyone who is curious . . . for those who gaze into the cosmos at night and wonder . . . for those who look into the mirror and imagine . . . for those whose hearts beat faster when confronting the unknown . . . for readers who enjoy a fast paced, contemporary thriller that inspires them to think.

​Buy the book:   Amazon  ~  Book Depository


A good book sticks with you and has your mind drifting back to it long after you've read the last page, and this book fits into that category.

After reading the blurb, I wasn't really sure what to expect from this one but being a fan of science fiction and books that make one think, I wanted to give it a shot. And it was worth it.

The beginning threw me a bit--a man dealing with the ocean world who tries to come to terms with a past catastrophe. I wasn't sure where it was going and was a bit confused about exactly what was going on. Still, I stuck to it, and after a few chapters, the entire thing began to gain clarity.

This isn't a book one can read quickly. There's quite a bit of word play and thoughts sprinkled through, which need to be caught to fall into the depth of it all. This isn't something to be read right before bedtime either, since it isn't something to be read only halfway awake. Although there are thrilling scenes, this isn't always a fast paced read and takes quite awhile to develop everything. The point of it comes, but not without work. So this isn't something to be picked up for quick entertainment.

Although there is a plot to all of it, it isn't so much about what happens to a main character, but rather takes a look at what happens when a larger group tries to accomplish something. A big wave falls on terrorism, and how the question can be pursued or shielded off. Although this is said to be YA, I'd mark it for the higher side not only due to the deeper thought patterns involved, but also to several violent and/or slightly sexual scenes. This takes the mind on a pretty rugged trail at times.

The main message left me a bit off center. There are a lot of truths behind many of the thought processes or actions, where others didn't necessarily follow as the pattern as I believe they might. But I'm not sure that's quite the point. Rather, this can be seen as a starting block into the consideration of how things might really be and lead to a few considerations which might not have been there before.

Summed up, this is a book with the intention to push the mind to think. The story is there, not the most entangling one, but that's also not the point. This is a book for those who like a little shove with some bite to help bring in thoughts and considerations they might not have wrestled before.

And here he is. . .

R. Breuer Stearns is an investor and author.

Mr. Stearns graduated from Phillips Academy, Andover (1970), Harvard University (AB, 1974), University of Chicago (MBA, 1977), and DePaul University College of Law (JD, 1979). He rapidly ascended on Wall Street in the 1980’s, serving as Managing Director, Mergers & Acquisitions at Lehman Brothers and Head of Investment Banking (North America) at UBS Securities.  While living in New York, he founded “Terrific Teachers, Inc.,” a foundation dedicated to identifying and rewarding the best of the best of the city’s public high school teachers.

Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Mr. Stearns launched a private investment bank in the former Soviet Union.  He spent the early 1990’s seeking to marry emerging science, primarily emanating from Russia’s Defense sector, with Western capital.  During this period, Mr. Stearns made a small fortune, albeit from a larger one.  The venture provided a remarkable lesson in hubris, a tremendous reservoir of internal strength, and first-hand source material for Mr. Stearns’ first book, Winning Smart After Losing Big (Encounter Books, Beijing University Press).

Subsequently, Mr. Stearns served as Chief Financial Officer of The Dial Corporation, Chief Financial Officer of Columbia/HCA Corporation, Chief Financial Officer of PacifiCare, Inc., President and Chief Operating Officer of Vascular Genetics, Inc., and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Quepasa Corporation (QPSA:Amex).

Mr. Stearns is a Founder of VestaPoint Capital LLC, a family of investment funds focused on real estate development.  He lives in Arizona with his wife, two dogs, two cats, and a horse.  He travels extensively and is intensely curious.

Connect with the author:   Website

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Review: The Princess Games by Danai Kadzere

by Danai Kadzere
Lands Atlantic Publishing
Middle Grade Fantasy
182 pages
For ages 8+

King Winkle and Queen Periwinkle have a problem. They need a princess, and they need her fast. With the upcoming peace-keeping marriage between Prince Linus of Branninia and the princess of the fair Kingdom of Hoggenbottom, it's a bit risky to admit they don't have a princess.
Instead, they decide to host The Princess Games. Soon enough, the fairest maidens of the land are gathered in front of the castle, fairy-godmothers in tow! With a goofy king, an obsessive compulsive advisor, and a fairy godmother whose spells do whatever they want, these games are about to get interesting.
Even if Emma and her clumsy Fairy Louise can manage to do well in the competition, she'll have to get past the expert spells of Fairy Faye and the beauty of Laralyn, who is intent on pleasing her ambitious mother at any cost.


The moment I saw this cover, and read the title and blurb, I knew this was going to be an enjoyable read. But of course, I have a soft spot of cute princess tales anyway.

The heroine, Emma, is a hard working, down-to-earth girl, who knows what surviving in the 'real' world means. She's the oldest of a number of younger sisters and struggles with her father to keep them all fed. The fact that her father only wants her to enter the games so she can have free food fit wonderfully well into the picture. She's easy to sympathize with and offers the perfect contrast for an otherwise proper environment. I loved to root for her.

The other characters seem, at first, to be a bit cliche, but as their personalities unfold, they're as much fun as Emma herself. I especially enjoyed the fairy godmothers and how different even their personalities could be. It was easy to like or hate each character, letting the story come to life.

The writing is perfect for kids 8 to 10. It's a quick read not only because of the length of the book, but the vocabulary and descriptions are kept light making the scenes pass by smoothly. There's just the right amount of description to make the world vivid by still allowing plenty of room for the reader's own imagination. Kids will have no trouble diving right in.

The plot itself is pretty whimsical. Although there are a few unexpected twists and turns (especially toward the end), in general, the story maintains a pretty straight course. There was a nice sprinkle of humor and enough adventure to keep me reading it from beginning to end.

Summed up, this is a fairly simple story which is perfect for the younger end of the middle grade spectrum. Especially girls will enjoy the princesses and fairy godmothers, and with the down-to-earth heroine thrown in, they have the perfect girl to cheer for. It's a fun read that I'd especially recommend for more reluctant readers.

And here she is. . .

Danai Kadzere is a recent graduate of Harvard University, living and writing in New York City. With family scattered around the globe in South Africa, Germany, Zimbabwe, and America, Danai loves traveling, being adventurous and baking. When not nose deep in a good book, or elbows high in flour, Danai can be found covering things in pink glitter, chasing her two cats, climbing trees, or acting.

A Lovestruck Freshman by Caroline DeJong

A Lovestruck Freshman
These Four Years Book # 1
By- Caroline DeJong
Genre- NA Romance
Published By- Booktrope Editions
Publication Date- December 21st

Eighteen-year-old Sophie Shelton has left behind her comfortable, naive life in Kissimmee, Florida for a startling awakening at the University of Miami. When she begins college, she’s determined to concentrate on her education and future career as a writer. However, her life takes an unexpected turn, and she finds herself thrust into a world she never knew existed.
Immersed completely in a world of sex, love, and cutthroat Greek life, she finds herself dating the freshman quarterback, yet developing feelings for his best friend. Her own best friend advises Sophie to stop leading the two guys on, but she finds that her heart is torn. She knows her path could go either way based upon a seemingly simple choice. Who does her heart belong to? Will she be able to make the choice?
Freshman Year, book one in the These Four Years series, will cause you to fall in love with the angst and joy of college, and understand the difficulty of Sophie’s predicament at the center of a love triangle.