Sunday, December 5, 2021

Review: When a Brave Bear Fights Cancer by Carola Schmidt


A Get Well Soon Gift
by Carola Schmidt
Illustrated by Mark O'Dwyer
Picture Book
44 pages 
ages 4 to 8

A whimsical, cuddle up with a cutie furball moment…

Do you or your child need help understanding cancer or coping with treatment? You need a bear hug boost! The strong, positive and trustworthy message in this book—coming from teddy bears you'll want to hug!—is ideal for kids that are going through cancer treatment.



With care, quality and a wonderful sense of encouragement, this book walks a child through what it means to have cancer and that in a very factual, and yet, gentle way.

Cancer is a difficult discovery for anyone, and this book especially directs itself toward younger listeners, who are facing it themselves or know someone who is. The author has many years of hands-on experience and yet, is able to bring the subject matter down to level young listeners can understand. There are some larger words, which will need explaining, but in general, this is very well done for the audience level.

The illustrations flow along with a special touch. The scenes of the bears are very well done and radiate a sense of calm and gentleness. The photographer is also very versed in this area, and the quality shows.

I was impressed at how the author tackles this subject. It starts out with the diagnosis and takes one step after the other from there. The various types of therapy are presented (everything from chemotherapy to surgery), but all of this is done in a care-filled way, which keeps fear subdued. The author even explains what cancer is, and how it works...and always in a way, young listeners can grasp. Most importantly, one message rings clear the entire way through—you are not alone. There's always a warm paw to hold on to and someone by your side.  In other words, this is a book I can recommend.


Heather N. Quinn said...

What a sweet, important book for those who need it. I will share.

Tonja Drecker said...

This is a gem for anyone, who is in/close to that situation. Thanks!