Thursday, December 23, 2021

Review: Zanta Claus: There's A New Claus in Town! by D.C. Little

Today's read sounded super cute. This is another 'older' read, making its debut back in 2015. In other words, you can grab this one up without any problem. And with a cover like that...I wanted to give it a go. It's silly. It's cute. And well....

Ready for some zany, Christmas joy? 

There's a New Claus in Town!
by D.C. Little
supposedly YA
Sweet / Humor Romance
302 pages

Zanta Claus is a hilariously funny, fresh story guaranteed to brighten your holiday season. David Kringle, Santa’s brother, realizes his destiny is to start his own fairy tale, Zanta Claus, which starts where his brother’s ends. The new fairy tale is an extension of the family business, but is different in every way! David is a slender, handsome man with a quick wit and a certain charisma with the ladies. He is hopeful he will find the one, even after searching for over a thousand years! David had found a niche in life as an author, writing about the family business with titles such as “Elves Gone Wild”, “One Reindeer You Don’t Want to Pet”, and others. Despite these less than flattering views of the North Pole, Kris and Claire support David in all his endeavors – that doesn’t mean there isn’t restitution! The Council of Fairy Tales approves the Zanta Claus charter for a one-year provisional trial. The race is on to prove the new South Pole fairy tale can make a difference in the world. The success of Zanta Claus relies on the edgy elves appointed by the Elf Union, a rookie reindeer team and their strict trainer, an inexperienced head elf, a cantankerous plant foreman and the rest of a colorful, hilarious cast of characters. Their journey is sure to become part of your holiday season for years to come.



First off, this one was sold in the Young Adult category, which it should not be. It's an adult read, but a clean, sweet, silly one. While I wouldn't 100% directly recommend this one for the teen category, I can't really say it's inappropriate either. Honestly, it is silly and imaginative and while having some innuendos, never is a problem...and will be enjoyed by some readers in this age bracket, too. Now, that I have that said...let's go on!

David is an immortal and the brother of Santa Claus. He lives in the city, is jealous that his brother has an awesome wife (Mrs. Claus), and writes bestseller books, which irritate the elves to the extreme. But he's finally found his destiny, or so he thinks. Santa hears it and is totally behind him. Even the elf council approves it, and David is off to jump-start his own 'fairy tale'. Working under huge time constraints with a crew, which was considered not-up-to-snuff by those on the North Pole, he still does his best and finds support. But when he hires the Head of PR, things start running a direction he wasn't counting on.

Imagination and the magic of Christmas are let loose in these pages with all of their fantastical shine. The world of Santa is amazing, and Zanta's tale isn't any different...just a bit grittier and smidgen closer to real life. The elves have heart but aren't Santa's elves, and the South Pole definitely takes a different twist...and yet, it holds everything Christmas needs with sweetness and dreams. I really enjoyed the zany fun from page one and beyond.

The characters are full of personality and heart. They are not perfect, but that's not an issue as they make this world glimmer and shine. There is more than a little humor as the situations slide from ridiculous to those which even feel familiar. And that's what makes this read fun.

As for the romance (because there is definitely romance) is sweet. The heroine is determined, a bit lost in life, and full of love. It's a bit quick to the development, and yet, not. While taking the main plot, it's rides only barely over the other one of David's battle to get his new life as Zanta Claus running. This balance does keep spirits high and the read quick and easy.

If you're into sweet romance with silliness, imagination, and Christmas fun, this one is for you.

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