Thursday, December 23, 2021

Review: Winter Lullaby by Dianne White

Since today's 1st review is right on the borderline for a 'kidlit' read (YA), I'm adding another one for the youngest readers. Yep, from one end to the other! The cover was so comforting to look at, and with that cute pair of bears, I was looking forward to seeing what this one holds.

This isn't a Christmas read, and I did promise to have pure Christmas reads on here until the 25th, but the winter landscape and nature's winter sleep fit the peaceful calm enough that I thought I could slide it in.

Ready to walk through a winter wonderland with me? 

by Dianne White
Illustrated by Ramona Kaulitzki
Candlewick Press
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Rendered with reassuring words and pastoral scenes, this soothing lullaby of a story is sure to settle even the most restless of cubs.

Mouse is rushing to her nest.
In soft, dry grasses she will rest.

Geese are calling, a chilly wind is blowing, and the sky is turning gray. Winter is on its way. For Mama Bear and Small Bear, that means it’s time to tuck into their den for a long sleep. But Mouse is scurrying by, and Chipmunk is still gathering nuts beside the lake. And look at Hare and Skunk, still romping through the leaves! Why can’t Small Bear stay up, too? To each question, Mama Bear responds with the coziest of answers, finally painting a dreamy picture of the brightening colors and new adventures that will greet Small Bear in the spring. But first comes sleep, in this irresistible invitation to drowsy little cubs everywhere.



Nature's peace, serenity, and calmness flow from every page and invite to snuggled dreams.

It's time to go into hibernation as the cold days approach, but little bear isn't so sure he's ready, yet. As mommy bear and little bear head toward their den, the little bear asks about the various animals, hoping that one will stay he can, too. 

This is a beautifully created book, which looks at nature's slumber during the cold, white days. The text is kept short and sweet, and still flows with a poetic rhyme very fitting to the atmosphere of the book. Each scene invites with a lovely calm and serenity, which makes it fun just to flip through and gaze at each one.

Various animals are introduced as little bear heads through the forest, and with few words, it's shown what each one does and where they hibernate. It's very educational and captures everything with a true-to-life impression. Still, little bear's excitement is hard to miss and keeps everything a little light-hearted, too.

As a goodnight read, this one is fits as well. After watching each animal snuggle into their burrows, the bears do the same. A secure warmth with family love is portrayed and sets the scene for sweet dreams.

And here they are...

Dianne White is the author of Green on Green, Goodbye Brings Hello, Sometimes a Wall, and many other picture books. As a child, she loved reading books, playing music, and learning new languages. Years later, as a teacher, all three favorites followed her into the classroom. By day, she read great books, sang, and even taught kids who were learning English for the first time. At night, she worked on picture books. Today, she's delighted to be writing full-time, while enjoying life in sunshiny Arizona.

Ramona Kaulitzki has always spent her days doing something creative, but her biggest passions are drawing and storytelling. She loves to create little characters and breathe life into them, imagining their stories and the world they might live in. When she’s not illustrating, she can be found somewhere outdoors or at the riding stable. Her great love for animals and nature is a major inspiration for her work. Ramona Kaulitzki is based in Germany.

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