Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Mommy and Daddy's Day with The Corrected Lore of a Famous Philanthropist by Dustin Perry

 Since my last post a few minutes ago was more geared to moms than dads, I wanted to throw in this one, too. I have not read this one yet, although I definitely have my eye on it. I've taken a peek at it, and really love the idea of Krampus and the warriors, Dash and Blitz. 

Ready for a different type of Santa tale?

by Dustin Perry
Illustrated by Aaron Wolf
Shawnline Publishing
YA Fantasy
103 pages

This is the story of a very well-known festive character and his epic battle with his nemeses Krampus.
Forget what you think you know about this so-called jolly man. The fairy tale stories are wrong, the movies, even your parents- all wrong, and just plain boring..
Let me explain...
This Santa character is not one to dare describe as fat, potbellied, or the owner of a cute button nose.
He is a savage warrior with muscles on his muscles, tattoos covering his thick limbs, and a sword at his hip that neither you nor I could lift.
This story of the real Santa tells of the big man who fought to protect us all, with help from his friends the elves... all long before finding himself the manager of the gift delivery service...
This small band of warriors have dedicated their lives to keeping us all safe and maintaining peace around the world.
Who would have guessed that Dasher, Dancer and Blitzen were not reindeer at all, but the elves Dash, Dan and Blitz who have fought for many years alongside Santa?

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