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What's Coming in May?

Oh wow, is it May already? This month, the school year wraps up, and I'm hoping to schedule a few days of vacation to head out and explore something...anything! How about hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail (something which has been on my bucket list since I was a teen) or showing the kids Craters of the Moon National Park and some other sights? Both would mean huge road trips. So, we'll see what we do. 

Anyway, on the reading front, I'm starting the month with quite a few picture books, sliding in the middle with middle grade (doesn't that work out nicely?), and ending with a wave of young adult reads. There are some fantasy reads, several with characters from other cultures, a few romances, and even winks towards nature. Let's not forget a mystery or two and humor as well. In other words, this month is as colorful as the flowers blooming outside. 

Ready to take a peek?


How many of you knew that Jamie Lee Curtis is a picture book author? She actually has been for some time, but this one caught my attention thanks to its creativity. It takes a photo and sees where the imagination leads. I could see this as a winner if it's done properly. So I'm going to take a glance and find out on the 4th.

Picture Book


While 'portal' tales were cliche a few years ago, it's been a bit since I've read one and decided it was time to give it a go again. And nope, my decision had nothing to do with the intriguing cover (don't believe that!). It involves a toy store, imaginative creatures, saving a world, and friendship. Explore it with me on the 7th.

Middle Grade Fantasy 


I saw this one and simply smiled. The ladybugs on a bright, bold flower make me want to head outside. This one accompanies a little girls as she watches nature through her window and discovers the variety of seasons and everything that holds. Let's experience the outdoor together on the 10th!

Picture Book


One glance at this cover, and I knew this would be a wonderful way to launch off the month. I want to head off into adventure and smile at the world right along with this little guy. I did a shout-out on its release not long ago but am now going to really dive in on the 2nd.

Picture Book


I was lucky to get my fingers on this ARC. It's a middle grade novel with a ton going on—the Titanic, paranormal moments, a jewel thief, and fitting in. I'm hoping it's as well woven as it could be...because it promises to be an amazing read. Let's jaunt into a ghost-filled past on the 13th.

Middle Grade Paranormal / Historic


My kids were huge fans of both Fancy Nancy and School of Rock, and this book is supposed to be just right for fans of both. So, of course, I wanted to take a look at it and see if this hits such an awesome mix. Find whether or not it meets both of these on the 16th.

Middle Grade Humor


Three best-selling authors have gotten together to write a tale of magic, love, and a Halloween night. It has something to do with love potions, and I have no doubt it mixes with surprises, twists, and tension before the last page hits. I'm expecting this one to be one I won't want to put down...if that will happen? Find out on the 18th.

Young Adult Fantasy


Since we're on the romance end of things, we might as well continue on, but this time, in a slightly different direction. Sport books are always a lot of fun. This one hits the tennis scene and shoves it into an academy setting. Since I haven't run across this mix before, I decided to give it a go. I'm serving this one on the 25th!

Young Adult Sport Romance


I found the cover intriguing, and I can never pass up on an interesting graphic novel. This one is about a new girl at a school, who suffers from bullying...until a magical creature takes notice. Since it sounds so promising, I couldn't pass up taking a peek. Check it out with me on the 27th!

Middle Grade Fantasy / Graphic Novel

This one comes from an author friend, whose works I love to get lost in. It promises a dark, haunting setting with a girl, who watched her father butchered and eaten by crows...or maybe, she did. Her history of insanity makes it more than questionable. Or is she truly insane? Crawl under the blanket and read this one with me on the 29th.

Young Adult Thriller

Every month, I have more books in the pile than I have days to review them. Since things change quite often in the publishing world (it's worse than a rollercoaster ride, at times!), I always have to make a couple last-minute changes. That's where I get my chance to work in a book...or two or three...that I've been excited to read but am too booked to schedule it in. One of those, which is waiting in the starting gates for this month is...


The second I saw this cover, I was hooked. Luckily, I got my hands on an ARC and can't wait to dive in. It's all about time travel, adventure, and romance. Now, I just have to find the time to squeeze it in, which shouldn't be a problem, since I have time travel on my side. Oh, and it's said to be one of the highly-anticipated novels this year! 

Young Adult Time Travel

Of Kingdoms and Crowns by Cameo Renae


Title: Of Kingdoms and Crowns
Author: Cameo Renae
Genre: YA Dark Fantasy
Cover Designer: Jay Villalobos - Covers by Juan
Publication Date: April 30th, 2022
Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR

From USA Today bestselling author Cameo Renae comes the highly-anticipated conclusion to her gripping Heir of Fire and Blood saga! 

 With the King of Morbeth dead, Roehl seizes control of the kingdom. Capturing the late king’s witches and head guards, Roehl sends a message to Calla and Nicolae. 

 Come to Morbeth within twenty days, or they will all be executed.  

 Calla refuses to allow those who served her great-grandfather to die because of her. Yet to face him in battle she needs allies who will stand with her despite knowing they are walking into Roehl’s deadly trap. 

 War is imminent. Lives will be lost. 

 As Calla rallies her allies together, can she trust her powers to find victory and end Roehl’s evil reign? Or will she be the next to fall?


Cameo Renae, was born in San Francisco, raised in Maui, Hawaii, and now resides with her husband and children in Las Vegas.

She's a daydreamer, caffeine and peppermint addict, who loves to laugh, and loves to read to escape reality.
One of her greatest joys is creating fantasy worlds filled with adventure and romance and sharing it with others. It is the love of her family and amazing support of her fans that keeps her going.
One day she hopes to find her own magic wardrobe and ride away on her magical unicorn. Until then...she'll keep writing!

Author Links:

Friday, April 29, 2022

Review: Bernice Sandler and the Fight for Title IX by Jen Barton

Today's read sweeps back into the late 1960's and takes a look at a woman's fight against discrimination in the educational world. I'll admit that I didn't really know much about Title IX before I picked this book up. Nor do I remember hearing about Bernice Sandler. But that's what makes reading so wonderful, since I can now fill this knowledge gap. Considering this is written with the teen audience in mind, I'm also curious how the information has been delivered to them.

Ready to learn something (or refresh your memories)?  Oh, and this one is hitting the shelves next week, so you won't have to wait long.

by Jen Barton
Illustrated by Sarah Green
Magination Press
YA History
160 pages

MAY 3rd!!!

In 1969 Bernice Sandler was finishing her doctorate in Education at the University of Maryland, teaching part-time at the university, and trying to secure a full-time position. Despite her excellent credentials, it became clear she wasn't even being considered. But why? she wondered.

"Let's face it," a male colleague said, "you come on too strong for a woman."

Those fateful words brought sex discrimination home for Sandler. Facing it herself, front and center in her own workplace, meant she could no longer be ambivalent about women's rights. She could no longer buy the media coverage of feminists as "man-hating," "abrasive," and "unfeminine." But what could she do? Sandler soon discovered that none of the obvious laws prohibiting discrimination covered sex discrimination in education. Sandler's work led to the passage of Title IX--making it illegal, once and for all, for a federally funded institution to discriminate against someone based on their sex, including in education. This had a profound effect for women in the workplace, in school, and in sports.

Bernice Sandler and the Fight for Title IX that drives home the message that it doesn't take a person with power to make a difference. More often, it takes determination. When confronted with injustice, regular people can effect change. Also includes extensive backmatter about How To Be an Activist written in partnership with Know Your IX, a survivor- and youth-led project of Advocates for Youth that aims to empower students to end sexual and dating violence in their schools.



While taking a glance at the life and work of Bernice Sandler surrounding Title IX and the fight against discrimination, this book goes beyond that and offers ideas to stimulate more thought.

The style is informative and, yet, causal enough to keep 'heavy' reading at bay. It begins where Bernice Sandler's problems with discrimination truly began (or when she really noticed what was happening) and builds from there with only light touches on her childhood and earlier years as needed. Only those important moments are visited, which really mattered in her fight or realizations, and that also kept this from bogging down with facts, which break away from the main theme. It's easy to read, simple to understand, and pointed to make sure the reader doesn't grow bored.

And this is so much more than the history of Bernice Sandler and Title IX. There are sections, which give deeper explanations to help the reader understand the background or effect on modern situations. There are suggestions on how the reader can conduct their own interviews, research, social observations, writing Congress, and so on...all of which are encouraged to hit whatever topic or direction the reader sees fit. It simply tries to teach the process and encourage thought. There are also definitions, examples to help understand historical settings, and so much more. The history of Bernice Sandler doesn't really take up even half of the pages.

The author makes it clear how broad reaching Title IX is and explains how it is still a very modern topic, influencing many aspects of society today...which addresses current events as well. This does expand into the areas of sexual harassment and the LGBTQ community, explaining how they influence and are influenced by Title IX.

While this works well as a book, for those wanting to discover more about the topic, it also invites to be used in groups or as an extra addition to discussions.

And here she is...

Jen Barton is the author of six books for kids, including What's Your Story, Amelia Earhart? (Lerner Classroom), What's Your Story, Harriet Tubman? (Lerner Classroom), and School Shootings (BrightPoint Press). Jen lives in Pennsylvania. Visit Sage Carson is a gender justice advocate of Know Your IX (KYIX), a youth-led project of Advocates for Youth that aims to empower students to end sexual and dating violence in their schools. Sage is based in Washington, DC. Sarah Green is an illustrator and designer from San Francisco and a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. Sarah lives in San Francisco, California, and Vancouver, Canada. Visit, @s_green_bean on Twitter, and @sarahgreenstudio on Instagram.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Review: Uncle Jed's Secret by Chris von Halle

Today's read comes from a series, which I have visited before...and enjoyed. These remind me a bit of the Goosebump reads with a tiny more bite. This one is the latest (released end of February) and promises chills and thrills. I was excited to see that the ebook version is only 99 cents on Amazon, at the moment. So, bonus for you guys, too!

Since ghost stories and 'things that go bump in the night' are always on the hot-to-grab shelf for middle graders, I'm not waiting until Halloween for this read.

Grab that flashlight and let's take a peek into the shadows!

Between Dark and Light
by Chris von Halle
Upper Middle Grade Horror
135 pages
ages 10 to 12

Don’t go to sleep…

As usual, twelve-year-old Jason is staying with his Uncle Jed in small-town Minnesota for a few days during the summer while his parents are away on business. But this time something’s horribly off. Ever since Uncle Jed’s wife died a few weeks ago, he’s been acting like a totally different person. He doesn’t eat the same food, have the same interests, or even use the same turns of phrases.

Grief can do strange things to a person, but Jason’s about to find out it’s far more than grief that’s plaguing his uncle. It’s something deeper. Something darker. Something else…

Between Dark and Light is a series of nonconnected children’s horror books featuring strange, eerie, supernatural events. Ages 10 & older!



Spooks and chills accompany unexpected twists to form an exciting...and short adventure.

While his parents attend a business trip, Jason is spending his usual time with his uncle, but this time will be a bit different since his aunt passed away a few months before. He expects his uncle to be depressed. He doesn't expect the big changes, though. Knowing that everyone mourns differently, he tries his best to go with the flow until things go downhill fast.

This does remind of a Goosebumps read with all the haunting moments and creepy surprises. The tale is told by Jason, who comes across as a nice kid. He has great relations with his parents and uncle, and seems like the boy next door. He's very understanding when it comes to his uncle's sudden changes, which works for the age group and makes him come across as simply a nice kid. His choices are understandable. Plus, he's easy to connect with and root for.

Creepiness settles in slowly with hints and nods, the entire time, at what is truly going on. It's not impossible to guess, but also not fully clear, either, and will keep readers on the edge of their seat. Tension mounts from page to page, and the end resolution comes quick but satisfyingly rounded. Younger and more sensitive readers should be aware that this does hit upon death and being threatened with a gun. It makes a great read for a fast thrill and is appropriate for the intended age group. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Review: The Cedarville Shop and the Wheelbarrow Swap by Bridget Krone

Today's read greets from South Africa and handles an interesting theme. Do you remember hearing the story of a man, who traded a paperclip and ended up with a house (or something like that)? This tale heads down a very similar path with a little boy, who wants to help his family escape poverty and achieve a dream. Put all of these aspects together, and this sounded like it could be a really good read. It doesn't hit the shelves until June, but we're going to take a peek, anyway.

by Bridget Krone
Catalyst Press
 Middle Grade Contemporary
188 pages
ages 8 to 12

JUNE 14th!!!

A lot of things can feel just out of reach in 12-year-old Boipelo Seku's small, impoverished village of Cedarville, South Africa. The idea of one day living in a house that's big enough for his family is just a faraway dream. But when Boi stumbles on a story about a Canadian man who traded his way from a paperclip to a house, Boi hatches his own trading plan starting with a tiny clay cow he molded from river mud. Trade by trade, Boi and his best friend Potso discover that even though Cedarville lacks so many of the things that made the paperclip trade possible, it is fuller than either of them ever imagined.

In a chain of events that turns Boi's tiny spark into a warming fire, Boi learns the power of friendship and community, and finds that something’s value isn’t in what you can trade for it, but in the good it brings to the people you love.



Culture, life lessons, wit, and good-natured fun are masterfully woven into a warm-hearted tale, which will keep you in the pages until the very end.

Boi lives with his grandmother and father in their very small, two room house. They survive, but it's hard. When he stumbles on the story of a man trading a paperclip up to a house, he's determined to see if he can do the same. With clay from the river, he forms a makeshift cow and announces his hope to trade it for something...anything with a bit of value. The trading soon takes the strangest twists and turns, and the direction it goes proves much richer than any house could ever be.

This book holds quite a few themes, making it a very versatile read. First, it takes a look at South Africa and touches lightly upon the apartheid, history, and circumstances it's caused. There is a short section, before the story begins, which explains all of this briefly but well enough to give readers a foothold before diving into the tale. While the story follows Boi and his trading adventure, the details of the town, people, and daily life mold in effortlessly and give the reader a very good glimpse at life in this area. So, this is a great read to also use when exploring this area of the world.

Next, is the heart of the tale. Boi's determination to help his family is inspiring. The friendliness and connection of the community is also palpable. Yet, it's not perfect, which lets the sparks of kindness pop out even more. Boi learns that decisions can mean more than it appears and grows with each choice. 

Lastly, the tale is simply fun. Boi is easy to connect with and has an engaging personality. He struggles with usual problems such as parents, friendship, and peers and has very normal worries and fears. And these do come across familiar even when they take place under different circumstances and living conditions. There's always something happening, keeping boredom away, and it's impossible to guess what's going to happen next on the trading end because this does sprout in the oddest ways.

Not only is this one a nice read (and not overly long), but it can also be used for classrooms, homeschoolers, or other group themes. 

I am adding this one to my favorite list.

And here she is...

Bridget Krone lives in Hilton, South Africa with her husband Anton and their two grown sons, who come home for occasional holidays.  Their house is on the edge of a farm and a nature reserve and she can see cows on the hill as well as the Drakensberg mountains from her stoep.
She was an English teacher for a few years and then started writing English text books for South African schools. She still writes readers, study guides, teacher guides and text books, and has also compiled poetry and short story anthologies. Learn more about Bridget at her website

Sneak Peek: Myracles in the Void by Wes Dyson with Giveaway!


Myraverse Book 1

by Wes Dyson

YA Fantasy 

There once were two children,

a girl and a boy.

One could create,

the other, destroy.

Within every heart lies the power to bond or break.

On an isolated port of floating garbage called Hop, Gaiel Izz and his sister, Lynd, never imagined they’d be able to change anything…

Not their nasty neighbors, not their hungry bellies, and especially not their missing father.

That will change when they discover the power of myracles — magic that either creates or destroys.

As the brother and sister set across Esa to bring their family back together, this power will either unite them or shatter their entire world to pieces.

It will all come down to what truly lies within their hearts…

Create or destroy?

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Unforgiving Hop



Water Level Low.
SPRYT Sightings Highly Expected. 

Un-luck + Disaster To All Who Encounter. BLOCK EVERY OPENING.
— Mayor Tanning 


What a delightful sign to have hanging in front of one’s home — a mix of “watch out” with “you’re on your own.” But that’s living in Hop for ya, a’kay? 

As a floating port in the middle of the sea, there weren’t any roads to or from Hop. On their own, indeed. But it wasn’t always so lonely. Fifty years ago, Hop was a bustling pitstop for the hundreds of trade ships sailing across the Domus Gulf every year. A place to “hop” from one side of the gulf to the other. Being a travel hub made it bursting with exotic goods and fresh ideas. But the wild waters of the gulf were hard to predict, and they only seemed to grow more dangerous over time. One shipwreck was enough to send thoughts and prayers, but after ten and twenty ships washed back blown to bits, it started to nip at the prof its. Soon traders found alternate land routes that may have taken longer, but at least weren’t so death-y. 

Practically overnight, Hop and its people were forgotten like a used hanky in a puddle. Trapped on a floating port amid the unforgiving sea, a stagnant idea stuck to them — anything made would just be unmade. What was to stop anything they worked hard to build from falling to pieces like Hop did? Nothin’ lasts but salt in yer ass became the most graffi tied words on the splintering streets, a series of long planks called “Boards.” Was there any point in shining your shoes, doing your hair, brushing your teeth? They would all end up dirty, tasseled, and yellow. Undone, eventually. Was there any point in building relationships, then? Nothing lasts but the salt in their asses, indeed. 

Wes Dyson is a creative marketer and dog-daddy of four Pomskies living in Western MA. He loves classical music and earthy, grass-tasting tea.

Connect with Wes Dyson by visiting or @Wes.Dyson on Instagram

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Review: Lia Park and the Missing Jewel by Jenna Yoon

 Ready for adventure? When I saw this cover, I couldn't help but start driving of tomb raiders and lost treasure. But I don't think that' what today's read is really about. There's undersea kingdoms, secret societies, a visit to South Korea, and even magic...oh, and an undersea jewel. At least, that's what I think it's about. 

Let's continue on and find out!

by Jenna Yoon
Middle Grade Adventure
352 pages
ages 8 to 12

MAY 3rd!!!

Perfect for fans of the Storm Runner and Aru Shah series, this thrilling middle grade fantasy follows a young girl who must venture to the undersea kingdom of the Dragon King in Korea to save her parents from an evil diviner spirit.

Twelve-year old Lia Park just wants to fit in. Her parents work with a mysterious organization that makes them ridiculously overprotective. Lia’s every move has been scrutinized since she was born, and she’d love to have the option of doing something exciting for once. So when she gets invited to the biggest birthday party of the year—and her parents say she can’t go—Lia sneaks out.

But her first act of rebellion not only breaks her parents’ rules, but also an ancient protection spell, allowing an evil diviner spirit to kidnap and ransom her parents for a powerful jewel that her family has guarded for years. With just the clothes on her back and some very rusty magical skills, Lia finds herself chasing mysterious clues that take her to her grandmother’s home in Korea.

From there, she has to make their way to the undersea kingdom of the Dragon King, the only person who knows where the powerful jewel might be. Along with her friend, Joon, Lia must dig deep and find courage to stand up for those who are weak—and become the hero her parents need.



Non-stop action mixes with spy-adventure, magic, myth and Korean flair to make for an easy, fun read.

Lia is training to join the mysterious organization her parents are already members of, but in order to pass the test, she needs to possess magic, which she doesn't seem to have. When she arrives home from a party to find her parents missing and an agent dead, she's thrust into the wild chase to find a hidden jewel to save them. Jetting of to South Korean, she discovers her magic has been hidden on purpose, and that the evil can track her, since she's actually extremely powerful. But magic won't be the only thing she needs to save everyone.

From the first page, it's a dive into an interesting mix between reality and a hidden, magical world. Lia does go to school and is trying to fit in with the usual humans. Her personality immediately catches edge as she rebels against her parents blatantly, and this trait does carry on through, making her kind but not perfect. And, honestly, a little hard to completely like. But she's got a lot on her plate as she comes into amazing powers and heads off to save her parents, despite everyone telling her not to.

Action fans are going to enjoy this one. It never slows and keeps tension high the entire time. It reminds of a spy story (think Spy School direction) but with a healthy mix of magic and myth. This gives it an interesting twist, although the plot does feel familiar. There are surprises along the way, and the Korean culture adds a lovely flair, too, even though there isn't much on the world building end. Descriptions remain very slight, keeping this one completely on the tension end. 

It's an easy read and will invite even more reluctant readers in.

And here she is...

Jenna Yoon studied Art History at Wellesley College and received her master’s degree in Korean art history from Ewha Womans University. She’s lived about half her life in both Korea and the United States. When she’s not writing, Jenna loves to travel, find yummy eats, play board games, and take skin care very seriously. Currently, she lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two kids.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Review: This Could Be You with Cindy Williams Schrauben

Today's review is inspiration pure for the younger end of readers. I loved the variety on the cover and the energy it holds. And I'm expecting the illustrations inside to be just as fun. Plus the message is one kids can never hear enough. 

So, off we go! 

Be Brave! Be True! Be You!
by Cindy Williams Schrauben
Illustrated by Julia Seal
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Will you be an astronaut? Farmer? An Artist? A Nurse? No matter where your dreams take you, your own unique flair will get you there. Keep could be you!

Words for believing in yourself are the stars of this sweet picture book that empowers children of all abilities and backgrounds to not only believe in themselves but to be strong and resilient in the pursuit of their dreams. A teacher, a scientist or an activist - could this be you? Through lyrical rhymes and vibrant illustrations, This Could Be You says yes, it very well could be. 

This Could Be You by Cindy Williams Schrauben will sit comfortably on your shelf alongside other empowering books such as I Promise (by LeBron James) and I Can Do Hard Things (by Gabi Garcia). The full-color jacket is a reversible, 22 x 36 poster perfect for inspiring kids in the classroom and home with positive messages!

This book comes with a free Reader’s Guide for children. The guide contains interactive lesson plans that encourage children to adopt a growth mindset over a fixed one. One activity asks children to rewrite fixed mindset statements like “This is too hard!” and turn them into something positive. The guide is available for free download from the publisher website.



Inspiration and support have no end in this fun-to-read book packed full of energy and encouragement.

This book is really packed in every which way with positivity and motivation. It starts with the cover and the variety of jobs/activities. While that seems to be just for the eye, at first, on the inside, the author already incorporates it as an activity for young readers to discuss the different people the say and what they're doing. Then, there are some things for caretakers to keep in mind while reading this book as well as ideas for what to do afterwards. The inside of the book cover is decorated with many portraits children have drawn of themselves and their future, dream jobs. It gives the first name, the age, and the hoped-for occupation, which gives this entire book a nice touch and a sense of familiarity to readers. And, as if that weren't enough, the book jacket is actually a printed poster inside. So, every aspect has been thought out and incorporated into the message.

The illustrations pack adventure, enthusiasm, variety, and enthusiasm. They have a rounded style with tons of details and cheerfulness. Various activities and future careers are portrayed, and that from a kid's reality, still. So, these aren't true doctors at work, but kids playing out the activities or doing their versions of it. 

All of this is written in rhyme, and that flows very well. Each verse carries in a touch of playfulness and tinkers with words to create a bit of fun. Only one poem broke the scheme...which was hardly noticeable and barely worth a mention. In each poem, aspects of a profession or activity are mentioned, always those which show a positive light and demonstrate how amazing each one is. The poems are age correct, do encourage listeners to repeat right along (once the book's been read a few times), and ends with the repetitive phrase, "It could be you!" It does make a fun read-aloud for groups or individuals.

At the very end of the book, there's a surprise, which rounds off the message and brings it home in a nice way.

In other words, anyone seeking an uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring read, which urges kids to take life on and reach their goals, will find quite a bit to work with in these pages.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Review: Baby Aviva Orangutan Diva by Hans Kullberg

Today's read is one, whose backstory alone already touches the heart. When the author wrote to me and requested I take a peek, he explained that this was his way of spreading '(his)my daughter's joy, charisma and love with all the people she would have met'. Aviva passed away at 10-months old. Now, while the backstory is amazing and inspiring, I also noticed that this one has been getting very good reviews. It even hit the #1 bestselling spot on Amazon. So, obviously, I'm honored and excited to introduce this one to all of you, too.

Now, hit that jungle beat because this one is anything but calm!

by Hans Kullberg
Illustrated by Carl Mefferd
Picture Book
ages 2 to 5

A beautifully illustrated, rhyming children’s book about female heroism, teamwork, finding inner courage and staying true to one’s self to conquer fears and overcome long odds.

Journey through the Jungle where the Baby Aviva’s bravery and ingenuity saves her family and friends from the perilous fate of hunger. Relying on her vivacious spirt and can-do attitude, Aviva the Orangutan Diva’s quest for golden bananas leads her to confront dangerous encounters and overcome obstacles, a challenge only the fearless heroine would accept within her community. In a show of female bravery, teamwork and empowerment, Aviva teams up with her friend Sofia the Elephant to conquer the impossible, swinging off cliffs and traversing treacherous waters filled with crocodiles.

Soar through the treetops as Aviva sings, dances and charms her way with friends and foes alike, even captivating the imagination of the most fearsome beast in the jungle, Tito the Tiger, who is fascinated by the high-spirited, diminutive orangutan who shows no fear in the face of danger. Dancing to her melodic tunes, Tito moves to the rhythm and revels with glee, swaying to the music with Baby Aviva the Orangutan Diva. Befriending a potential adversary, Aviva proves that one should 
“never judge a book by its cover” and even the most challenging obstacles can be overcome with bravery, creativity, ingenuity, teamwork and a focus on staying true to one’s own personal strengths and values. By showcasing her talents and harnessing her courage and staying true to herself, Aviva is able to save the day and make new friends along the way. Loosely based on a true story, this fun-loving, rhyming children’s book about animals will bring joy, smiles and laughter to your child’s story time while delivering important, lifelong lessons. Enchanting and endearing to readers young and old, your kid will be asking to read it again and again.

This uplifting children’s book on jungle animals is a great gift for kids seeking to overcome fears, adapt to new environments and conquer their toughest challenges in life while finding inner happiness. By remaining true to own’s most authentic self and finding strength from within, almost anything in life can be accomplished and anything is possible.



Jungle fun swings on every page with a Orangutan, who's packed with energy and a bit of spunk, too.

Aviva loves swinging through the forest and eating bananas...until the bananas are gone! Knowing that her family will have nothing to eat, she heads out to find some more. Along the way, she runs into more than a little adventure, and maybe, will even discover a new friend.

This orangutan wins over, her joy for life is contagious. Even from the first moment, it's clear that she isn't one to stay still, but will take on life with everything she has and keep the best attitude in the process. It's inspiring to watch her, and even when problems arise, she knows how to spread the fun and flip even the most potentially serious situation on its head. By the end, the listener/reader will be smiling...because with a character like that, it's hard not to.

The illustrations bring the jungle to life and allow the enthusiasm to radiate in every scene. While the general atmosphere leans toward the true jungle view, there's fantasy and fun built in as well. The colors are gentler, allowing Aviva's own personality to spruce things up...and it does.

The wording is perfect for ages 4 to 6 and flows smoothly. It brings across the personalities and situations without growing wordy. It does make a great read aloud and is something beginning readers with a good grip on words will be able to tackle on their own.

And here he is...

Hans Kullberg is an Author, specializing in Children’s Books and Parenting Books. Hans is a loving father of 4 children – Hansito, Sofia Lolita, Aviva Lilia and Liliana– and prides himself on being a father first and foremost, cherishing every moment of his fatherhood journey. His greatest pleasures of parenthood are bringing smiles and joy to his children and he loves watching them learn and grow.  Due to the untimely tragedy of losing his daughter Aviva at 10 months old, Hans is motivated to share the beautiful story of her life, character and personality through 
Baby Aviva Orangutan Diva and bring smiles to children all over the world, creating positive impact while turning sorrow into inspiration. 

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