Review Policies


Bookworm for Kids is currently looking for reads to recommend for end of AUGUST and beyond!

Note: Due to the overwhelming amount of self-help books and message books I receive (especially  in the picture book category), I look at VERY FEW titles in this direction. 

Before reaching out to me, I ask that you read this entire page. 

Almost all books presented on this blog are intended for children and youth ages 0 to 18. Occasionally, I have a 'Mommy and Daddy's Day' post, but these are very rare. All books I post have (what I consider) appropriate content for the intended audience. 

I do not guarantee to write or leave a review of books shared with me but agree to consider taking a look at them. This blog's purpose is not to serve authors and publishers but rather to spread the joy of reading with younger audiences in mind. There are so many books out there, and I hope I can help readers discover ones they enjoy. My decision not to post about a book depends on multiple reasons and, by no means, says anything about the book's marketability or quality. I simply don't always connect with every book. But then, which reader does? There's also the chance that it simply doesn't slide into a category I'm looking for at that moment, since I do want to keep as wide a variety on Bookworm for Kids as possible. After all, that's what makes reading fun...books are like a rainbow!

All opinions are my own or reflect that of me or my children. I share books on Bookworm for Kids simply because I love to read and find it important to support reading in audiences ages 18 and under. 

I accept electronic copies in almost any standard format and do prefer them. Any paper copies I receive are donated to local libraries, children homes, foster children, or other such groups and individuals. I do not keep them or sell them or do anything with them, which could be seen as beneficial for me.  

I try to post the book's cover picture, a short blurb, and some sales links. I DO NOT receive any compensation, benefits, or anything from these.  I do insist that the rights for all images sent to me are owned by the author (or publishing company), and by sending me such information for use on my blog, senders are guaranteeing that they have the full rights to said images and content. 

I usually leave my reviews on other sites as an extension of my love for kidlit, but I do not guarantee to do this, since this isn't the purpose of Bookworm for Kids. When I review a book, the review is intended first and foremost for Bookworm for Kids readers. If I post reviews on other sites, these sites are (when applicable): Goodreads, B&N, Kobo, Library Thing, BookBub, and Google Books.

 I do not post my reviews on Amazon (due to professional reasons). 


All reviews on this site are written by myself, are my own opinion, and are original in thought and content. Please, do not copy and/or redistribute ANY review or excerpt without contacting me first. Normally, I have no problem with authors/publishers using my reviews or parts of my reviews, but I do want a heads-up.

If you agree to the above, please feel free to contact me at:
Happy Reading!