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Review: Alien Minds by Christina Bauer

Alien Minds

by Christina Bauer 
Dimension Drift #1
Monster House Books
 April 23rd 2019
YA Science Fiction

DIVERGENT meets OCEAN’S EIGHT in this urban fantasy heist!
On my seventeenth birthday, I wake up in the hospital to find I just survived a sketchy but terrible accident. My parents stand by my bedside—both are beautiful, wealthy, and super-nice. They tell me that once I leave the hospital, I’ll attend the prestigious ECHO Academy, where I’ll churn out equations for the government along with my mega-smart peers.
So, I’m living the perfect life.
Then why does everything feel all wrong?
My parents, my house and even ECHO Academy…none of it fits. Plus, what’s up with Thorne, my brooding yet yummy classmate who keeps telling me I need to remember my true past, which seems to have included a lot of us kissing? That’s one thing I’d really like to remember, except for the fact that I’m pretty sure Thorne is hiding a ton of nasty secrets of his own, including the fact that he may not be from this world. But considering how my own past seems alien to me, it’s not like I can judge. Plus, Thorne has dimples. That’s a problem.
And worst of all, why does it feel so yucky to work on these calculations for the government? It’s all supposed to be part of ECHO, but my heart tells me that I’m helping something truly terrible come to pass. Thorne seems to think that kissing him again will release my real memories.
Maybe it’s time to pucker up. 
“Appealing and engaging. Love the strong female character!” – Arlene’s Book Reviews 
This new series is perfect for: fans of urban fantasy, action & adventure, cool science, evil corporations, forbidden romance and hot new classmates who may or may not be aliens.


This is an easy to read, fun adventure for fans of multiverses, science fiction and a dash of romance.

Meimi wakes up to find herself in a hospital. Her memory is gone, especially of the couple who stares down at her, claiming to be her sponsor parents. But worse, her doctor is the evil government scientist that even her missing memory can't erase from her mind. She has no doubt that something is up, and it no doubt involves her special talents. When she again wakes to find herself in an almost prison-like room, the man finally tells her the secret plans. She is to develop a weapon, which might not even be possible to create, and that in 2 months. Not only that, but the weapon will wipe out several million undesirables, including her own mother. Meimi starts to come up with a plan to stop the madness, but it's almost an impossible task. Especially when there's a hulk of a guard who won't let her out of his sights and he appears to have secrets of his own.

I read the two prequels of this series before hitting this novel, and I highly recommend other readers to do the same, since the backstory is necessary to fully dive in and enjoy this book.

Action sits front and center in these pages, keeping descriptions short and excitement high. Meimi is a wonderful heroine. She has a heart of gold, is willing to do about anything for what she thinks is right, doesn't put herself first, and is a super amazing scientist. It's refreshing to see a kick-butt heroine who can be qualified as such thanks to her mind. And this doesn't kill her spunk or sass by any means. While the scenes are packed full of action and tension, humor flows right along with it. It's easy to notice that the author had fun writing this tale.

The writing isn't deep but allows the story to simply come across in all of its adventure and fun. There is just enough character depth to draw in, but this isn't a book about deep thoughts and emotions. Although...there are definite sparks flying, at times. The romance is there, and while it's a bit of love-at-first-sight, this doesn't quite describe it either. There's enough tension and surprises on this end to keep those pages turning as well. More secrets unravel as the problems increase, and while some things are wrapped up by the end, enough new troubles arise to guarantee that this series won't fall into the trap of becoming a bore. In other words, I can't wait to see where this series goes next.

And here she is...

Christina Bauer thinks that fantasy books are like bacon: they just make life better. All of which is why she writes romance novels that feature demons, dragons, wizards, witches, elves, elementals, and a bunch of random stuff that she brainstorms while riding the Boston T. Oh, and she includes lots of humor and kick-ass chicks, too.
Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby.
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Review: You Can Call Me Katelyn by Keri T. Collins

MAY 1st, 2019!!!

by Keri T. Collins
Illustrated by Marcia Adams Ho
Purple Butterfly Press
Picture Book
32 pages

What happens when you don't like your name? There's nothing you can do about it, right? But not Katelyn. She didn't like her original name, and she did something about it!

Join Katelyn on her journey as she teaches kids and parents both that if you decide to live your dream, nothing is impossible. Be who you want - it all starts with a choice, no matter your age.


This is a book which empowers kids while offering a lovely read.

Katelyn doesn't care for her name, but there's not much she can do about that. Or is there? Through a short and entertaining story, she shows that any dreams are achievable but take determination and a desire to actually pull them through.

While this tale centers on how Katelyn changed her name and brought others to identify her as such, the message rings clear for other dreams as well. Dreams can be achieved no matter what the age. But it takes effort and the decision to actually pursue the dream.

The illustrations are bright and colorful, and radiate a lot of fun and energy. The text is easy to understand and offers a nice story along the way too. There are activities as well to help young readers grasp the message and consider chasing their own dreams. In general, it's a nice read which leaves kids thinking too.

You can find Keri and other information...

Facebook: @keritcollinstakeaction 

Sneak Peek: As Silver Is to the Moon by R.A. Watt with Giveaway!

As Silver Is to the Moon 
by R. A. Watt 
April 28th 2019
YA Paranormal

New school. First love. A psychotic werewolf that wanted me dead. And it was only week one in Santa Isadora.
For fifteen-year-old Teavan Laurent and his older sister Suzanne, Santa Isadora seemed like a sleepy and idyllic California town to finish high school after their unexpected move west from New York City.
As he struggles to make friends in a town shrouded in secrets, Teavan soon finds himself the target of an irrational tormentor and rumored-to-be werewolf. The revenge-obsessed psycho vows to wipe out Teavan and his small family due to past wrongs beyond Teavan’s control or knowledge. The twisted legacy left to him by his late grandfather brings Teavan at odds with everything he knows to be true—or at least everything he thought to be true.
The impossible truth of the tale begins to gain traction at his first wolf sighting, and Teavan and Suzanne soon find themselves in the crosshairs of the dark and secretive lycan world of Santa Isadora.
Stalked by a legend that shouldn’t exist, Teavan must decide how far he is willing to go to save those that he loves and come to terms with what lurks from within.


The room felt crisp and refreshing as I crawled back into the cozy warmth of my covers. The comforting presence of my dog Honey’s stretched curled form was gone. “Honey”?
Only the sounds of occasional thunder and rain could be heard, along with the violent, howling winds. The big oak tree in the yard was flailing back and forth, looking like it could lose a limb.
Listening for the familiar sounds of her padded footsteps, I was alarmed when I heard banging on what sounded like the front door. I almost jumped out of bed.
Who could be here, in the middle of a storm, in the middle of the night?
An uneasy feeling slid over me as I made my way to the hall, electing to keep the lights off so I could see out the windows.
Answering the door to our apartment back home at two in the morning usually meant some drunken idiot was at the wrong door and couldn’t get their key to work. But out here, there could be no mistake.
Maybe it was the outer screen door banging in the storm. The gusting winds would most likely rip it off its hinges if it weren’t pulled tightly closed. As I reached out to unlock the bolt, an unmistakable knock came from the other side, sending my heart racing.
Someone was there.
I’m not proud to admit it, but I panicked a little. A bead of sweat trickled down my cheek. Lightning occasionally illuminated the room from the front windows.
Maybe someone needed help. Maybe someone was being chased by a wolf. Maybe it was the wolf. Except a wolf couldn’t knock on a door.
But a werewolf could.
I tried to laugh at myself to ease my own tension.
On either side of the big wooden door was a floor-to-ceiling privacy window, with white curtains covering each one. I tried to look through the somewhat transparent lace, but I couldn’t see anything, just blackness outside.
If whoever was there saw my movement, I would have no choice but to open the door.
Chancing it, I ever-so-slightly moved the curtain aside to look out on the porch. I could see nothing until the next flash of lightning lit up the sky.
A wrinkled, elderly woman sat in an antique wooden wheelchair outside our front door. The winds blew her long, white hair in all directions, but she was looking down.
My head snapped back with my heart in my throat. Surely she needed help, but she almost looked scarier than some guy dressed in black. The image of her wheelchair and wild hair flying all about terrified me.
How did she get up the steps, alone, in a wheelchair?

And here he is...

Ryan is a husband and a father of three children. A lover of food, wine, sunshine, skiing, and fiction.
Although his background is in finance, he has always had a love of books, particularly fiction, since a young age and has been an avid reader ever since. Ryan's favorite books are deep, engrossing novels that may not necessarily win Pulitzer Prizes, but are difficult to put down.
Reading should be fun, absorbing, and a step away from our ordinary world. No matter what the critics say about the book on your nightstand, if you don't look forward to reading each night it's not the right book for you!


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Sneak Peek: Darkness Falls by A.E. Faulkner with Giveaway

Nature's Fury #1
by AE Faulkner
YA Dystopian

As nature tires of human destruction, two sisters must face a changing environment that stands between them and survival.

When Quinn and Riley set out on a family vacation with their parents, the trip ends before it begins. Mother Nature interferes with their plans, setting off a sequence of events that thrusts the teens into a hostile landscape.

Stranded, with limited supplies, struggling to figure out who they can trust along the way, they must determine how to survive nature's evolving fury.


“Aidan, man, we should probably get going soon,” Jeff says, pulling me
away from the threatening spiral of memories. His interruption
is a welcome distraction.
“You’re right,” Aidan says, his eyes locked with mine. “But before we
go, Quinn, you need to know, you’re not safe here. Do you have somewhere
else to go?”
“What are you talking about?” My head volleys back and forth between
the guys. Jeff runs a hand through his short brown hair and exhales a sigh.
He leans in conspiratorially and says in a hushed voice, “Look, we’ve been
checking out the unoccupied homes around here. You know, just borrowing
things to help us get by. But one of the trailers we went to, we thought it was
Aidan finishes for him. “Quinn, one of your neighbors is dead. We thought
the trailer was vacant, so we went inside. We grabbed some canned food and
other stuff from the kitchen and then we went to the bedroom to see if there
were any blankets and pillows.”

AE Faulkner is a young adult dystopian author. Her debut novel, Darkness Falls, is the first book in the Nature's Fury series, which explores the Earth’s response to humans poisoning her streams, abusing her animals and destroying her beauty.

She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Millersville University and a master’s degree in advertising, public relations & journalism from Temple University.

Although she escaped in books as a child, college textbooks sucked the fun out of reading. Years later, The Hunger Games trilogy became the spark that rekindled her love of books. After devouring that series, she quickly became captivated by dystopian novels.

After several years of reading them, she decided to take a stab at writing one that combined her love for nature with her fear of human destruction

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!
Mini Quinn Backpack!

Mini Riley Backpack!

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Review: Sam Wu Is Not Afraid Of Sharks by Katie & Kevin Tsang

by Katie & Kevin Tsang
Illustrated by Nathan Reed
Sterling Children's Books
Middle Grade Humor / Graphic Novel
240 pages

Brilliantly funny new young series about the bravest scaredy-cat in the world Sam Wu is NOT a scaredy-cat (except when he is). And when a shark TOTALLY tries to eat him at the local aquarium, he decides he's not going to take any more chances. So at his friend's birthday party at the beach, Sam refuses to dip even a toe in the water. Nothing could go wrong now, could it?


I've become a Sam Wu fan. Ridiculousness, over-imagination, wonderful friendship, and learning to beat fears come together for a hilarious ride.

After conquering his fear of ghosts, Sam Wu learns he's afraid of something else—sharks. Thanks to an eventful trip to the aquarium, he's come to realize how dangerous sharks can be. Deadly dangerous! So when his friends invite him to their birthday at the beach, he's in a tight space. He has to go; they're his best friends. But the ocean has sharks, and he's not about to let himself get eaten by one. Let alone his friends.

Graphic novels are simply high on my children's reading lists, especially ones which hit a humorous note. This book definitely does this. Sam Wu is around ten years old and has quite the imagination. He's not exactly a quiet kid either. His fears—although over the top—aren't really that far out there and readers do sympathize...even if they aren't as extreme about it as he is. But that's what makes this funny. He is extreme, but not in a bad way. He's also very concerned about those around him. And them about him.

The illustrations and direct, non-fancy wording make this a treat. Every page holds tension and surprises. It's hard not to laugh out loud at some spots and shake the head at others. Especially reluctant readers will enjoy this one.

And here they are...

Katie and Kevin Tsang met while studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Same Wu Is Not Afraid of Sharks is their second joint novel, and the second book in the Sam Wu series. Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Ghosts came out in 2018. Some of Same Wu's experiences are based on Kevin's own childhood. He works as a healthcare technology consultant. Katie writes YA as Katherine Webber. Katie and Kevin live in London and are available for interview.

Visit Katie at www.kwebberwrites.com. Follow her on Twitter at @kwebberwrites and on Instagram at @kwebberwanders. Follow Kevin on Twitter at @kevtsang and on Instagram at @kevgtsang.

Happy Book Birthday, The Memory Thief by Rachel Morgan

The Memory Thief
City of Wishes, Book One
by Rachel Morgan
YA Paranormal
125 pages

Every wish has a price … 

In a world of fae, vampires and shifters, where wishes can be bought and bargained for, Elle is human, bound to her stepmother by a slave charm. Her only hope at freedom is to wish for it. But the Godmother rules the illegal wish trade, and the price she demands is steep. Is Elle willing to pay it?

~ ~ ~

It’s just another night of breaking her stepmother’s rules and sneaking out. Another night of drawing as little attention to herself as possible.

Get the job done. Earn a little more Essence. Move one step closer to legitimately purchasing a wish.

But when Elle runs face-first into a charming and handsome faerie—and then ends up in the clutches of a vampire—her usual fly-under-the-radar plans are knocked off course.

It's FREE on Amazon today!!! 
I don't know how long it will last, though.


The cover definitely caught my attention on this one, and the blurb rounded it of to a 'must-read'. And I was not disappointed.

The world is divided into several classes/groups—humans, shifters, vampires and the last which rule all of it, fae. Elle is a human and bound to her step-mother with a slavery charm. Elle is determined to break this bond and free her older step-sister, who is also mistreated, by buying a wish. Luckily, Elle has a secret talent which fae are willing to pay her for, but to get to her clients, Elle must sneak out at night, disguise herself as a fae and meet them usually in clubs. Not only does can she never get caught, but thanks to human disappearances, it's turned into a dangerous endeavor. When she runs into a vampire after serving one of her clients, she has no idea what kind of trouble she's about to face.

The worst thing about this book was that it was too short, and I could have continued reading for hours more. The nods at Cinderella are impossible to miss, but the author does a great job at slipping it with an original style into a paranormal world. The setting in many ways comes across like modern day with clubs, cell phones and cars. The magic of the fae and spice of the other creatures creates a fun and exciting mix. 

From page one, this is a quick paced adventure and hooks from the get-go. Elle is gutsy and clever but her predicament pulls at the heart strings. She's determined to free herself, and it has to do with more than feeling simply mistreated. She also has a wonderful relationship with the older step-sister, which gives the tale a nice dash of friendship and kindness. It's easy to root for Elle and fever for her when she's lands in sticky situations.

There are the beginnings of a romance...or a friendship? This is one of my favorite parts of the tale. While there is royalty in there somewhere and love might blossom between some characters at one point, Elle has enough on her plate for this book to not dig into that end very deep. Not yet. There are hints that the series has much to hold in this direction, but for now, Elle has her hands full of vampires, evil step-mothers, fae on their own missions, slavery, a secret about herself, and finding a way to get her hands on a wish. 

I enjoyed every page and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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Review: Skwerdlock Series by Pops Jamison

by Pops Jamison
ImagiLearning, Inc.
Picture Book
37 pages
ages 4 to 7

As "Pops", John shares the stories he told his daughter years ago, and now tells his grandchildren today. Stories of fun and wonder, sometimes crazy, but always with a smile. 

"Meet the Skwerdlock!" was created to help spark a love of books, help learn a few words, and just have an excuse to sit in the recliner and enjoy time together.

Pops says:

I really enjoy seeing nicely done illustrations in books. However, one of the goals of this book is to show that you don’t have to be a professional artist or illustrator to create books. 

Children are filled with great stories, and I want to encourage them to write those stories down, and bring them to life with their own pictures. If they end up looking really, really great, that’s just fine.

But if they end up looking like mine do, that’s perfectly ok too!

by Pops Jamison
ImagiLearning, Inc.
Picture Book
ages 4 to 7

"I Saw the Skwerdlock" is the second Skwerdlock story created to help spark a love of books, help learn a few words, and just have an excuse to sit in the recliner and enjoy time together. 

Pops says: 

The Skwerdlock has been very special in our family for a long time, and I hope others will have the same kind of fun. This is a fun story to read together, and especially fun when your young readers can read it to you! There is no moral, no lesson, just a fun story to relax and enjoy! 


These books are simple, cute and funny—great for a read aloud or beginner readers to tackle some words on their own.

The Skwerdlock is a strange creature, one right out of the realm of boundless imagination. He's kind, not always perfect, and a great friend to have around. The books are written so that even younger listeners will be drawn in and understand what's going on. Humor is set high as is simple, imaginative fun. The plot is always light, allowing the stories to center more around getting to know Skwerdlock and experience simple things with him. There aren't any morals or lessons either, but everything centers on the joy of reading and fun.

The illustrations are very lovingly done, with the desire to show that not everything always has to be perfect. Stories are about so much more, and it's this enjoyment, which is celebrated in this series. 

And here he is...

John Jamison is a life-long believer in the power of stories. First as a pastor, then educator, creator of Centers for Innovation at multiple universities, Director of a national Game and Simulation academic degree program, a consultant for e-learning and brand development, John has used the power of story to bring about serious change and have some fun in the process. John grew-up in a small river-town in Illinois, and describes his childhood as “kind of Tom Sawyer-ish with a blend of Wizard of Oz.” John says, “I grew up in a family of storytellers and liars, and I spent most of my time trying to figure out which was which.” Keep up to date with his books at https://jbjamison.jamisonbooks.com/.

Happy Book Anniversary, Painting Sky by Rita Branches with Giveaway!

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Review: The Devil's Own by K.A. Fox with Giveaway

The Devil’s Own
by K.A. Fox
Acorn Publishing
April 20th 2019
YA Urban Fantasy

Delaney Murphy has always known she’s the Devil’s daughter. And although the title itself is a burden, she never expects to inherit all her father’s infernal abilities. When her newfound magic begins to poison the people closest to her, Laney must make a choice. To protect the world from the worst she can do, she leaves everyone she loves behind and builds a new life for herself, alone, in a place where she can control the urge to give in to the magic living within her.

But when she recognizes a familiar pattern in a string of murders, Laney leaves her peaceful, isolated life behind and goes on the hunt, unleashing a threat she never dreamed possible. Confronting this menacing specter could mean giving in to temptation and becoming the one thing she fears most. Will she use her magic to do the right thing, even if it means hurting the ones she loves?


Fast pacing, magic, a pinch of darkness and a heroine full of spunk make this a fun read.

Laney is the daughter of the devil, which sounds like a pretty ominous role to play, but she decided a while ago to stay on Earth and live as much of a normal, human life as possible. After all, her mother is human too. Thanks to a catastrophe in high school when her powers suddenly appeared, she's decided to live a pretty isolated life. That is, until she decides to stop a demon on a killing spree. That situation pans out pretty well, and she returns to her isolated life only to discover that it's not going to be that way anymore. Thanks to her dangerous escapade, her concerned father has appointed two unique bodyguards to stick to her like glue. That doesn't include the detective she accidentally created a bond with. Now, he won't leave her alone. Add that to a mysterious, approaching danger, and she's got her hands full.

This was simply a fun read. I enjoyed Laney quite a bit. She's not perfect, holds spunk close but wears her heart on her sleeve. She's at odds with her own identity, but this isn't one of her negative attributes. She makes mistakes, which are very fitting to the age group and her personality. It's just exciting to join her as her world turns more upside down than usual and root for her the entire way.

There are hints and pokes at romance, but this is a very slow burn. The concentration remains on Laney and the demons she's up against as well as her father-daughter relationship. It's a nice balance, which makes for an entertaining read with a dash of depth while keeping action at the highest priority. I can't wait to see how this end of things continues in the series.

The writing pulls along and keeps boredom away. There's enough character depth to keep things interesting without going too deep or emotional. Only the ending bothered me a bit as the big battle was a little anti-climatic and too tidy. But it wasn't enough to ruin my desire to read the next book in the series.

Fans of strong heroines, demons, magic, action and a tad bit of romance will like this one.

And here she is...

K.A. Fox is a proud military brat who has lived all over the world but now calls the Midwest home. She uses her psychological training to facilitate successful negotiations at work and to convince her husband and three sons that she’s always right. When not writing, she can usually be found hiding somewhere with a book and a bit of chocolate, or chasing after her own adorable Hell Hound.


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Review: We Were Beautiful by Heather Hepler

We Were Beautiful

by Heather Hepler

Paperback: 304 Pages
Publisher: Blink (April 2, 2019)
It’s been a year since fifteen-year-old Mia Hopkins was in the car crash that killed her older sister and left her terribly scarred. The doctors tell her she was lucky to survive. Her therapist says it will take time to heal. The police reports claim there were trace amounts of alcohol in her bloodstream. But no matter how much she tries to reconstruct the events of that fateful night, Mia’s memory is spotty at best. She’s left with accusations, rumors, and guilt so powerful it could consume her.
As the rest of Mia’s family struggles with their own grief, Mia is sent to New York City to spend the summer with a grandmother she’s never met. All Mia wants to do is hide from the world, but instead she’s stuck with a summer job in the bustling kitchens of the café down the street. There she meets Fig—blue-haired, friendly, and vivacious—who takes Mia under her wing. As Mia gets to know Fig and her friends—including Cooper, the artistic boy who is always on Mia’s mind—she realizes that she’s not the only one with a painful past.
Over the summer, Mia begins to learn that redemption isn’t as impossible as she once thought, but her scars inside run deep and aren’t nearly so simple to heal … especially when Mia finally pieces together her memories of the night Rachel died.
From acclaimed author Heather Hepler comes We Were Beautiful, a poignant young adult novel about tragedy, forgiveness, and love. Perfect for fans of Robyn Schneider and Justina Chen.

Purchase Links

Amazon | Books-A-Million | Barnes & Noble


Emotions drive this teenage story of loss, guilt and forgiveness, creating a deep read.

Mia doesn't know what to do with her grief or how to continue on even a year after a car crash which left her sister dead, but her alive. Even worse, Mia's memory from the event is filled with holes. Needing space for all to heal, Mia leaves her parents for the Summer to stay with her grandmother, a woman she doesn't really know. While swinging a job and dealing with her life, she meets friends who themselves have trials to overcome.

This is a teenage novel which deals with tough topics such as sibling death, guilt and how to continue on. Mia comes across very realistically. The author dives deep into her, allowing the reader to grow close to her and sympathize with her in many ways. It's this character depth, and the wonderful writing which makes this an intriguing novel for those who enjoy tackling such topics.

While the setting, writing, and characters are extremely well done and touch home, the pacing was sometimes a bit slow for my taste. But this also allowed for much more character depth, for those readers who love digging deep. The situation does come across realistically, and the thoughts and emotions fit extremely well to the age group and events. The ending leaves a little food for thought and satisfies. Fans of emotional young adult reads which tackle difficult moments in life are sure to enjoy this one.

And here she is...

Heather Hepler is the author of several books for teens and tweens, including Frosted KissesLove? Maybe, and The Cupcake Queen. Having lived in East Texas, Alaska, and Death Valley, she currently resides with her son, their two spoiled cats, and their ridiculously smart dog in Maine.

Connect with Heather

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Heather Hepler’s TLC Book Tours TOUR STOPS:

Monday, April 1st: @booksbeforebedtime and Books Before Bedtime
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Sneak Peek: Seeing Angels by Harmony Lawson

Seeing Angels
by Harmony Lawson
YA Paranormal Romance/Fantasy
Publication Date: April 15th, 2019

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Camille Harper sees angels all around. They watch her. She is not sure why she was born with this ability but believes the knowledge will present itself in due time.
When she witnesses a confrontation between a beautiful angel and a dark winged creature, the strange event signals the end of her world.
Then she meets Jason and they enter an exciting but forbidden relationship. Her strange ability complicates things and puts her loved ones in danger. Camille wants a normal life, but changes lead to some apocalyptic event. Can Camille continue Seeing Angels without her life going to Hell?

Harmony Lawson and her family live in Northern California in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She is a self-published author and self-taught in drawing, painting, and writing. She is fascinated by angels, Nephilim, and fallen angels. She incorporates her research into her fictional stories.
While she has endured many hardships in life, she believes she learns something new from her experiences. Life has its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and Heaven and Hell. She believes the bad times are a test to prove a person's worth. Her books reflect on that concept. Writing also helps her heal from past traumas. In the meantime, she cares for her family, loves her pugs, and remains silly through all that life throws at her. Her goal is to be an introverted hobbit.
Author Links:  Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HDwBWS
Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/harmony-lawson

“Can I help you?” a masculine voice asks. His tone washes over my body and makes my skin tingle. I gasp at the emotion that embraces me at the sound of his voice.
I’m in such a state of awe as I inspect the paintings, at first, I don’t look away from the art. I let the question caress my ears with melody and close my eyes to enjoy the moment. The voice has me aroused before I see the face of who spoke the words.
A large, warm hand touches my shoulder which breaks my attention. My head turns to see an angel standing beside me. My mouth goes dry and my eyes widen. An angel not only speaks but is also touching my shoulder!
His brown hair is short and slightly wavy. He is lean with broad shoulders. He wears faded dark blue jeans, and a Led Zeppelin T-shirt. I’d guess he is about my age. His jawline is strong, has high cheekbones, and full kissable lips.
Wow. My heart thumps. I’m woozy from the deep sensations as if I could faint. I close my eyes to gather composure but find the angel still stands beside me when I open them. There’s amusement twinkling in his eyes. Is it possible to be in love already? I’ve heard of love-at-first-site scenarios, but only thought it was in movies. I didn’t think it would actually happen to me.
His hazel eyes are the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen, resembling the clear sky at sunrise. They are not human eyes. There’s a glowing violet tint coming from the hazel irises. Although I’ve observed angel eyes before, I’d never been up close to gaze into them to see details.
The whole moment has me off balance. Reality and fantasy cross lines. I forgot the purpose of coming to this place. This guy is an angel, Cami, wake up! The concept gets through and I snap out. It’s another crazy moment on a different day.
This is new. I’ve never spoken to an angel before. What do I say?
His presence draws me, lures me. At first, I suspected the paintings drew me to this booth but now, this is an angel. An overwhelming sense of fatigue envelopes me as if I traveled all day to get to this booth to be in this moment with this angel. My knees want to give away, but sheer willpower keeps me standing.