Thursday, December 16, 2021

Review: When It's Winter by Karen A. Wyle

Are you expecting a snowy Christmas? While we most likely won't see any flakes during the Holidays, winter usually lets us get to see, at least, a few at one point. Not much, but we're grateful for what we get. Today's review, lets the snowy dreams come to life and awakens all those feelings, which come with the blanket of white.  

by Karen A. Wyle
Illustrated by Barbara Dessi
Oblique Angles Press
Picture Book
36 pages
ages 4 to 8

What makes winter special? This picture book celebrates the many fun activities and sensory experiences of the season. Follow a girl and her dog through the play and discoveries of a snowy day, and on toward bedtime.

The first person narrative will encourage new readers to claim it as their own. The repetition of the phrase "When it's winter . . ." will encourage children to chime in, and be of assistance to early readers.



The wonder of winter hits these pages with its delightful variety and little things, which make the season so special.

Winter is here, and the snow has come with it. This little girl explores the outdoors and shares every aspect, big and small, which only winter holds. After a packed day, she heads inside, but that isn't the end of the delight, either.

Snowy landscapes and a cute, little girl make this a book to snuggle up with and enjoy. While this one is for snow lovers and dreamers, it allows the joy snow brings to bloom. While starting out with more familiar activities such as snowmen building, it continues on into nature and shows all the surprises there. Every discovery is a wonder and allow memories to be revisited and gives ideas of things to look for, when the reader ventures outside themselves. 

The illustrations are white and snowy and oh-so wintery. The little girl's joy at showing each thing about winter, which she enjoys, is well portrayed and easy for the reader to feel. The text is short and always starts with the same phrase, which makes it great especially for the younger end of the intended audience, since it makes it easy for them to 'read with' the story. The vocabulary is also right at the age level. 

It's a lovely read, which brings across a snowy atmosphere and all the wonderful feelings and discoveries that come with it.

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Heather N. Quinn said...

Wintery books are so cosy. Thanks!