Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Review: Dude Perfect: 101 Tricks, Tips, and Cool Stuff by Dude Perfect

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This one is for the adventurous and advantageous guys (and girls) out there (ages 9 and up). It's a non-fiction read and follows the well-known Dude Perfect group with tons of tips, tricks, and so much more. This one is really great for fathers and kids, a bunch of friends, or anyone who loves to do something odd, out-there, and bordering on over-the-top. Plus, it's a ton of fun to flip through and read.

101 Tricks, Tips, and Cool Stuff
by Dude Perfect and Travis Thrasher
Thomas Nelson
Middle Grade Non-Fiction
ages 9 to 14

This photo-intensive, behind-the-scenes look at the viral sensation Dude Perfect offers step-by-step instructions for great do-it-at-home stunts along with valuable life lessons such as perseverance and teamwork, direct from DP headquarters.

Tweens and teens, ages 8 to 12, will enjoy complete panda-monium with this incredible look at Dude Perfect: five guys (and one mysterious panda) who are kickin' it, throwin' it, tossin' it, and shootin' it for more than 53 million YouTube subscribers with more than ten billion views.

With an oversize format and Dude-worthy graphics, Dude Perfect 101 Tricks, Tips, and Cool Stuff includes . . .

Step-by-step instructions on how to perform some of the Dudes' dynamite tricks using easy-to-obtain items.
Behind-the-scenes glimpses at those hilarious stereotype videos and extreme sports moments.
Dude-perfect teaching about what a blast patience, perseverance, teamwork, friendship, and faith can be.
Fun science facts behind the seemingly impossible tricks--because really, how did they do that?!
Infographics with "No way!" truths from the inspirational to the absurd.
A deeper look into each Dude's personal life, including stats, favorite stunts, and insights.
Ideal for down time or simply a weekend at home, each trick in Dude Perfect 101 Tricks, Tips, and Cool Stuff is the perfect combination of challenging and doable to keep your young reader off-screen for hours. This interactive book is a great gift for birthdays, Easter baskets, holiday gift giving, or just because.

Whether your own trickster wants to perform solo, challenge a friend, or host a family date night, this visually engaging book is a slam-dunk for anyone who is young at heart.

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I really didn't know much about Dude Perfect when this one came into my grasp, but my kids did...and they had a lot to say while reading through this book.

Dude Perfect started on Youtube and boomed from there. Their specialty: trick shots...but not just any trick shots. This group of friends...and a panda bear...tried all sorts of things and let their imagination take flight. This book revisits many of these moments, gives background information, how-tos for those wanting to try some stuff on their own, and adds just a whole lot of information, useful and not. In other words, this one is a treasure chest, especially for kids ages ten and up (and I know more than a couple of men, who'd be willing to dive in, too), who love doing adventurous things and beyond.

First, we get to learn a little bit about each of the Dude Perfect members, and not in a boring way. These guys want to have fun, and that radiates from every page. Much of it is trying the craziest shots (balls, airplanes, footballs, and more), but they do include facts and useful tips along the way, adding a bit of science and interesting tidbits. The how-tos range from simple to very advanced, and give often only the basic descriptions. So, there's a little own ingenuity required...and the help of an adult can be helpful, too. (And many of these 'ideas' go beyond the usual and normal range). But then, these guys are all about trying your own thing and discovering fun along the way.

Parents should be aware that this book does inspire ridiculousness. So, those readers who are already more than a little adventuresome might be willing to try some of these without telling the parents...something which can cause huge problems. Not that this is bad...and the authors do mention often that parental guidance is a good idea...but adults need to be aware that this might occur and keep their eyes a little more open than usual. 

Otherwise, this book is a ton of fun and inspiration pure. It's fun to flip through and just enjoy things here and there, or take ideas and really try them out. 


Heather N. Quinn said...

My little dude would've loved this, but he's 24 now, so I'll recommend it to others. :)

Lisa Munley said...

How fun!!! Thanks so much!