Thursday, December 2, 2021

Review: Read Island by Nicole Magistro

Today's read sails masterfully into the theme of this blog...reading is amazing! When I saw this book, read the blurb, and take a quick peek, I knew it was one I had to share. If you take a glance at the small sail on the boat, you might notice that it's created from the page of a book. This tale celebrates the joy of reading, the adventure it can bring, and the magic of each and every journey. 

by Nicole Magistro
Illustrated by Alice Feagan
Read Island LLC
Picture Book
ages 4 to 8

Join a very brave girl and her furry friends on an adventure to Read Island! Through the power of imagination and the pleasure of reading, this curious trio set sail for a magical island made of books. On their way they discover a joyful collection of animals converging by sea and land, just in time for an unforgettable story hour.

A rhyming celebration of nature, books and the importance of stories, Read Island invites you to experience the diversity and wonder of a hidden and wild place. In the company of sea wolves, humpback whales and spirit bears, readers will discover simple meditations that summon a magical destination - one filled with beloved friends, safe spaces and stories to be revisited again and again.

For make-believe though it may look,
There is an island made of books.
This world of stories, safe and true,
Is always here to welcome you.



These pages combine a beautiful homage to literature, a sense of adventure, and an invitation into the imagination in a lovely way, which only the written word can bring.

Written in flowing rhyme, the tale follows a young girl and her friends as they board a ship and set sail to Read Island. The island holds sea wolves, bears, whales and more, while harboring more surprises as well. The island also holds a magical spot, where animals (and friends) can hold story time together. So, this one is a homage to tales and shows readers the beauty and imagination reading can hold.

The illustrations are well done and drift right along with the story, allowing each scene to come to vibrant life. Details make rediscovering each page fun (which does mean that this one will be visited more than one or twice). Plus, there's a pinch of secrets thrown in, which will need to be discovered. To say that this one can hold attention from beginning to end is an understatement. It's written for the age group and knows how to hold their interest the entire way through.

Perfect for the age group, the text and word choice make a wonderful read-aloud in a classroom setting or alone at home. It illustrates the wonder of the written word and demonstrates how enjoyable a reading journey can be. 

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