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Review: Mozzi Presents Series by Merav Gamliel Boschan

Today, we're presenting the first three books in a picture book series for ages 3 and up, which takes the love for dogs and mixes it with wholesome family and life values.

MOZZI PRESENTS: Love and Other Values 

by Merav Gamliel Boschan

Welcome to Mozzi’s World!
Mozzi is an optimistic dog with a unique look and a sensitive, loving spirit.
He lives in a village with his human family, surrounded by friends, nature, and love.  Your kids will be delighted by Mozzi’s sweet personality, the kids rhymes, and the colorful illustrations, while at the same time, they’ll absorb wonderful values for life, like love, family, responsibility, patience, courage, acceptance, giving, and compassion … This dog stories for kids will teach them how to live lives with full happiness, positiveness, self actualization and better emotions.

Every Day's A Party

The second book in the children series shares values for a good life and stars Mozzi in a celebration of the little things that create happiness and positive thinking. The text paints a picture of Mozzi full of life, joy, and fulfillment, along with confidence in his abilities, emotions, and the environment which embraces him.

Like the first book in the storybook collection, the rhyming verses, poems and delightful illustrations offer children a magical, fun experience, while it also teach kids emotions and positive values for life.

My Friends Help People

The most comprehensive children's book about Service and Therapy Dogs.

The third book in the series shares values for a good life and delves into the power of giving and empowering others. 
This book stars Mozzi introducing his dog friends, who lovingly and with sensitivity help the humans around them, both children and adults, overcome their difficulties and fears. Giving and mutual cooperation help characters experience great joy, optimism, and other positive emotions which will also resonate with readers.
Like the other books in the kids nursery rhymes series, the verses, delightful illustrations and the poems for kids offer a magical, fun experience, while also teaching kids emotions and positive values for life.

 The book series is available on Amazon:


You can find a flipbook...examples of the 4 books in the series...

A Free Gift - Mozzi's Coloring and Activity Book:


These books mix a love for dogs, poetry and wholesome life lessons into a cheerful collection.

Mozzi is a lively dog, who is loved and cherished. This warm and caring attitude radiates off of the pages, not only through the rhymes and messages. The books each address a different topic and are filled with rhymes, which bring a bit of fun while also knitting into more serious messages. The accompanying illustrations are colorful and add life to the poetry.

While the topics of these books vary, the main ideas remain the same: kindness, love, patience,
responsibility, generosity and compassion. The situations are usually easy for young listeners to identify with, bring a little excitement and still make the main points clear. The rhymes usually flow relatively nicely and the text is appropriate for the intended age group. The rhymes are broken down into topics, which promote the main theme. This creates great places to pause or open up a discussion. It's a nice mixture, which especially parents and caretakers are sure to appreciate and read to young listeners again and again.

And here she is...

Merav has two great loves which have stayed with her ever since she was a young girl-writing (mainly poetry) and dogs (all kinds!). Over the years, she has found various ways to express these passions. About a decade ago, out of a desire to respond to and grow her love for those creatures, she became a professional in training and behavioral treatment for dogs. As part of that, Merav began incorporated her second great love--writing on topics connected with the world of dogs, both for children and for adults.
As a firm believer that raising dogs and observing their behavior can teach us many important life lessons, she decided to write a series of rhyming books for children which use dogs' world. The purpose of the books is to share with a younger generation valuable life lessons in compassion, responsibility, generosity, and acceptance. Thus, Mozzi was born, along with this new series of books. 

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Review: MVPKids Books

Today and this coming Friday, Bookworm for Kids is presenting several books from MVPKids. In their own words: "These are innovative books that follow a diverse cast of sixteen MVP Kids® that represent a wide range of ethnic and cultural diversity and are the stars of our products. Starting from toddler board books and growing through early-elementary and elementary hardcover books, our products follow the MVP Kids® as they grow from toddlers to adolescents."

Head over to their website to find out more and find a true bounty on titles!

Especially homeschoolers, preschool teachers and parents wanting to help introduce their young listeners to the world around them will want to take a look at these.

Celebrate! Self-Esteem
by Sophia Day
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Join our MVP Kids in discovering that each person is made to be unique! From physical traits to skills and strengths, children are encouraged to feel good about who they are. Be inspired to a positive sense of self and appreciation for the differences of others.


Diversity is a natural fact of life, and this is a fun celebration of just that.

Short, clear, and fun—these three words describe this lovely dive into everything which makes us different from each other. No two people are alike, and these pages tackle that with joyful clarity. From freckles to birthmarks to skin color to hair, each person has traits to call their own. And this is good so.

The rhyming verse on each two-page spread are simple, flow nicely and clearly bring across a point even younger listeners can understand. While the message is very clear, it doesn't come across as preachy but simply celebrates each unique trait. This is supported by a question on the bottom of many pages, which direct listeners to partake and share what traits they have, which make them different. And that's what makes this book special. 

Diversity is a very modern topic, but often times it concentrates on race, religion and such. This book simply celebrates all kinds of differences. And it encourages kids to discover their own. The atmosphere supports a self-pride and fun of sharing, making this a book not only to read but get involved in. 

Celebrate Number Sense
Sophia Day
MVPKids Media
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Join our MVP Kids as they count and make number sentences with the critters they discover. Children will search for bugs, practicing counting, recognize number sight words, and develop part-part-whole reasoning. Come along and develop a respect for nature while having fun with hands-on math.


Mix those wiggly, squiggly, crawly insects with counting, and out comes a little basic math rolled into searching fun.

Outside, especially this time of year, insects and bugs are everywhere. Under rocks...on the plants...all it takes is a peek, and some creepy, crawly can be discovered. Mix in a little counting and some searching, and out comes basic math. This entire concept is rolled within a bit of rhyme on each page and a small illustration of the mathematical formula in the lower part of some corners.

This book was more fun than I thought it'd be. While the main theme is number sense, it starts off with something which entice kids or make them screech and shiver—insects and creepy crawlies. These characters head out into the backyard and search for whatever bugs they can find. The mention of numbers does come right away, allowing listeners to get wrapped up in the bug discovery first. Listeners will easily relate, and probably be itching themselves to get out and do their own searches.

Then, comes the counting, but it stays wrapped up in the bug hung. Not only that, but the bugs tend to scamper a bit and a tiny bit of searching is sometimes required. The counting is easy and never comes across as rigid or teaching. On several pages, the problem-solving is written out for listeners to get a glimpse of what the math looks like. And while this is there and very useful, it also is not the center point. In other words, school-critical listeners won't be overly terrified since this is more as a glaze than a hard teaching presentation.

It's a fun way to introduce numbers and some first, basic math problems while building in an aspect kids can relate to and will want to run outside and try themselves.

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Happy Book Birthday, High Treason by Casey L. Bond!

High Treason
by Casey L. Bond
YA PNR, Dystopian/SciFi
Stacy Sanford/ The Girl with the Red Pen
Melissa Stevens/ The Illustrated Author Design Services
Model: Breanna Ellis

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

The world the Assets leapt through time to save was far from perfect, but even it was better than the one they find upon returning. All the humans outside the Compound have either been killed or turned. Those living inside are starving. Everything else lies in ruin.
The future has changed.
And so has Eve.
Will she be strong enough to stop Victor and Kael before they destroy them all? Or will she become the monster foretold in the past, and singlehandedly usher in a new age of terror?

Casey Bond lives in West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. She likes goats and yoga, but hasn't tried goat yoga because the family goat is so big he might break her back. Seriously, he's the size of a pony. Her favorite books are the ones that contain magical worlds and flawed characters she would want to hang out with. Most days of the week, she writes young adult fantasy and paranormal fiction, letting her imaginary friends spill onto the blank page.
Casey is the award-winning author Frenzy series and fairy tale retellings such as Riches to Rags, Savage Beauty, Unlocked and Brutal Curse. Learn more about her work at

Author Links
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High Treason:

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Battle Ground by Rachel Churcher

Battle Ground Series, Book 1
by Rachel Churcher

Sixteen-year-old Bex Ellman has been drafted into an army she doesn't support and a cause she doesn't believe in. Her plan is to keep her head down, and keep herself and her friends safe – until she witnesses an atrocity she can't ignore, and a government conspiracy that threatens lives all over the UK. With her loyalties challenged, Bex must decide who to fight for – and who to leave behind.
The Battle Ground series is set in a dystopian near-future UK, after Brexit and Scottish independence.
Purchase Link

And here she is...

Rachel Churcher was born between the last manned moon landing, and the first orbital Space Shuttle mission. She remembers watching the launch of STS-1, and falling in love with space flight, at the age of five. She fell in love with science fiction shortly after that, and in her teens she discovered dystopian fiction. In an effort to find out what she wanted to do with her life, she collected degrees and other qualifications in Geography, Science Fiction Studies, Architectural Technology, Childminding, and Writing for Radio.
She has worked as an editor on national and in-house magazines; as an IT trainer; and as a freelance writer and artist. She has renovated several properties, and has plenty of horror stories to tell about dangerous electrics and nightmare plumbers. She enjoys reading, travelling, stargazing, and eating good food with good friends – but nothing makes her as happy as writing fiction.
Her first published short story appeared in an anthology in 2014, and the Battle Ground series is her first long-form work. Rachel lives in East Anglia, in a house with a large library and a conservatory full of house plants. She would love to live on Mars, but only if she’s allowed to bring her books.

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Cover Reveal: 15 Days With You by Ara Grigorian

Review: Kado: Lost Treasure of the Kadohadacho by E. Russell Braziel

Lost Treasure of the Kadohadacho
by E. Russell Braziel
NTA Press
Young Adult Historical

AUGUST 13th!!!

Eighteen-year-old Tom Murrell could never understand his father’s dreams of carving a new life out of the wilderness. He wanted to do something else with his life besides spend it behind a plow, but with the family moving to the Red River in Arkansaw Territory, he was stuck.
Everything changes for Tom when he witnesses the death of Tiatesun, spiritual leader of the Kadohadacho tribe, and is drawn into a raging conflict between the Kado and their arch enemies, a renegade band of Osage.
His new friends Mattie and James say there is no alternative. They must use a cryptic map, drawn in a bible by Tiatesun in his own blood before he died, to find this place called Na-Da-cah-ah. Only then can Tom be sure that his family and friends will be safe.
But it is a race against time—a race against Wey Chutta’s Osage. Dangers are everywhere. The only chance to save his family is for Tom, Mattie, and James to join with six Kado warriors, make sense from the many clues they uncover on their quest, and discover the real Na-Da-cah-ah.


This is an exciting, historical weave, which draws in and promises more than a little adventure.

Tom is an average eighteen year old, ready to head into life but still held back. He's followed his family to the wilderness in Arkansas but wants more from life. And this dream comes true, but not nearly in the manner he'd thought or hoped it might. Soon, he finds himself on an adventure with some unexpected company to try to save his friends and family.

This tale weaves around a lesser known tribe, the Caddo. It does do a nice job at bringing life during this time period across, and yet, adds more. The tension picks up quickly as life takes a violent and dangerous turn, which propels the entire story into a fast-paced adventure. It's exciting and, at the same time, weaves in information from the Native American tribe.

The characters are easy to connect with and develop well during the tale. Tom has a lot to learn, but his decisions are understandable. There's a lot to enjoy in these pages, and the mix between historic elements and adventure are sure to keep young adults reading until the end.

Too find out more...

And as an extra treat....

They're also offering fabulous "bags of treasure" for people who sign up for serialized chapters of the audiobook. The bags include real arrowheads, historically accurate molasses candy, stickers, bookmarks and more!

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Review: Bobs and Tweets Scout Camp! by Pepper Springfield

Book #4
by Pepper Springfield 
Illustrated by Kristy Caldwell
Scholastic Inc.
Children's Humor
60 pages
ages 6 and up

The Bobs and Tweets are back for a whole new summer adventure. Their next destination: camp! In Pepper Springfield’s latest book BOBS AND TWEETS: Scout Camp! (Scholastic; August 1st, 2019; Original Trade Paperback; ISBN: 978-1-338-35540-6) illustrated by Kristy Caldwell, readers join the Bonefish Scouts as Bus Driver Joan leads them on a trip filled with sing-songy hikes, breathtaking views, tippy canoes, smores, and more camp fun!

But when Scout Leader Mike splits the group in two for a “team-building” exercise that forces them into survival mode, the Bobs and Tweets must work together in order to overcome some serious challenges. Will the scouts be able to pitch a tent, build a fire, and boil water before the ominous storm clouds keep them from finding their way home?

Scout Camp!  flawlessly demonstrates just how far a little teamwork and problem-solving can go when learning new skills and having fun along the way!



Excitement, fun, and a little chaos abound in this silly yet meaningful tale.

Bob and Tweet are just as excited as their friends as they head off to Scout Camp. All sorts of adventures...and questions for the kids...await as they bound off into this new adventure. Just when Bob and Tweet are settling in, a surprise pulls them apart and has them competing against each other. But Bob and Tweet are best friends through and through, even when things get rocky for a time.

This is the fourth book in the Bobs and Tweets series. Although it helps to understand the two by starting with the first book, it's by no means necessary to understand what's going on. In other words, this can be read as a stand alone.

While the other books concentrate more on Bobs and Tweets, this one allows their classmates to shine as well. The excitement of heading off to camp radiates from the page as various characters constantly throw out statements, changing the topic as fast and furious as camp really hits for the first time. It's a bit chaotic, and that's perfect.

The illustrations are as fun as the text and add just the right touch to make this a grab for even more reluctant readers. The story is kept concise and short, allowing the quirky fun to remain front and center. Even when the valuable message hits (and there is one that kids can relate too), it's instantly caught along in the fast-paced current. In other words, it's clear but never blatantly so. It's the kind of story to simply enjoy in all of it's ridiculousness, friendship and camp fun.

And here are the other books by Pepper Springfield...

Sneak Peek: Highschool Queens by Zachary Ryan

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Review: Moonshot: The Flight of the Apollo 11 by Brian Floca

The Flight of the Apollo 11
by Brian Floca
Atheneum Books
Picture Book
48 pages
ages 4 to 10

Simply told, grandly shown, here is the flight of Apollo 11. Here for a new generation of readers and explorers are the steady astronauts, clicking themselves into gloves and helmets, strapping themselves into sideways seats. Here are their great machines in all their detail and monumentality, the ROAR of rockets, and the silence of the Moon. Here is a story of adventure and discovery—a story of leaving and returning during the summer of 1969, and a story of home, seen whole, from far away.


The Apollo 11 mission and many aspects surrounding it come to life in this beautifully illustrated picture book.

Right away on the book jacket, information surrounding the Apollo 11 mission begins with all sorts of technical explanations which are well described in easy to understand language. When the book itself begins, the work behind the mission is brought to light. Everything from the engineering to the sewing of the suits is presented. The lift-off brings along the wonder and excitement needed before the journey through space...and life in the described. And that's only the beginning.

The text is perfect for ages four and up, allowing the atmosphere surrounding the Apollo 11 to come across clearly and understandably. The greater challenges are explained, but never in too much detail to grow boring, either. The author delivers broad concepts as well as lesser known details (such as moon dust) to keep the book lively and interesting.

The main treats, however, are the illustrations. Young listeners will dive into the mission with such detail, that they'll feel as if they're really joining in. Much love has gone into the pictures, and it's worth flipping through the book just to enjoy this aspect of it.

This is a great read, not only for young space fans, but for all ages.

And here he is...

Brian Floca is the author and illustrator of Locomotive, winner of the 2013 Caldecott Medal; Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11, a Robert F. Sibert Honor Book and a New York Times best Illustrated Book; Lightship, also a Sibert Honor Book, and Racecar Alphabet, an ALA Notable Children's Book. H has illustrated Avi's Poppy Stories, Kate Mesner's Marty McGuire novels, and Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan's Ballet for Martha; Making Appalachian Spring, a Sibert Honor Book and winner of the Orbis Pictus Award. You can visit him online at

Fate of Dragons by Alisha Klapheke with Giveaway!

Fate of Dragons 
by Alisha Klapheke 
Dragons Rising #1
 March 27th 2019
YA Fantasy, Romance

An Earth Queen desperate to wake her magic.
An elven prince fighting a ruthless betrayal.
A flood is coming. The Sea Queen has a mad plan to drown the world.
Only the magic of the Earth Queen can stop her. Vahly, the last human, was born to fill that role and wield the power necessary to battle the rising oceans and save the dragons and elves.
But Vahly is the world’s biggest disappointment. She possesses no magic whatsoever.
When she finds an ancient scroll that mentions a human power ritual conducted deep in the homeland of the elves, she gathers her dragon allies and journeys to see the king of that great forest-dwelling race.
Welcomed by a handsome royal cloaked in dark magic, will Vahly find answers or will a twisted and powerful elven lord destroy her chance at saving the world?

Only 99¢ for a limited time!

Author Bio:
When USA Today Bestselling author Alisha Klapheke isn't busy creating new fantasy worlds, she teaches martial arts (specifically Muay Thai kickboxing, Krav Maga, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), loves on her two amazing kids, and travels the world with her ninja husband. *Alisha made the list November 2, 2017


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Review: Little Love by Rose Stanek

by Rose Stanek
Picture Book 
40 pages
ages 4 to 8


"There once was a girl with a hole in her heart.

Little Love was her name, where was she to start?

It was not of her doing. She was not to blame.

But the hole in her heart was there just the same."

So begins the story of Little Love as she sets out on a journey to heal her broken heart. Join her on her path to self-discovery where she meets Beauty and Fame, and learns the true value of her self-worth. Written for children, but with a timeless message for the child in all of us, Little Love reaffirms the importance of self-acceptance in life's journey toward love, joy, and friendship.


With an important message about what really brings happiness in life, this is a sweet book and easy to read.

Little Love has a whole in her heart (not a real hole but is broken hearted), and she wants to find happiness. She meets Fame and Beauty along the way but doesn't discover what she's looking for. Then, she discovers love, and maybe things will work well.

The illustrations in this book are cute, detailed enough to hold attention, and capture on every page. They depict Little Love with warmth and help illustrate her emotions nicely. It's fun to flip through and gaze at the pictures even when someone isn't around to help read.

As to the story, there is an encouraging an important message in these pages. Fame and Beauty won't bring true joy, but rather love will. The book is written in rhyme and flows nicely. It's also easy to get caught up in Little Love's adventure as she tries to find happiness. There might be some spots where adults will need to explain what is going on...why Little Love decides as she does or what exactly happens is sometimes a little assumed... but this also opens the door to discussions. And that is exactly what this book is about.

And here she is...

Rose Stanek is an award winning graphic designer, interior designer, and now children’s book author. She is the mother of two cowcats, Monty and Tyson, and calls the Pacific Northwest home. She loves creative storytelling, and empowering others to live their dreams. 

Check out to learn more about her. 

Sneak Peek: The Silent Kingdom by Rachel L. Schade with Giveaway!

Silent Kingdom
Silent Kingdom, Book 1
by Rachel L. Schade
YA Fantasy 

Some fates can't be escaped
Chosen by truth. Marked for death. Halia must choose to save her kingdom, or let it fall.

Misroth's king has died, and the entire kingdom is in mourning--or so it seems. After her father is crowned regent in his brother's stead, Princess Halia discovers a terrible truth that could end her life. But when she flees to live in hiding, she discovers that the Royal Guard are not all she has to fear. Dark creatures stalk her, reports of oppression and war reach her ears, and her burden to protect her kingdom--at any cost--will not be silenced.

Lovers of fantasy adventures such as Throne of GlassAn Ember in the Ashes, and The Remnant Chronicles won't want to miss this exciting new series. Filled with heart-pounding action and thrilling courage, supernatural powers and nightmarish monsters, readers have trouble putting this book down. Start your adventure today!

Goodreads * Amazon



I was thirteen when the truth first revealed itself to me.
It happened on a day usually set aside for celebration in Misroth, now weighed down
by the loss of our king. The air felt heavy and still under the grey afternoon sky as I
walked amidst the coronation procession. All around me, councilmen strode silently,
their cloaks swirling about their legs, their boots thudding a steady rhythm along the
cobblestone streets of the capital. Arrayed in elaborate scarlet and blue, the King’s
Guard formed a protective barrier around the procession’s outer edges, as if they
could save my family from the pain that had already taken residence in our hearts.
Even in the dim light, the guards’ steel armor glinted. I watched them in awe, for I
had never seen them in anything other than their everyday chainmail and leather
breastplates, and they looked ready for battle.
Before me, my mother and father walked with their heads held high. Mother’s long,
dark hair was plaited delicately and her emerald green dress was so long it trailed along
the street behind her. Father kept his grey eyes focused on the crowds around us, nodding
to citizens as we passed. He had warned our family that we should not let this dark
time steal our dignity, and reminded us that tears were for the weak.
To my shame, my vision blurred with tears anyway. Perhaps I’ll always disappoint Father.
I blinked them away hastily and turned to my cousin Gillen, who trudged beside me.
His golden, shoulder-length hair tousled in the wind and fell into his face when he hung
his head. I knew he was trying to hide his eyes, which were usually bright, but today were
swollen and red.
I reached out and gave his arm a reassuring squeeze, wishing I could lend the last shreds
of my strength to him.
“Thank you, Lia,” he muttered for only me to hear. “This is not a day I feel strong.”
But he had to be. One day he would be our new king. I opened my mouth to murmur
something comforting, but choked on my words. He is healed now. We will see him
again. What nonsense. The words were all hollow and brittle, crumbling as soon as I
thought them. Gillen didn’t want to hear them, and neither did I. Frowning at my feet,
I clamped my mouth shut.
Drawing a deep breath, I dared to raise my gaze to study the rows of citizens lining the
streets. Their faces were solemn and their eyes seemed to reflect my own fears: fear of
change, fear of the pain and death we had witnessed. This was no joyous coronation
procession, not when it followed a funeral. We had left grieving citizens and my
weeping aunt at her husband’s graveside to wind our way through the wide streets
of Misroth City, past the towering stone buildings and houses. There were no cheers
or fists raised to hearts in salute; no ribbons were waved, and no songs were sung.
Throughout the city, a heavy silence hung in the air.
We halted in the main square, surrounded by shops closed for business today, and
stood, hushed, as my father approached the waiting priest, who stood in the center
of the square before a marble statue of King Eldon. Beside the priest, a solitary
Royal Guard stood bearing Misroth’s banner, adorned with the stars of the dragon
constellation, Vehgar. Father’s velvet robes, midnight blue and trimmed in silver,
trailed along the cobblestone behind him. Dressed all in red, the royal priest stood
tall and solemn, his dark face masked by the large hood he wore. His cloak billowed
about him, but he was motionless.
“Today is a day of many emotions,” the priest announced. In the stillness, his voice was
startlingly loud, echoing off the buildings around us. “We grieve the passing of our
beloved King Reylon. Together, we mourn the loss his family all feel. But we have
hope and comfort in this dark time. We know the Giver of Life has carried our king
to another, better place, and King Reylon’s brave brother, Zarev, stands before us
willing to accept the throne until King Reylon’s son Gillen is of age. Misroth will
not be leaderless.”
Lifting his arms, the priest began to sing an ancient blessing over my father. The words
were in Alrenian, a language no longer understood in our kingdom, but the meanings
of the old songs were still remembered, passed down from generation to generation.
This was a traditional coronation blessing, asking the Giver of Strength to equip my
father for the task before him.
“O bren valt hali,
O bren valt mis.
Mari, O emba l’val.
Thero, yagen sem forith.
Thero, yagen sem mis.
Thero, val re rynnet…”
All around me, heads bowed in reverence. It seemed as if others felt comforted by the
priest’s words, but I felt numb. I didn’t want to be the daughter of a king, even a king
regent. I didn’t want to return to a home bereft of my uncle’s kindly smile or his exciting
stories shared with Gillen and me by the fireside.
My red armband of mourning, fastened over my forearm, was constricting, and I
wanted to rip it off. Why would the Life-Giver bring us death?
I was startled out of my reverie by my father’s voice, repeating a pledge before the
Misrothian people and the Giver as he accepted kingship. The priest’s and my
father’s voices trailed on, alternating as the priest spoke and my father recited the
“I vow to protect my kingdom with my own blood, to dedicate my service to the
Giver of Life and to Misroth…”
“My father was supposed to live a long life,” Gillen whispered, his countenance
still a picture of shock. “Not leave me to rule as soon as I am eighteen. That’s four
years from now,” he choked out.
Grasping Gillen’s cold hand in mine, I bowed my head, knowing nothing I said
would help my cousin.
“…and, if circumstances demand it, to give my own life for Misroth.”
My father rose, the king’s silver crown contrasting with his long dark hair as he
faced the crowd. His voice was steady and confident. “…and, if circumstances
demand it, to give my own life for Misroth.”
As the priest called my mother forth to declare her own pledge as queen, I wished
for something to say, anything to ease Gillen’s pain.

If only I’d known how dangerous words can be.

Forsaken Kingdom
Silent Kingdom Book 2

An empty throne. A ruined kingdom. Is she their deliverance or their downfall?

Halia's fight for her kingdom is only beginning. With Misroth's rightful king in danger, Halia is forced to trust her enemy and embark on a dangerous journey into Toryn to find her cousin. But Toryn is in ruins, its people plagued by terrors and fighting for survival. As death stalks them all, Halia must face the darkness in her past and her deepest fears, until at last she is faced with one terrible question: How much is she willing to lose?

Lovers of fantasy adventures such as Throne of GlassAn Ember in the Ashes, and The Remnant Chronicles won't want to miss this exciting new series. Filled with heart-pounding action and thrilling courage, supernatural powers and nightmarish monsters, readers have trouble putting this book down.

Rachel L. Schade was born on the first day of summer in a small town in Michigan, only to end up in another small town in Ohio. She attended The Ohio State University to learn how to write obnoxiously long papers, cite people who use big words, and discuss her passion: books. She has a great love for the color blue, sunshine, chocolate, and not folding her laundry. Currently she lives with her husband and surrounds herself with coffee and books on a regular basis.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!