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Review: The Coolest Truck in the World! by Daniel Gershkovitz

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Today's book is one of many themes, which the author covers in his collection. You might want to take a look here because he really has a variety. Of course, I was a fan of coloring books as a kid, and my children were (and still are) fans of them too. But what caught my attention especially on these was the addition of facts. In the one I'm reviewing today, all sorts of trucks are covered...and there are fun facts about each kind.

Fun & Facts Coloring Book
by Daniel Gershkovitz
Activity Book
73 pages
ages 3 to 12

Enrich your child's knowledge with a fun, fact-filled coloring book!

Do you know which truck is the fastest in the world?

Or the average height and price of a monster truck?

Which fire truck has two drivers?

And which one is the longest truck in the world?

Did you know that the first truck was invented 135 years ago?

That the first refrigerated truck carried... ice cream?

Or that a garbage truck shreds and compresses garbage into its container to save space?

This book, from the We Can Color - Fun & Facts Coloring Books series, will provide your child long hours of fun and learning while coloring beautiful full-page illustrations of amazing trucks for all kinds of purposes: racing, garbage collection, firefighting, launching missiles, construction, snowplowing, carrying containers, and serving sectors like logging, food, mining, the police and many more! 

Next to every original illustration your child can color, there are interesting and cool facts about each truck: over 125 facts throughout the book!

* This book contains full page original coloring pages that are not repeated!

* The extra-large pages are 8.5 x 11 inches in size!

* All the illustrations are single-sided to prevent bleed-through and can be torn out and displayed without losing the images on the back!

* All the illustrations and information are suitable for ages 5 and up. Children, teens, and adults will enjoy relaxed moments while coloring and learning fun facts!

* Each coloring book also has a hardcover version!

The We Can Color – Fun & Facts Coloring Books series includes the following books:

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The Coolest Trucks in the World!

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The Great Animals of the Farm!

The Great Animals of the Ocean!

The Great Animals of the Jungle!

The Great Animals of the Forest!

The Great Animals of the Desert!

The Great Dinosaurs of the Earth!

And 2 amazing collections with illustrations and facts from our separate coloring books:

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Mixing a favorite past time with a bit of information, and all of that concerning topics, which interest the age group...this book is simply a great idea in so many ways.

While the author has created more than a few of these coloring books, each over a different theme, I took a look at the one concerning trucks. After all, there are so many (especially) boys out there, who adore trucks. The book is 70 + pages and covers all sorts of trucks. First, there's a page with the type of truck mentioned (for example: monster truck). On this page, there are a few facts concerning the vehicle: when it came into use, unique characteristics, and so on. Then, there are a couple pictures of this truck to color. 

The facts were quick and fun, and perfect for a reader to grasp a few without being overwhelmed (for those out there with shorter interest spans). The font is large, making it easy to read. The text is created for those who are pretty sure of there words (ages 6 and up), but works great when parents/caretakers/guardians are willing to quickly read them out loud, too. But then, listeners love it when their parents/adults get involved a little as well.

The pictures are simple and concentrate on the trucks or those purposes, which they're created for. The lines are easy to see, the shapes varying in difficulty, and the area sizes also allow for a wider range of coloring abilities. Some were better done then others, of course, and the trucks do carry a traditional coloring book style.

I know more than a few, young coloring fans, who would enjoy these, and I especially recommend them for the 3 to 8 age group. 

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