Friday, October 6, 2017

Review: This Book Is Too Small! by Jason Rhodes

by Jason Rhodes
Picture Book
ages 3 and up

Big animals pose a big problem in "This Book is Too Small!"
A promising safari quickly turns disastrous when the huge animals cannot be contained in the pages of this modestly-sized book. Frustrated with their undersized habitats, the large creatures go on strike, leaving the reader (and author) stranded. But when all seems lost, a learning opportunity arrives. 


Giggles are guaranteed as these fun animals squish into the silliest contortions.

Animals can be big. Very big. When they are put into a picture book, there's no way there's enough room for them to fit on the page. After back-aching attempts, the big animals go on strike, leaving only their small friends behind. The result brings a lovely surprise.

This is a cute book with tons of silliness. And kids will love it. The animals are familiar enough that kids will recognize them right away. Kids will also know right away that these animals would never fit on such a small page. The bending, the twisting and those huge, wide eyes make it impossible not to laugh. But that's not all this book is about. Behind all the chuckles and humor, there's a rebellion and a wonderful message. It slides right in, doesn't kill the fun but still, will make kids think.

The illustrations are a treat. The animals are done with love and not the fast, modern printing that is often seen today. The emotions are brought across expertly, and kids will enjoy flipping through the nonsense again and again. The borders within the page, which the animals are stuck in, does distract a little bit and kids do notice that the animals are more in a box than the book. Still, the bends and squishes are a delight.

Summed up, this is a fun book which is bound to bring about all types of snorts and giggles, and sure to become a favorite with some children ages 2 and up.

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