Monday, October 16, 2017

Review: Goodnight, Little Bot by Karen Kaufman Orloff

By Karen Kaufman Orloff
Illustrated by Kim Smith
Sterling Children's Books
Picture Book 
ages 4 and up
32 pages

“Little Bot, it’s time for bed. Let’s get ready, sleepyhead.” 

A sweet goodnight story with a unique hero.
Even little robots need their rest—and their parents tuck them in just like human mommies and daddies do. It doesn’t matter if young bots slip on their pjs over power packs and enjoy batteries for their pre-sleep snack; just like children, they love bedtime stories, hugs, a cuddly toy, and lullabies. This charming picture book is perfect for winding kids (and robots) down for the night.


A sweet story, which leads not-quite-so-ready-for-bed kids and similar young robots to sleep.

Little Bot doesn't want to hear anything about going to bed. He's not ready, but Mom insists. After completing the regular evening rituals, he's finally tucked away under the covers and might finally drift off to sleep.

This is a book to help all those kids, who may not be ready for bedtime, to ease their way to that bed. Little Bot is a cute, little robot, yet very similar to little kids his age. He loves TV and games, and isn't excited about stopping the day to head to something as boring as bed. His mother guides him through a pretty normal evening routine: bath, snack, short read, etc. Of course, as a robot, things are a little different, and that's what brings on the fun. Young readers, especially robot fans, will love pretending that they too are robots getting ready for bed. The only thing needs to be mentioned here is the battery snack—something parents might want to explain before kids try to imitate that one on their own.

The illustrations are bright and oh-so roboty! Little Robot's energy shines from every page. The illustrations are simple yet hold just the right details to draw readers in and give them a chance to spot a few wonders on their own. The circuitry-star constellations on the book ends add an extra treat.

While the book starts out with fun and energy, calmness and warmth take over by the end to draw young readers to sleep. Little robot fans are sure to enjoy this one and probably want to brush their own circuits for a few nights too before heading off into dreamland.

And here they are. . .

The author. . .

Karen Kaufman Orloff is the author of several books for children, including the bestselling I Wanna series, illustrated by David Catrow (Putnam). For Sterling, she has written Talk, Oscar, Please!, illustrated by Tim Bowers; If Mom Had Three Arms, illustrated by Pete Whitehead; and Miles of Smiles, illustrated by Luciano Lozano. She has another book scheduled for Sterling's Spring 2018 list: Some Days. Karen lives in Dutchess County, NY and is available for interview. Visit her at

The Illustrator. . .

Kim Smith has illustrated several books for children including Sterling's Hey, Coach!; Over the River & Through the Wood; and The Twelve Days of Christmas in Canada. Kim lives in Canada and is available for interview. Visit her at

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