Monday, August 1, 2022

Cover Reveal: Haunted by Natalie Zeigler

 Today is going to be packed. Usually, I do my review post and sometimes...but not very often...a 2nd post for the day with a Giveaway. Today, though, my schedule exploded without me noticing (yes, I tend to be a bit scattered-brained), and I have THREE posts. So hold on to the inboxes, and please, forgive me if it's too much. I promise this is a rarity beyond rarity.

But I do have a lot of reading goodness in store, so it's a treat in disguise.

Anyway, here's post one with a cover reveal, and what a lovely cover it is!


by Natalie Zeigler
Haunted, #1
YA Fantasy


JANUARY 3rd!!!


Mäzzikim (Maze) is the youngest daughter of a powerful chieftain, but beneath her obedient façade she’s haunted by disturbing necromantic visions—a rare power bestowed by the gods. With her ruling father vowing to destroy magic in all its forms, Maze languishes under the weight of her heavy secret.

But as her power grows, Maze’s ability to speak to the dead draws her closer to the truth behind the realm’s mysterious past. Struggling to find the truth while navigating volatile family tensions and clan politics, Maze has no idea that an evil threat lurks where she least expects it.

Maze’s gift could prove to be the salvation of her people, or the ultimate proof that magic corrupts everything it touches. Either way, the destiny she faces will change her and the realm, forever.

Haunted is book one of a gripping YA fantasy series of the same name.

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And here she is...

Natalie Zeigler studied journalism and English literature at Loyola University Maryland and health communications at American University. By day, she is a communications director at a federal agency. By night, she is an author of a fantasy series for young and new adults.



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