Monday, August 29, 2022

Today's read... Doyli to the Rescue by Cathleen Burnham

 We're headed off to the Amazons! Today's read is being re-released...I believe the hardcover is already available and the rest will be coming around October 1st. As you'll see on the cover and from the title, it centers around the rescue of baby monkeys. I've heard great things about this one and am eager to take a peek.

Put on that jungle gear because we're going on a huge adventure today!

by Cathleen Burnham
Travelnitch Publishing
Children's Nonfiction
36 pages
ages 3 to 8

Join 10-year-old Doyli as she sets out to rescue orphaned monkeys from her island home in the Peruvian Amazon. With help from her family, Doyli nurtures them until they are strong enough to be released back into their natural habitat. Along the way, you'll see what life is like for young Doyli-helping prepare meals at home, rowing to school in her canoe, and being an everyday hero for endangered animals in the Amazon rainforest.

This book is part of an effort to highlight wildlife preservation efforts by kids around the globe. We hope young readers will be inspired by Doyli's journey and seek out new ways to become change makers in their own community.



With amazing photographs, the Amazons are brought to life and not only the intriguing beauty comes through, but rather, many aspects which will hit the heart and make readers think...and learn.

We meet 10-year-old Doyli, a girl who lives in the Amazon rainforest and goes to school with a canoe. Whenever she can, she tries to help animals in need, and when a baby monkey is left in a horrible situation, she offers whatever help she can. But this book is about so much more than Doyli's adventures. The Amazon opens up with wonders, intriguing information, and several problems that life there faces.

The photographs already make this read a winner. Young readers are introduced to various aspects of the rainforest and are left with a new impression, not only of the life and beauty but of the more negative aspects as well. It's impossible not to adore Doyli and her efforts, and wish to jump right in and help her. The mix of story and information might not be everybody's thing, but it is fun to follow Doyli and learn about the Amazons through her eyes, while discovering other information along the way.

The facts are well presented, making this a wonderful book on the informational/educational side. Readers will learn about several aspects of the rainforest and will be left with a lasting impression. It makes a great edition not only to private collections, but also works well in classroom situations or for homeschooling. In other words, I can recommend giving this one a peek.

And here she is...

Cathleen Burnham is a veteran author and photographer, specializing in wildlife and tribal peoples. She has travelled to over sixty countries covering stories about animal conservation, disappearing cultures, and women’s rights. Her work has included stints at NBC, PBS, HBO and Fox. Cathleen spends time each year tenting in the bush, tracking wild animals and immersing herself in traditional cultures. Her work has appeared in Cleveland Magazine, Rangefinder, Creative Living, Metro Post newspapers, and her photography was even exhibited in The National Wildlife Museum. She was a wildlife rehabilitator for over twenty years, during which time she also sat on the board of The Nature Conservancy for Western New York. Doyli to the Rescue is the first reprint in a series of inspiring stories highlighting wildlife conservation efforts by kids around the world.

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What a super book for young animal lovers.