Saturday, August 13, 2022

Today's review: I Am Powerful by Holly Hatam

I'm back! For anyone, who pays attention, I've actually skipped the last two days...for vacation? Don't I wish. Our well-house had some rotten boards (the one wall almost fell out), which means it's time to build a new one. We have a few days without rain and, finally, temperatures not over 100 Fahrenheit, so I decided it was time to tackle that beast. Do I know how to build a well-house? Well, I do now (Youtube is my savior). With a bit of help (muscles aren't my forte), the walls and roof structure were shoved into place, and I've been cutting and drilling and building...  No time to read! Actually, I'm about to head out and put on the first layer of wood sealant on the outside panels but really can't afford to get too behind on here, either.  

So, I have a surprise for you guys today and am steering away from a 'usual' book review. Today, I have a set of affirmation cards from a best-selling picture book author. These cards are supposedly all about good vibes and finding inspiration, support, or just a slight nudge on bad days. Maybe, I should glance at these when my 2x4s refuse to line up and frustration will fly away?

by Holly Hatam
Sounds True
Affirmation Card Deck
Middle Grade to Teen
46 cards

This full-color, illustrated card deck, featuring 46 affirmations and activities, help kids embrace their creativity, power, and ability to do good in the world. The affirmations focus on embodying positive energy and such values as compassion, self-care, and social justice. Each card also includes ideas, suggestions, and activities for putting the affirmations into practice, giving kids many things they can do to nurture themselves and make the world a better place.
Affirmations like “My voice matters,” “Mistakes are how I grow,” “I sprinkle kindness like confetti,” and “I make room for my emotions,” help kids focus on the positive, believe in themselves, and validate a full range of emotions and experiences. Suggestions for activities like writing a thank-you note, learning a yoga pose, going on a nature walk, keeping a gratitude journal, supporting a social justice cause, and many more offer kids hours of meaningful activities and projects.

You can find these:


A wide variety of emotions meets lovely illustrations and caring words in an easy to use form.

This is a deck of 46-cards, which hold sayings, ideas, inspiration, support, and so much more. They address emotions, encouraging users to embrace their feelings in various ways. An entire range of feelings are addressed, giving something for every situation. The author encourages users to simply pull a card in the morning or whenever they feel they need and either enjoy the message or give the activities described a try. They can be placed in sight (like on a mirror or closet door) or can be shoved into a pocket for those needed moments of encouragement during the day.

The illustrations on these cards are pretty and enjoyable to flip through. They carry an atmosphere of care and concern, while offering positive vibes even when more negative emotions are in play. There is a sense of feel-good wooliness to the words, and I do see some kids enjoying using these quite a bit. The hinted activities are mostly easy to do and many are original. 

This especially makes a nice gift and does offer inspiration.

And here she is...

Holly Hatam is a picture book maker, greeting card designer, and a textile engineer. She is also the #1 New York Times bestselling illustrator of Dear Girl and Dear Boy. Her other books include, Hair TwinsJack (Not Jackie) and Happy Right Now. She lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and son. You can learn more about Holly at

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