Monday, August 1, 2022

A really quick glance...Blitz Bullion Busters by Daryl Joyce

And here's the 3rd post for the's not much. Just a very quick glimpse for YA mystery fans, who love a bit of historic atmosphere thrown in.

Tomorrow, we're back to the usual, single reviews.  

by Daryle Joyce
Clink Street Publishing
YA Mystery
174 pages

During the Blitz in World War II, £5 million pounds in gold bullion was loaded onto a secret, secure train in London.

When the train arrived at its destination the gold had vanished.

Eighty years later, three teenagers stumble across the mystery and set out to find the truth. What starts as an enjoyable search soon turns into a mysterious, dangerous and thrilling hunt under and through the streets of London, and a fight for their lives

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