Sunday, July 31, 2022

What's Coming in August?

Oh wow! It's already August, and I'm not sure where the summer went. School starts up again this month, which means getting up early again. But I do enjoy all times of year, so I'm not really complaining *yawn*. Nope, not one little bit.

When I set up this post, I was surprised at what books are lined up for this month.

"Surprised? But you choose your books and set up the schedule," you're probably saying. And you're right. I do. But I'm a bit all over the place, most of the time (scattered-brained, perhaps), and while I get excited when discovering the books, I kind of forget what I did. And for when. I tend to have the memory of a sieve. 

So, I was surprised to discover that this month holds tons of girl-power, especially during the first weeks. I also have more non-fiction for ages 4 to 12 than usual. There are some interesting young adult reads, too.

Anyway, take a peek and remember, this is only a glimpse at the goodness to come. I don't even have all of my 'most anticipated' on here, since I try to keep a pretty even balance of genres and audience levels. Nothing better than a huge range of possibilities!

So, off we go! 


Revisiting fifteen myths from around the world, this one promises inspiration for young girls. Plus, the illustrations are suppose to be amazing! I can't wait to take a peek into this one and, hopefully, even learn about a few myths I hadn't heard before. Check it out with me on the 2nd.

Middle Grade Myths and Fairytales


With advice from a professional ballerina, young readers can learn the basics of ballet. Not only does it promise lots of fun with a pinch of humor and insight, but there's a cute kitty accompanying every step, too. I was curious to see how this one is done...and I know so many little girls, who would love to learn ballet. Find out more with me on the 3rd.

Children's Non-Fiction


This is the first in a brand new, five-book series. Yep, I'm actually starting a series at the beginning! This one promises chills, thrills, haunting tales, school drama and tons of fun with five characters. I'm thinking it'd be the perfect read for Halloween (a wee-bit early, but that's fine). Check it out with me on the 8th.

Middle Grade Paranormal


First off, isn't this cover amazing? As you know, that's enough reason for me to pick this read up and take a peek. Luckily, it sounds like an amazing read, too. There's a secret diary, tales of an impossible castle, parallel worlds, magic, witches... I just need to stop and dream. Find out if it's everything I hope it to be on the 15th.

Middle Grade Fantasy


I tend to forget packing in enough romance for teens, so when I read the blurb on this one, I knew I needed to include it on my pile. It's about a girl, whose family runs a funeral home...which just happens to be haunted. Throw in all sorts of boy confusion and a bit of tension, and this might just be a fun read. Check it out with me on the 17th.

Young Adult Paranormal Romance


Friendship and cute animals come together in these pages, and that is sure to guarantee cuteness over-flow. The illustrator has already produced a few lovely reads, so I'm thinking that this one will be a treat as well. Find out with me on the 18th.

Picture Book


Since COVID, I've become a thrilled-homeschooling mom. So, books like these definitely catch my interest...even though mine is past this stage. With games and activities, this one also dives into a bit of the history of great mathematicians. I'm looking forward to seeing the fun in this one. Join me on the 21st to find out more.

Children's Non-Fiction


Believe it or not, Halloween is slowly sneaking in...or at least, going to. Since I also just happen to be a fan of 'flap' books, I decided to give this one a go. It's for our youngest readers out there and promises not to pack to many scares but quite a bit of fun. Flip and flap with me on the 24th!

Board Book


It's science fiction time! I found this one a bit original—twelve teens are given $12 million each, and sent to live in a biodome built over an abandoned suburb for 12 months with only starting snacks and their cash (which is useless until they leave). I'm expecting a bit of the Hunger Games vibe. Kind of? We'll find out on the 27th.

Young Adult Science Fiction


What's more fun than getting hands on when it comes to science? Well, there might be a few things, but I know all sorts of young readers, who enjoy experiments. This book tackles the theme of electricity and promises all sorts of easy to do projects, which will expand the understanding of all the electric things around us. Learn more on the 30th.

Middle Grade Non-Fiction

So many books, and so little time. Since my TBR-pile towers higher than I am tall, and I hate to let a good read slide through my fingers, every month, there's one book on my 'joker' list, which I promise I'll get to during the month. I can't say exactly when, but since things in the publishing world tend to be pretty volatile, I have no doubt I'll be able to squeeze it in somewhere...somehow...sometime.


Does this title sound somewhat familiar to you? Well, that's not surprising! This is the upcoming prequel to the best-selling book, The Murderer's Ape.
Sally Jones' tale finally hits the light of day as this adventure follows her trip around the world before she ended up in the first book. To make things even better, this is a graphic novel and promises tons of surprises. I'm looking forward to diving into this one and will do it on the....  Ha! I don't even know!

Young Adult Fantasy   /   Graphic Novel


Ms. Yingling said...

Lots coming out in August, but SO MANY books in October! I love the beginning of the school year because there is so much energy, but am not a fan of the last few weeks of school because the library books that don't get turned in stress me out! Hope you have a good start to your year!

Tonja Drecker said...

Wow- what a treat to have you stop by! I can imagine those last weeks are really a pain for a school librarian. I wouldn't want to trade with you.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to lots of great books. As always!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some great recommendations! glad I found you! Peace, Annie✌🏽💖🎶🎨📚🌻