Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Today's read... Antoinette and the Story of the Invisible Giraffes by Alison McGregor

Today's read takes place in Tanzania in Africa.  I can honesty say that I've never read a kid's book set there. So, my interest was sparked. Plus, giraffes are always cute, especially invisible ones. Which reminds me...have you ever fed a giraffe?

Our 'local' zoo (it's only 1 1/2 hours drive away) actually does let visitors feed the giraffes. They have a lifted platform/deck and sell lettuce leaves (or that's what they had several years ago). A caretaker explained how to hold the leaves, and the giraffes would eat them out of the hand. The tongues are HUGE! And reminded us of monster-sized slugs (my kids' descriptions, which I agree with) but not slimy. 

Anyway, lets see where these giraffes are...or if they are truly invisible because that would be quite the thing!

by Alison McGregor
Illustrated by Saavi K
Friesen Press
Picture Book
28 pages
ages 4 to 8

Little Antoinette is on an adventure of a lifetime to Africa. Lions and elephants are jolly to see but where could all the giraffes be? Will she see her favourite animal, the giraffe, or are they make-believe? A totally true tale as she makes her way to her new home in Tanzania.



This tale shoots off to Africa and the Mikumba National Park in Tanzania, exploring the animals, which live there...including the invisible giraffes.

It's time for a break from her Scottish boarding school, so Antoinette flies with her family to Tanzania in Africa. There, they visit the national park and discover all sorts of animals. Antoinette has a special desire to see the giraffes, but they don't seem to be anywhere.

This is one book in a series (a forming one), which rotates around Antoinette and her world-traveling adventures. The reader discovers right along with her all sorts of animals as she rides in the jeep through the wilderness with her family and guide. This book is for animal fans (and those who want to learn a little more about the Mikumba National Park) as it portrays the animals in their natural habitat. Readers/listeners learn a little bit about each one as they go...nothing deep but age group appropriate. Since Antoinette is a treat to accompany, it is a fun way to learn a bit more about the world around us.

The entire thing is written in rhyme, which flows sometimes better than others but works fine. There is more than a little text, making it a nice read-aloud for ages 4 and up. Those, who are sure of their words, can tackle it on their own as well. The text is placed on one side, while the illustrations are on the other. The illustrations carry a bit of a child-like flair, fitting very well to the idea of Antoinette sharing her adventures. The only thing I was personally missing was a map of some sort in the beginning, so listeners can see where Antoinette is going.

This is a fun read with lots to offer, and I have no doubt that readers will want to join Antoinette on this journey as well as others in the future.

And here she is...

Moved by the power of storytelling, Alison McGregor became interested in recording her family's history. Through a wonderful discovery, she found she was related to war heroes, world travelers, scientists, and mischief seekers.

Alison now lives with her own family in Innisfil, Ontario where she keeps her children entertained by telling them of their Granny Antoinette's adventures growing up all over the world in the children’s book series, Growing Up Antoinette. The series includes two books so far: Antoinette and The Story of The Jellyfish Monster and Antoinette and The Story of The Invisible Giraffes.

Aside from regaling stories from her mother’s adventuresome upbringing, she is constantly inspired by her two young children and mischievous mutt, Rupert, for weaving together more wonderful stories for children of all ages.


Sherry Ellis said...

That's a fun setting! I had no idea giraffe tongues were that long! LOL!

Alison McGregor said...

A map! What an excellent idea! Thank you so much for the lovely and honest review :)