Sunday, August 28, 2022

Today's read... Ours by Ruth Forman

Today's read is for the youngest readers out there and offers encouragement and empowerment.  

by Ruth Forman
Illustrated Talia Skyles
Little Simon
Board Book
24 pages
ages 2 to 4

AUGUST 30th!!!

From the bestselling author of CurlsGlow, and Bloom comes a board book that joyfully celebrates skin tone self-love with a mirror for little ones.

I love mine (mine)
she loves hers (hers)
he loves his (his)
I love theirs

Show young readers how to see themselves and others with confidence and love with this beautiful rhyming board book toddlers and parents alike will love.



This is a small board book, which packs in tons of confidence. There are few words, but then, few are needed to bring across the point. Love flows in all direction as well as acceptance of self and others. 

The illustrations are well-done, portraying moments readers can easily identify with. The care and good vibes are clear on every page, and every scene carries energy and joy. 

While this, according the the blurb, surrounds skin-color, it actually encompasses much more and can easily include other aspects as well. The message is warming and encouraging, and it makes a great read aloud for groups as well as individual situations.

And here they are...

Ruth Forman is the author of bestselling children’s books, CurlsGlowBloom, and Ours, as well as award-winning poetry collections We Are the Young Magicians and Renaissance

Talia Skyles is a Baltimore-based illustrator and painter and is currently working towards her BFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Growing up in a family that appreciated the arts, she fell in love with painting both digitally and traditionally at an early age. She currently loves telling stories and creating colorful, emotionally expressive illustrations with a sprinkle of whimsy. Inspired by fantasy books and films, Impressionism, and Rembrandt-era master portraits, she often blends these motifs with strong female subjects to create portraits that feel both classical and modern. She’s also intrigued by color and light and enjoys exploring its impact on the composition, emotion, and storytelling of her work. When not at her drawing table, Talia enjoys reading books, roller-skating with friends, and taking care of her many plant children.

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