Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Today's read...Epic Myths for Fearless Girls by Claudia Martin

I've been looking forward to finally have a chance to take a look at today's read. It's a collection of fifteen myths from around the world, spreading over a very wide variety of cultures and beliefs. The publisher insisted I see a true copy, since the artwork in this one is very well done. And they aren't wrong. 

Oh, and each myth centers around a heroine, so we're talking girl-power pure.

Ready to visit gods, myth, and lore?

by Claudia Martin
Illustrated by Khoa Le
Arcturus Editions
Middle Grade Myth
128 pages
ages 7 to 12

OCTOBER 1st!!!

This beautifully illustrated, full-colour hardback gift edition presents a thrilling collection of 15 myths from around the world, reinterpreted by master storyteller Claudia Martin and celebrated children's illustrator Khoa Le.

Discover mighty goddesses and magical heroines from around the world in this inspirational collection-and unleash your own inner strength!

This collection showcases narratives that celebrate strong, independent women. They run free and possess the qualities we would hope for in our daughters and friends: self-confidence, strength, wits, courage, fearlessness, and independence.

Myths include:
- Mami Wata's Golden Comb (Liberia)
- Freyja's Necklace (Norse)
- Durga and the Buffalo Demon (India)
- Amaterasu and the Cave (Japan)
- Isis Discovers the Name of Ra (Egypt)
- Sedna of the Sea (Inuit)
- Pandora and the Jar (Greece)
- Nu Wa and the Pillars of Heaven (China)
- Hina Journeys to the Moon (Polynesia)
- The Girl and the Windigo (Ojibwe)
- Oochigeas and the Invisible One (Mi'kmaq)
- Pele Fights with her Sister (Hawai'i)
- Oshun Brings Water (Yorusha)
- The Trials of �tain (Ireland)
- Xquic and the Empty Net (Maya)

Ideal for children aged 8+.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Arcturus Publishing's Inspiring Heroines series retells classic children's stories, showcasing strong female protagonists who strike out against adversity and smash stereotypes. Featuring enchanting full-colour illustrations by Khoa Le, these empowering tales will inspire young readers to dream big.

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Gorgeous illustrations accompany ancient myths and tales to show that heroines come from all types of situations and show bravery in very different ways.

This is a collection of fifteen myths from around the world. They spread over beliefs, cultures, and time to include a wide variety of heroines and plots. In an introduction, the author explains that each tale centers on a heroine. While some are more classic ideas of what a true heroine should be, others show that heroines can come from various backgrounds and may have been heroic in surprising ways. Plus, the idea of what heroic is also includes a wide range of possibilities. Two of the myths have changed endings so as to allow the initial 'heroines' to do more than stay at home...but it's pointed out which two these are. The rest settle close to the original tales, or at least, how they are told today.

This is a gorgeous book, whose illustrations live up to the myths. The cultures and time frames shine through, allowing the reader to sink into the various 'worlds' and get a glimpse at the different cultures and themes. Each page includes a small design, which correlates to the tale, while each 2-page spread holds one full illustration. It is a treat to simply flip through and gaze at these, and let the various settings and situation sink in.

I was surprised at the variety of myths and even as a myth-lover, stumbled on several I hadn't heard before. From the well-known Greek gods to Eskimo legends and tales from Asia and beyond, the entire world seems to find a place. This allows for a vast assortment on heroines and plots, making sure that none are like the others. There were a few things mentioned in the myths, which weren't really explained or shown (like a kora), but these were far and few between. The tales are easy to understand and sink into, and open up history as well as the various views of different cultures nicely. 

While this does make a nice addition for group settings and those, who are wanting to dive into the theme of myths and legends, it also makes a very lovely read on its own. It's one of those books, which can easily be added to the shelf and enjoyed for many years to come.

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