Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Today's read... Camping at Coyote Creek by Heather N. Quinn

Today's read comes at a moment when I'm planning a camping trip for our own family. I had to smile this morning as I read one of the character's comments (and yes, I really do read these books that last minute). When finding out the kids were sleeping in a tent in the wilderness, the character wondered how thin cloth could keep wild animals away. These were the exact same statements my own kids had, when I mentioned going camping in New Mexico. So, call this book realistic because it is!

Anyway, today's read is the third in a wholesome, chapter book series, and I, actually, have read the first two books. Since I enjoyed them, I wasn't going to turn down the chance to read this installment, too.

So grab those sleeping bags and flashlights, and let's head out into the wilderness!

My Country Cousins, Book 3
by Heather N. Quinn
Babble Garden Publishing
Chapter Book
109 pages
ages 6 to 10

The My Country Cousins series is aimed at independent readers who want a stepping stone between early chapter books and full-fledged novels.

The stories include:

    • short paragraphs and easy to read text

    • fast-paced, realistic plots

    • likeable characters with humour and empathy

    • lots of dialogue

    • new words to build vocabulary

    • illustrations to support text

    In the third book, 
    Camping at Coyote Creek, 10-year old Gemma must face her greatest fear: sleeping in a tent in bear country. Her cousins assure her she will not meet a bear. But will she?

    Join Gemma and her cousins for another fun-filled adventure today!

    You can find it...



    Camping takes on a bit of adventure and tons of fun as a girl from England learns more about living in Canada and experiences the great outdoors.

    Gemma is somewhat excited but mostly nervous about heading out with her uncles and cousins for a camping trip into the forest, especially since she doesn't want to run into any bears. Not convinced that the adventure is as safe as her uncles claim it is, she does her best to roll along with the fun and learns all sorts of things along the way.

    While this is the third book in the series and the authors hint at events in the first books, this still can be picked up without having read the first two books in the series. 

    Gemma's uncertainty shines through and is more than understandable, especially since the Canadian wilderness and its wildlife is still new to her. Those who haven't gone camping like that will feel for her, and those who have will still understand, although they will probably side more with her cousins, and smirk and smile. The adventure heads along smoothly, and there's always something happening. The tension mounts as the tale continues, although it never leaves a level, which even sensitive readers can handle.

    Along with the adventure of camping, the authors have built in tons of information, facts and tidbits. Not only do readers learn a bit about camping, but information about various plants, foraging, bear confrontations, and more flow right into the story. The facts slide in with the plot, never breaking the story flow. 

    The writing is appropriate for those, who have a pretty good grip on reading but aren't quite ready, yet, for full-fledged, middle grade reads. At the end of each chapter, there is a congratulatory message, which lets the reader know how many words they've accomplished up to that point. There's a wonderful sense of family and wholesome relationships in these pages, which makes it a great read especially for more sensitive readers and even homeschoolers. 

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    Heather N. Quinn said...

    We're so pleased that you enjoyed reading Camping at Coyote Creek. Thank you for the review. Have fun camping in New Mexico!