Friday, August 26, 2022

Today's read... Almost Everybody Farts: The Reek-quel by Marty Kelley

Life should never be too serious, especially in the world of kidlit. Today's read helps bring in needed humor and more than a few laughs. I'd say more, but I don't think there's a need to after you take a look at the title and cover.

I'm going to head off on a small tangent here...on farts? Yep, on farts. Have you visited a Renaissance Festival? There are fun ones in Germany with 'traditional' flair. And roasted pig. Spanferkel. How I miss spanferkel! Anyway, those actors/vendors really get into their roles, and one (not while we were eating Spanferkel, though) was explaining some aspects of changed edict over the years. He claimed that farting and burping were as accepted as sighing and breathing. Not negatively seen or even thought about. Then, he farted. During the rest of our visit, it became obvious that many of these actors/vendors followed that older edict, and it did make the brain gears churn.

Okie dokie! Now, hold your noses and let's dive into this read!

by Marty Kelley
Union Square Kids
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

A companion title to Almost Everybody Farts that's all about . . . you guessed it! Farts!
Featuring a menagerie of animals and their signature farts (as well as some who don’t!), Marty's simple colored pencil illustrations perfectly capture exaggerated poses and facial expressions for maximum silliness and minimal gross-out factor, keeping this taboo subject family friendly. The rhyming text makes for a perfect read-aloud experience.



Giggles, snorts, and even a tiny bit of animal facts slide in for a bit of stinking...and maybe even

This is the companion book for Almost Everyone Farts and while hovering around the same theme (farts), it does take a slightly different direction with a slightly different atmosphere. Written in rhyme, the animal kingdom takes over and mixes with a little guessing game. Just a little. Humor still rules, and the situations are quirky, but it's hard not to smile and shake the head. Every page is entertaining and not very serious.

The illustrations let the animals and their fantastical emotions shine as well as the farts and their results. It's over-the-top and splendid. Add a very light addition of a couple of creatures, which can't fart (and why), and it could be said that there is something to learn. Also, the author has added one or two more difficult and lesser known vocabulary words to spread word knowledge as well. 

But this is an entertaining read through and through, which will create a reaction from any group being read to. Just be ready for a farting fun afterwards.

And here he is...

Writer and illustrator Marty Kelley lives in NH. His picture book, Twelve Terrible Things (Tricycle Press), received a starred review in School Library Journal and a glowing write-up in The New York Times by none other than Lemony Snickett. Author Christopher Moore (Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff) called it, “An inspired work of dark humor.” Marty is a popular speaker who visits between over 150 schools a year throughout New England and beyond. Marty has been a second-grade teacher, a drummer, and a baker, but by far his favorite job has been writing and illustrating children's books. To learn more about Marty, visit

And for those, who haven't had a chance to take a peek, here's the first book of this duo. It appeared a few years ago and holds just as many...if not more...moments to create giggles and snorts, while teaching an interesting awareness about the world (an obvious one but not often thought about).


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