Wednesday, August 31, 2022

What's Coming in September?

September's here, which means I can finally breakout my pumpkin recipes! The smells of cinnamon and nutmeg are back, and that with falling leaves...or at least, soon to be falling leaves. Yep, I love this time of year. What does that have to do with books and reading? A lot.

This month is as colorful on the reading end as the vibrant shades of Fall. My pile is about as huge as a raked together pile, too! Seriously, this month is going to be chaotic as I attempt to squeeze in more reads than there are days. Not only do I have more young adult novels than usual but mysteries and paranormal chills start nodding toward the approaching days of October. No reason to get too creepy, yet, though. Humor, romance, travel, and...well, the imagination knows no bounds. 

To anyone, who pays attention, you might have noticed that (especially in the last months), the schedule gets shoved around a bit (what I announce can be changed). Rumor has it the publishing world has been a little unpredictable with release dates due to supply chain issues and paper shortages(?). So, this glimpse at my monthly reads isn't 100% certain or set in stone. It's just a teaser at the goodness to come.


Actually, the author and cover are more than enough (in my opinion) reason to pick this one up. It rotates around the perfect-double of a true princess. This double's job is to die in the princess's place if the need ever arises. Tons of adventure, secrets, action, lies, and more twist this into an intriguing plot with so much possibility. Yep, I'm excited to share this one on it's release day, the 2nd.

Young Adult Fantasy


This is one of the few series, which I've been following for quite a while now. This is book ten...yep, 10...and I still enjoy being swept away into this author's spy-world. This time, Ben is put in the crosshairs by his arch-nemesis and will have quite the time proving his innocence while chasing down the true evil-doer.
This will be another release day read on the 5th.

Middle Grade Spy Fiction


A yearly feast for monsters and beasts sounds ferociously fun, especially when etiquette requires good manners. The idea sent my imagination spinning, and I can't wait to see what exciting situations lie in store. Join in on the celebration on the 7th.

Picture Book


The main character is a kitchen witch, who moves into a magical house...a haunted one...and zaniness is guaranteed. That's all I had to read to make me want to snatch up this one and take a peek. Oh, and it's a graphic novel! Since it's always good to include some laughs and giggles, we're taking a peek at this one on the 9th.

Young Adult Fantasy / Graphic Novel


This the the 9th book in a mystery series, which takes a girl around the world. Nope, I have not had a peek at this series, yet, and am jumping aboard very late in the game, but if it's been going on so long, I'm thinking it can't be bad. Plus, the idea of the Notre Dame fire and a bomb threat in Paris screams excitement. Find out more with me on the 11th.

Middle Grade Mystery


I've had this one on my pile for months and have been dying to dig into the pages but promised that I'd hold off until closer to release day...which is the beginning of October. Two powerful sisters and mediums are hiding and traveling with a Spiritualist show. After an accident, they run into the evil spirit, who killed their mother and find themselves in a dangerous game. Enjoy the promised thrills with me on the 12th.

Young Adult Paranormal


I do have a weakness for historical fiction and decided to give this one a go. It shows the double-sided life of a teen, when he discovers a secret about his heritage...and one, which isn't ideal considering the circumstances. It could go either way on this one, and I'm hoping it will prove to be an intriguing read. Find out if it is on the 14th.

Young Adult Historical

After the serious and darker novels, it's time for some simple, goofy fun. If you can't tell by the cover, this book promises exactly that. I'm expecting humor and more humor with a couple of middle grade boys, who are more than willing to test boundaries and come face to face with trouble. Laugh with me on the 20th, which happens to be the release day!

Middle Grade Humor


Since my own family is bilingual, I'm always thrilled to get my hands on these types of books, especially when they promise tons of fun. This one is Spanish-English and should pack tons of imagination and smiles. Find out more with me on the 22nd.

Picture Book


This one doesn't release until January next year. So, I'm taking a very early look. It promises to be an exciting read. I'm expecting a slightly eerie atmosphere thanks to the long-buried secrets coming to light. Will there be a touch of darkness, maybe a bit of mystery, and perhaps a pinch of paranormal? We'll find out on the 28th.

Young Adult Thriller

As always, my TBR pile stacks up higher than I can read. Since there are always a couple of reads I'm determined to sneak in (but don't know when, yet), I keep them in a ready-and-waiting position. This month's read, which will appear at some point, but I don't have any clue when, is...


This vibrant picture book centers around jobs, which people do while young readers are snuggled warm in their beds. My kids loved busy picture books like this and so did I as a kid. So, I'm excited to see what this one holds. When? Well, that's the question, isn't it?

Picture Book

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