Saturday, August 20, 2022

Today's read: A Bully-Bad Day by Diana Kizlauskas

 Today's read hits the theme of bullying, but from a completely new and totally zany direction. The author isn't new to the illustration world and carries her very own style. I adore the very frustrated look of the boy on the front cover. And a turtle with a tie? 

Are you ready? Because this one promises to be quite the ride!

by Diana Kizlauskas
Bright Bear Books
Picture Book
48 pages
ages 4 to 8


A young boy and his dog do battle with a band of comical animal bullies who have invaded their house. There's a rude hippo in the bathroom, a boorish bear in the family room and pesky parrots everywhere. When a rowdy lion brings the mayhem to a fur-raising climax, the two buddies must resort to hiding in the attic. What can these two unlikely heroes possibly do?

Follow their struggle and its happy resolution in a tall tale designed to help young readers discuss the issue of bullying with the adults in their lives. (Resources for parents and teachers are provided.)



Chaos rules as an entire zoo full of animals decides to take over a boy's house and do whatever they please.

A boy and his dog can't believe their eyes when they look out of the window to find all sorts of animals headed to their front door. And these animals mean business. They take over everything, creating mayhem in every corner of the house. While the boy tries to convince them to, at least, calm down, they turn on him and make fun of him instead. Everything is turning into a disaster, and the boy has no idea how to stop it.

While this is a book about bullying, it brings across the message in a very unique...and hilarious manner. The animals do all sorts of things, which will have readers smiling and giggling the entire way through. There are so many details in the illustrations, that there are all sorts of silly things to discover.. Imagination runs free with everything from lions to exotic birds and much, much more.

The text is written in well-flowing rhyme and makes for a nice read aloud. While the text describes the basis, it's the illustrations which carry the zaniness to the next level. These are a mix of realistic images and art, creating unique scenes. The animals are easy to identify and in the oddest situations, which makes it fun to flip through the pages.

At the end of the book, there are several websites and materials listed, where guardians can turn to when helping children dealing with bullying. The message is very direct by the end of the read, but the fun isn't forgotten, either.

And here she is...

DIANA KIZLAUSKAS is a Chicago area artist whose children’s illustrations have been published by Harcourt Achieve, Macmillan McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education/Scott Foresman, Compass/Seed Media, Pauline Books & Media, EDCO/Ireland and other internationally known companies. She has written and illustrated LETTUCE! (2015), Christmas Best (2016) and A BULLY-BAD DAY (2022), picture books published independently under the imprint of Bright Bear Books. She is a Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators PAL member. Diana’s formal training includes BA degrees in Illustration and Art Education. Besides advertising, editorial and children’s illustration, her work experience includes PreK-2 teaching.

“My goal in A BULLY-BAD DAY is to present children with a fun, zany framework to think about bullying behaviors and responses to them. It’s my hope that the story will entertain young readers, as well as help them discuss this serious, real-life issue with the adults in their lives in a warm, relaxed, nonthreatening way.”

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