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Sneak Peek: The Siren's Call by Alonna Williams with Giveaway!


The Siren's Call
Pirates of the Withering Coast Part 1
by Alonna Williams
Lower YA Fantasy

Oh little one, the darkness is waiting, oh little one, run from it if you can; come little one, where the light can find you…”

This was a familiar shanty to Manchester born, Trevor Henderson; having grown up being mesmerized by stories of swashbuckling rogues, adventurous pirates and captivating aquatic creatures, he was no stranger to sea shanties. These tales instilled in him a longing for the sea.

Upon turning sixteen, he begins hearing whispers in the night, coaxing him to leave his posh life behind and follow his dreams; when Trevor finally takes the risk, he’s swept away on an adventure he never expected. 

He soon learns the truth about his own identity and history, causing him to wonder if he should have set foot outside his comfort zone…


Sara sat, looking out the window and biting at her thumbnail; she could sense that something was off as the currents had been racing through her soul since midnight. But she didn’t want to reveal the fear to her husband in case she was mistaken. “Do you really think he’s at the docks?” 

William turned another page of the paper he was reading and then lowered it to make eye contact with his wife. “It’s where he goes when he’s angry with us,” he replied, now closing the newspaper and placing it on the table at his side. He leaned forward, resting his cheek in his hand. “I wish I hadn’t flown off the handle like that,” he sighed.

Sara stood from the window seat and put her arm around William. “We should have told him years ago,” she replied. A knock at the door captured their attention. “Trevor,” she excitedly breathed, hurrying to the door. When she opened it, it surprised her to find Aldrich instead. “Aldrich, darling?”

Aldrich stood in the doorway with his hands shoved into his yellow tailcoat pockets. At seeing Sara, he respectfully removed his hands from his pockets and smiled at her as he bowed. “Good afternoon, Mrs. Henderson. I was wondering if Trevor might be home?” he asked, scratching his blond hair.

“No, I believe he’s at the docks,” she replied.

“Oh, erm, I was just there, and I didn’t see him. I tried the bakery, the tailor, the pawn shoppe, and even the Severed Fingers tavern, as you can see,” he said, pointing to the bruise on his cheek. “But I haven’t found him.”

Sara turned to William nervously. She knew her feelings weren’t mistaken. “William?” she said in a warning tone.

“Not at the docks?” William muttered. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve looked in all the places he goes to, and he wasn’t there, so I figured he was here,” Aldrich replied. His jade eyes widened as he looked back and forth at William and Sara. “You don’t think he took my advice, do you?”

“Advice?” William cautiously raised his eyebrow.

“Yeah, I told him to go have an adventure before it was too late,” Aldrich explained. “Maybe he actually hopped aboard one of those ships!”

“Aldrich Lloyd Hemmington the Fourth… If I didn’t have to go find and kill my son, I’d kill you too,” William said before taking Sara’s hand and racing out of the house.

Alonna Williams is a children's book author and has been writing ever since she was a little girl. It started with a short story and soon progressed to novels. Alonna has worked on, and grew up with a Pirate series entitled, Pirates of the Withering Coast, her favorite series of all, as well as a mystery series, a Sci-Fi/Superhero series and more! When she's not writing you'll most likely find her dancing, whether it be, Tap, Ballet, Jazz or Lyrical, or watching a good classic movie or cozying up to a Disney film!

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