Friday, March 5, 2021

Review: Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior Graphic Novel: An OP Alliance by Pirate Sourcil, Jez and Doone

When I was offered today's book, I was pleasantly surprised. I'd accidentally met the author during one of my own signings awhile ago and can honestly say that I'm super excited that the series is still doing this well. My kids loved Mine Craft and the younger two still play every now and then. Considering this one is also a graphic novel, it's really not a wonder that it does so well. 

So here we go!

by Pirate Sourcil
Jez Oddolone
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Middle Grade Graphic Novel
96 pages
ages 6 to 12

For the first time ever, fans of Minecraft and the hit series Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior can enjoy these fun and fully illustrated graphic novels.

This new graphic novel series is an adaptation of the best-selling Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior series. Readers will reconnect once again with their favorite characters in a familiar Minecraft world and embark on new, heart-pounding adventures.
Runt is not a village boy like all the others. Growing carrots doesn’t really interest him and selling them interests him even less. All he wants is to be a warrior! One day, he gathers up all his courage and decides to head off on a journey. He meets a zombie who dreams of being a human, and together, they set off on an extraordinary journey. Follow these two unlikely friends as they trek across the Minecraft universe in search of excitement and a little bit of danger—now in graphic novel format.

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                                * Graphic Novel
                                * bright, well-done illustrations
                                * vocabulary great for age group (reluctant reader friendly)


While this is the first book I've ever read connected with this series, I had no trouble diving right into the characters and the world. But then, my own kids were and still are huge MineCraft fans. 

Runt is a villager, which means he's destined to a life of farming and milling around. Even though his friends are satisfied with their only calling in life, he dreams of becoming a warrior. Although it should be impossible, he challenges fate and takes off on a journey to achieve his dreams. When he runs into a Zombie, he's shocked to find someone, who also has an impossible dream just like him. The Zombie wants to be human, not a monster. And so the true adventure begins.

The characters in this tale really surprised me. Runt is impossible not to root for. Not only does he have an inspiring dream and is an obvious underdog, but the idea of a villager wanting to become more speaks to the heart. I've always felt sorry for those poor villagers in the game, who just wander around as if stuck in a loop. So, Runt had me cheering from the first page.

The adventure is quick and fun. There's a great balance of humor, determination and tension, which make it impossible to put down until the end. The two characters form a wonderful friendship and are constantly faced with unexpected...or sometimes, slightly expected...adventures. And it's a treat to accompany them as they overcome every obstacle. It's definitely a great read even for reluctant readers.

While I find this book amazing, my daughter had a slightly different opinion. She would jump up every now and then, and whine that certain things were completely wrong. Turns out that little aspects and details do steer away from the MineCraft game, but then, as I pointed out to her, this isn't a true MineCraft book. It was funny to watch her read, really. She continued to point things out, every now and then, but never once grew tired of reading it. She devoured the whole book in one sitting and liked every page. So, I'm calling this one a winner.

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