Thursday, March 25, 2021

Review: Mia's Life: Fan Takeover! by Mia Fizz

It's time for some teen fun! Today's review hits a book, which is part of a series created by the teen Youtube star, Mia Fizz. I'll be honest, I'd not heard of her before reading this nor have my two girls, but it sounded so fun and 'teeny' that I had to pick it up and give it a read. 

Ready to hear what I found? Then, off we go! 

by Mia Fizz
Illustrated by Lidia Fernandez Abril
Sourcebooks Young Readers
Middle Grade Contemporary
101 pages
ages 8 to 12

APRIL 6th!!!

Based on the life of IRL YouTube sensation Mia Fizz, FAN TAKEOVER is the first in a new series that takes you behind the camera and into the world of a social media star!

Famous YouTuber Mia Fizz has two problems: one, she needs to shake up the content on her channel. Two, her little sister Sienna's birthday is just days away, and she hasn't found the perfect present for a viral birthday reveal. In need of inspo, Mia turns to her beloved fans. It's time for a fan takeover! Each day Mia will have to do one thing her fans choose.

Things get complicated when Mia's followers challenge her to try something that's way outside her comfort zone—and she meets a cute guy in the process. Her fans pose a scary idea: what if Mia talks to him? Embarrassing moments, hilarious vids, and fan encounters ensue … but will any of these wild challenges help Mia figure out what to get Sienna for her birthday?

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                                                * based on author's own experiences
                                                * easy, quick-paced read
                                                * dialogue especially well done
                                                * short and sweet for even more reluctant readers
                                                * illustrations sprinkled in


I'll admit it, the cover is what caught my interest on this one. It just screams 'teeny', energy and fun...and it does portray exactly the atmosphere of this read.

Mia's swimming in success, thanks to her Youtube videos, and keeps more than busy. She's loving every moment of it and still keeps her family at the top of her priority wish. Well, mostly. Her younger sister's birthday is quickly coming up, and Mia still has no clue what to give her. To complicate matters, her sister points out that the Youtube videos have been following the same theme—makeup. Well, it's time to shake things up (at least, that's what her sister and parents say, and Mia does take their advice seriously). So now, she's adding a little pizzazz with a fan-takeover. Add the still missing birthday present and a cute guy and everything might go topsy-turvy fast.

I'm always a little cautious when I grab up a book written by a well-known figure, especially when it circles around their own lives. But in this case, it works wonderfully. Mia Fizz might be using her own life, but she allows the Mia in the tale to take on a very independent role. Mia, the character, never feels like a copy, nor does the book ever come across as if it's a telling of someone's life. This one feels more like one of those wonderfully, wholesome and simply fun to watch Disney shows (like iCarly, Victorious, and Co.). 

The book is short, sweet, and packed with energy. There's never a boring moment as Mia swings from one event to the next. While some cause slight problems to be solved, others are simply enjoyable. It's a nice mix, keeps a very light-hearted atmosphere, and touches upon simple, day-to-day problems, everyone faces in one form or another. There's also an atmosphere of honesty as friends, acne, crushes and family meet the ups and downs of everyday life. There's moments of embarrassment, which are funny and yet, hit home, nervousness, and stepping out of the comfort zone...and not necessarily in huge, amazing ways, but circumstances teens simply experience in life. So, I'm giving this one a huge thumbs up and believe lots of tweens and middle graders will enjoy it.

And here she is...

Mia Fizz is a sixteen-year-old social media star with over a million subscribers on her YouTube channel alone. She rose to fame thanks to her unwavering honesty and openness to talk about teen issues. When not vlogging, she likes to cook, rock climb, and paint. 

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