Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Review: Sloth Wasn't Sleepy by Kate Messner

Any sloth fans out there? Today's read will be right down their alley. This super, cute sloth isn't only sweet and cuddle but also makes a great bedtime read. Even when I look at the cover, I want to grab the animal up and snuggle it...or head to bed and sleep away. Although that could be my own tiredness leaking in.

In any case, hope you enough today's review!

by Kate Messner
Illustrated by Valentina Toro
Sounds True
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

For any child having trouble getting to sleep, the most lovable animal in the rain forest is here to help.

One night at bedtime, Sloth wasn’t sleepy.
“What if I worry when I try to fall asleep?” Sloth said.
“Ah … worries,” Mama said. “We will have to let them go.”

A tough day, a bad dream, a scary noise … these are just a few of the things that can keep kids wide awake and frightened after dark. But Mama Sloth knows the secrets for calming worried minds and getting to sleep—and as she shares them with her daughter, young readers will learn valuable relaxation skills that last a lifetime.

Sloth Wasn’t Sleepy does more than provide a sweet bedtime story—kids will join Sloth to learn mindfulness practices such as “shrinking down” fears in their mind and calming their body through breath and simple visualizations. Kate Messner’s beautiful book helps parents and kids relax into dreamland with a sense of peace, safety, and belonging.

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                                            * beautifully illustrated
                                            * weaves in hints on how to fall asleep
                                            * comforting story
                                            * sloth fans will enjoy it


Fears float away in a soothing and imaginative way, leaving a sense of comfort, warmth and security in a book, which is sure to become a nighttime favorite.

It's bedtime, but Sloth isn't sleepy. Although snuggled in Mama Sloth's arms, it's plagued by worries of dangerous animals and more. While Mama Sloth insists there's nothing to worry about, Sloth just can't seem to shove these thoughts away. But Mama Sloth just might have an idea how to help the situation so that Sloth can finally find peace and go to sleep.

The first thing that caught my eye (besides the super cute sloth) were the illustrations. These are beautifully done. The colors are bright and yet, soothing. While the scenes and characters are distinctly portrayed, there's enough artistry to sweep away harsh lines and allow a bit of dreaminess to come through. In other words, they're perfect for gazing but also give the right touch for those last minutes before going to sleep.

The tale itself is sweet, warming and even weaves in a few ideas on how to chase those worries away and drift off into dreamland. Mama Sloth's love and care is easy to feel as she wraps Sloth in her arms and tries her best to sooth him. Listeners will understand Sloth's problem, and thanks to the types of fears Sloth has, won't accidentally let his worries slide over into their own thoughts and concerns. Mama Sloth's solution, while chasing away Sloth's problems, also adds a bit of dreamy imagination and subtly sets the mood for sleep. 

It's a lovely bedtime read with an adorable character.

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