Sunday, March 7, 2021

Review: Didi the Picky Puppy by Kate Maher

Today's review  got my attention right away because it fits exactly to a dog in our household. Our wonderful...however, very old dog...carries the nickname 'Mr. Picky'. Since this is really a sweet book (and the cutest dog!), I have no doubt that we're not the only ones who will be able to relate to the tale.

by Kate Maher
Illustrated by Chiara Civati
Mascot Books
Picture Book
ages 4 to 8

Didi the dog is an adorable pup with a relatable problem… she’s a picky eater! Although her loving owner tries many different ways to fix the problem, she ultimately must seek help from a veterinarian in order to find a healthy solution. Follow along with Didi and her owner as they discover just what a picky pup needs to eat right!



                                   * written by a veterinary
                                   * lovely illustrations
                                   * very simple read
                                   * teaches a little bit about dogs


The title on this one hits the theme of this book on the head, and the cover...well, who can resist that puppy?

This is a super fast, very simple, and overly cute read with easy to understand information about dog care. And it's not even much. Didi is a picky dog, and no one could resist that sweetness. The illustrator has done a terrific job at making her very lovable. Not many people could look into those eyes and say 'no'. The rows of food brought out are also very well done and add, in a sly way, a nice addition of humor. 

The point of this book is to teach a bit about dogs and their diets as well as behavior, and these pages accomplish just that. And they do this in a fun manner, which will have kids wanting to hear (and gaze at the illustrations) themselves more than once or twice. 

In other words, thumbs up to this one!

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