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Review: Wonder Women of Science by Tiera Fletcher & Ginger Rue


by Tiera Fletcher & Ginger Rue
Illustrated by Sally Wern Comport
Candlewick Press
Middle Grade NonFiction
208 pages
ages 8 to 12

MARCH 23rd!!!

What does it take to be a STEM genius? Check out these exciting, highly readable profiles of a dozen contemporary women who are on the cutting edge of scientific research.

Searching the cosmos for a new Earth. Using math to fight human trafficking. Designing invisible (and safer) cars. Unlocking climate-change secrets. All of this groundbreaking science, and much more, is happening right now, spearheaded by the diverse female scientists and engineers profiled in this book.

Meet award-winning aerospace engineer Tiera Fletcher and twelve other science superstars and hear them tell in their own words not only about their fascinating work, but also about their childhoods and the paths they traveled to get where they are--paths that often involved failures and unexpected changes in direction, but also persistence, serendipity, and brilliant insights. Their careers range from computer scientist to microbiologist to unique specialties that didn't exist before some amazing women profiled here created them. Here is a book to surprise and inspire not only die-hard science fans, but also those who don't (yet!) think of themselves as scientists. Back matter includes reading suggestions, an index, a glossary, and some surprising ideas for how to get involved in the world of STEM.

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                                   * presents women, who work today
                                   * wide range of fields represented
                                   * written in a fun manner
                                   * real photos


Sticking at a level middle graders will understand, twelve modern and working women are presented from the world of science and inspire with how they are making a difference in the world.

Each chapter centers around an important woman in today's world of science. These chapters are broken down into several, easy to distinguish sections. There's the general information in the beginning, which gives a bit about each woman's background as a child, studying and such. Then comes the Spark, which explains how they got into their field. The Eureka Moment comes next, which explains how they hit their ideas or inspirations for the special accomplishments they've made. Then, there's a past note to their child-selves, a note to the reader, and words of inspiration to live by. At the end of each woman's chapter, there is also a section, which gives more detailed information about the subject they work with. It's a well-rounded bundle.

While tons of information is packed into these pages, it never grows dry. The author herself starts out as the first woman, and in first person, speaks and explains to the reader as if she were there, talking to them. The rest of the eleven chapters are in third person, but the level of writing stays the same. The author tries to include examples that kids can relate to and twists in humor as well to make sure this stays at a level appropriate for the age group. 

Color photos are sprinkled throughout the book and allow readers to get a 'real life' impression of the women and what they do. There are also simple doodles along the edges of the pages, the images coinciding with the woman being presented. At the end of each chapter, another short section takes a topic the presented scientist works with and explains it in more details. I really appreciated this since just listing accomplishments doesn't really bring them to light. Plus, readers learn more about various aspects of science, which they might not have known before.

This is a nice collection and definitely inspires young readers to chase their own dreams in the realms of science, math and engineering. 

And here they are...

Tiera Fletcher is an award-winning, aerospace engineer working to send humans to Mars and insprie others to achieve their dreams. She travels the world with her family.

Ginger Rue is an author and a contributing editor for Guideposts magazine. She lives in Alabama with her husband and their blended family.

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