Sunday, March 14, 2021

Review: The Butterfly Who Flew in the Rain by Ori Gutin

Today's book fits perfectly with our weather this week in so many ways. It's been rainy...rainy...rainy, and yet, the grass is beginning to grow and the flowers are ready to open their buds. This book also has another purpose and offers hope in other ways.

Hope you enjoy the peek! 

by Ori Gutin
Illustrated by Winny Kwong-Sito
Mascot Books
Picture Book
38 pages
ages 4 to 8

This is a story about Cody, a little caterpillar born in the midst of a terrible thunderstorm. With all the other animals hidden away from the rain, Cody is left feeling sad and alone, and wondering if this is how he will feel every day. But then one afternoon, everything changes. Cody becomes a butterfly, the sun starts to shine, and all the animals come out to say hello! Cody finally feels what it's like to be happy. Until the storm comes back again! Now, Cody faces a new challenge. Can he find a way to be happy even in the rain, or will the storm get the best of him again?



                                        * beautiful illustrations
                                             * encouraging message
                                             * discussion questions at end


With bright and gorgeous illustrations, this book offers the ray of needed sunshine in a dreary rain storm in several ways.

A small caterpillar pokes its head out of the egg to find rain. The animals of the forest aren't sunny themselves as the rain bogs down their moods, too. Deciding to hide again, the caterpillar creates a cocoon and rests inside. When it reappears, it discovers that it has wings and is happy to discover the world and creatures around it. Until it rains again.

This is a wonderfully illustrated book, and it was a treat to simply flip through the pages and enjoy the artwork. The animals are easy to distinguish and young listeners will have no trouble recognizing more than a few and pointing them out. As for the's simply beautiful.

The story is very uplifting and shows that hope is to be found in even dismal circumstances. The butterfly needs to find inspiration and works to free itself of the sad mood thanks to its new found friends. So, this is a very warming tale with lots of goodness. Add the discussion questions at the end, and it helps young listeners find their own happiness when things aren't perfect. The entire thing is written in rhyme, which flowed pretty well but did seem forced, at times. Still, it does make a lovely read aloud.

A Special Note:

This book tells a tale of perseverance, and overcoming obstacles. Given the immense obstacles children and families across our country are facing right now, the illustrator and author have decided to donate 100% of their sale profits to two local COVID-19 relief funds. They are donating to Compass Family Services in San Francisco, which supports the homeless population, and MassUndocuFund, in Boston, which support the undocumented community.

And here he is...

When Ori was 4 years old, he made a drawing of a butterfly with the caption, “If I were a butterfly, I would fly as high as the clouds. I would fly in the rain.” Little did he know then, that wisdom would eventually help guide him through his struggles with anxiety and depression later in life, and serve as the inspiration for his first children’s book! Outside of writing, Ori can be found studying to be a youth therapist, competing in triathlons, meditating, and either making bad jokes or discussing the meaning of life with his beloved family. Sometimes, Ori can’t be found at all! As an avid traveler, adventurer, and nature lover, he likes it that way. 

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