Saturday, March 13, 2021

Review: The Sun by Laura Perdew

Today's review is one book from a set of four, which is being released on March 15th. And what a cute series it is! This one is for all those young space explorers out there or those wanting to discover what our universe is all about. I really love the illustrations and how the 'characters' are presented in these. Plus, there are two little aliens, who make sure nothing ever gets too serious.

And it's a STEM one. So, here we go!

Shining Star of the Solar System
by Laura Perdew
Illustrated by Hui Li
Nomad Press
32 pages
ages 5 to 8

MARCH 15th!!!

A nonfiction picture book that explores a very important star--the sun! Kids ages 5 to 8 listen as the Universe explains key facts about our cosmic lifeline!

There are trillions of stars in the universe, but one is particularly important to people on planet Earth--our sun. Without it, there'd be no humans, no animals, no plants--no life whatsoever! Earth would be dark, cold, and empty. That's a pretty bleak picture! In Sun: Shining Star of the Solar System, the Universe itself explains the relationship between the sun and Earth. Kids ages 5 through 8 discover how the sun's place in the solar system gives us the days, seasons, and years we experience on our planet. They learn alongside funny alien characters how the sun supports life on our planet and how it's related to the weather. The Universe, a friendly and knowledgeable narrator, discusses complex scientific concepts in a way that children find easy to understand while the aliens offer a running commentary that's hilariously entertaining. Plus, a poem at the beginning encourages language arts connections! Layered text, informative illustrations, fun facts, and a hands-on science-minded activity offer deeper exploration of the sun and its importance to Earth. Perfect as a read aloud or for beginner readers, with a glossary to support language development. Sun: Shining Star of the Solar System is part of a set of four books in the Picture Book Science series that explore our incredible solar system. Other titles in this series include Stars: A Gazillion Suns ; Earth: One-of-a-Kind Planet ; and Moon: Small but Mighty Neighbor .


                                    * brightly illustrated
                                    * humorous as well as informative
                                    * written in way listeners can understand


Learning about space is more than fun in this cute series, which addresses kids in a way and at a level they can understand.

The Sun is an amazing part of our solar system, and in this tale, it tells the listener all about itself and what makes it so grand. But this isn't only with the sun...because the sun is already convinced it's great. There are a couple of other, cute characters involved, which add humor and ask all the right questions and just the right time.

This is a fun read, which incorporates lots of humor while bringing across the basic information surrounding the sun. The author takes a unique twist by bringing small aliens into a conversation with the sun...and all of that with bright and bold illustrations. The entire thing starts out with a poem about the sun before diving into the tale Here, the information is dropped with ease and molded into the conversation. The sun does take the opportunity to talk about itself as well. And the two little guys use this to launch off into silly but sometimes directed questions. 

It's a fun book and a great way to teach kids about the sun without ever getting too serious or boring. It's even one of those books, which listeners are probably going to want to hear again and again and again.

This is only one of the books in a series of four. The others hold the same humor and several of the same characters as well.

And here are a few more wonderful points to keep in mind about this new series...

Provides layered text and back matter that encourage more in-depth discovery

Promotes a sense of awe and wonder in astronomy

Uses humor to engage children's attention

Promotes cross-curriculum learning through poetry

Includes a hands-on, science-minded project to help support and reinforce deeper learning

Meets Next Generation Science Standards in Earth's Place in the Universe and Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles for grades K through 3.  
About the Picture Book Science series and Nomad Press Nomad Press books in the Picture Book Science series present real-world examples of science topics kids find fascinating! These nonfiction picture books consist of engaging narratives paired with detailed, accurate illustrations and layered text that offers ample opportunity for discussion and reflection. Elementary-aged children are equipped to recognize basic science concepts and identify the different ways they are demonstrated in real life, while being impressed with the idea that science is a constant part of our lives and not limited to classrooms and laboratories. All books are leveled for Guided Reading level and Lexile and align with Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. All titles are available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats.


Anonymous said...

I liked the book for my little astronomer how ever she almost lost it when she saw that Saturn didn't have its rings in the illustration but Jupiter did! I think someone switched the names accidentally.

Tonja Drecker said...

Oh wow! I can't believe I missed that. Your little astronomer deserves kudo points.

andidiehn said...

Yikes! Nomad Press editor here - I can't believe this slipped by us and that no one has noticed in a year and a half since it's publication! Anonymous commenter, if you want to email me at with an address, I'd love to send you the set of Laura Perdew's newest picture books - all about biomes! Tonja, I'll pop a set in the mail for you, too... ~Andi Diehn