Sunday, January 31, 2021

What's Coming in February?

Wow! Did January just fly by for you, too? I'm going to blame it on the pile of wonderful reads I was buried under. If you're like me, the year starts off full-speed ahead. It's a race between meeting all those shiny new goals and having enough time to do everything. February is not going to be any less boring, especially on the reading front. Not only is there a fantastic list of reads coming up, but it's also Black History Month. Oh, and let's not forget Valentine's Day.

Are you ready to take a peek at the awesomeness headed our way?


No, this cover doesn't really speak to me, but I noticed it's getting more than a few 5-star reviews. And that peaked my curiosity. This book promises to have tons of heart and starts February off with lots of emotion. You can see if I was right to take a chance on this one on the 2nd.

Picture Book


This is the 3rd book in a popular series (which I haven't read, yet), and there's promises of imagination, adventure and fun. The illustrations are out-of-this-world (I peeked), and so is the tale. A flying hotel? Crazy creatures as friends? Ridiculous battles against pirates and evil?
This one should be quite the ride. Find out on the 6th.

Middle Grade Fantasy


The cover already had me wanting to learn more about this super cute girl and her love for her curls. It's also the first one up for Black History Month, and I can't think of a sweeter book to start it out with. You can get a glimpse on the 5th.

Picture Book


Can I admit the cover caught my eye on this one, too? (Yeah, I might be superficial in that way). This is the 1st in a new series about a teen, who has the power to heal through her singing. There's royalty and intrigue...oh, and some romance involved, by the looks of it. See what I think on the 10th, only a day before it's released!

Young Adult Paranormal


I saw this one and had to get my hands on it. Poetry combines with illustrations to take readers on a journey about the universe: black holes, dwarf planets and all sorts of amazing things. And yep, it's nonfiction! Travel to space with me on the 13th, although you can't do it on your own until April 6th.

Picture Book Nonfiction


Another new series begins with this tale about a teen from Houston, who learns she has godly ancestry. I'm betting this one will be packed with action and tension and tons of girl power. We'll see on the 18th.

Young Adult Fantasy


I can't remember the last time I hit a Manga on here, and I plan on correcting that mistake. This is the first in a humorous series, which should be chucked full of fun and silliness. Join me on the 23rd to see what I think.



I'm a Brother Grimm fan and couldn't resist agreeing to take a look at this one. It's the first in a series (that seems to be a trend this month), and I honestly am not sure what to expect. Fantasy. Mystery. Romance. Something along those lines? Find out on the 26th.

Young Adult Fantasy


Time for a touch of spooky and creepy! This is about a girl, who does make-up for the dead (mortuary...not walking zombies). There appears to be some mystery, romance and the task of finding out who she wants to be. I'll let you know what I think....oh, sometime this month. But it comes out on the 2nd if you want to beat me to it!

Young Adult Thriller


Magic, foggy places, beasts....yep, yep, yep...this sounds perfect to me. There's adventure and mystery and kids tackling impossible things all on their own. I have no clue when I'll get to this one this month, but I will. Again, you might beat me to it because it releases on the 9th.

Middle Grade Fantasy

That's your peek at the 30 reviews I have planned this month. 30??? Yep. Now, you understand my problem. There's only 28 days in February, and I'm back-logged,. This month is going to be packed. 

But isn't every month?


Haddock said...

Like the cover design of Heaven's Design team.

Tonja Drecker said...

It caught my eye, too. I'm hoping it holds tons of animal-fun humor.