Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Review: My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere With Me by Kathleen Marcath

I'm super excited to share today's book with you. It's the only one like it that I've run across...and follows something which interested me as a kid...and even has found its basics into my own children's lives. This isn't only a story about Monster Trucks (and those are already super cool), but it introduces kids to ASL (American Sign Language). The author and illustrators have managed to create a fun story with great illustrations and teach some basic vocabulary and phrases along the way. 

by Kathleen Marcath
Illustrated by Isaac Liang and Pardeep Mehra
ASL Picture Books LLC
Picture Book
36 pages 
ages 4 to 8

Dylan loves his BIG, shiny PURPLE, lightning FAST, LOUD as thunder MONSTER T-R-U-C-K!Every day brings a new adventure for Dylan as he plays with his favorite Monster Trucks. Dylan is also learning American Sign Language and knows how to sign the words describing his favorite trucks. Each page is beautifully illustrated with one or more signs that parents and children can learn together.

By the end of this book, your child will learn to sign:

"My really BIG, shiny PURPLE, lightning FAST, LOUD as thunder MONSTER T-R-U-C-K goes EVERYWHERE with ME!"

Grab your copy now and let the adventure into American Sign Language (ASL) begin!


                                                       * theme young listeners can connect with
                                                       * bright, cheerful illustrations
                                                       * great read-aloud
                                                       * ASL brought across clearly and understandably


What a wonderful book to introduce young listeners/readers to ASL! First off, the cover caught my eye on this one. Monster trucks are simply cool...especially purple ones, and with this boy's bright, big eyes, I was hooked before even opening to the first page.

At the beginning, there's immediately a run-down of the ASL words introduced during the book and a fitting illustrations as to how to sign each one. I found this great as a quick way to re-check learned words or simply for practice. The tale starts with Dylan presenting his monster truck. His happiness glows on each page, and it's clear that he really loves his truck. Dylan's attitude is contagious and his smile is one which makes him hard not to like right away.

Dylan describes all the fun he has with his monster truck and even adds in a bit of humor. The reader meets his parents, grandma, and friends along the way, too. Every page introduces a new word to learn. The word is placed extra bold in the text with a bright color, making it easy to spot. Dylan or one of the other characters in the illustration signs the word. Arrows are placed next to the hands, showing which way the motions are to be made. It's a lovely way to weave the information into the tale without losing fun, and still, making it clear how the word(s) are to be done.

As a tale, it's a cute read as well. The text is kept simple enough for younger listeners to understand and includes sound-effects as well. The vocabulary isn't difficult and allows the ASL to slide seamlessly in.

I enjoyed reading it quite a bit and was impressed at how well the ASL is incorporated and presented. It's a book I can definitely recommend.


Natalie Aguirre said...

This sounds like a really cute story. And it's a plus that kids and parents can learn sign language when reading it.

ASL Picture Books, Kathleen Marcath said...

Thank you Natalie! The feedback from readers agrees with you 100%. Kathleen