Friday, January 1, 2021

What's Coming in January?

It's a brand new chapter in another year of exciting kidlit!!! (Yes, I am screaming for joy and excitement...and trying not to fling the books stacked around me into the air for pure enthusiasm)

I love discovering all sorts of new reads, and this first month definitely starts the year out with a bang. Several books promise to offer deep thoughts as they ask and present tough questions. Others offer thrilling moments, and others are packed with imagination and magic. Some are factual and offer new insights into the world around us, while a few let dragons fly and whisper promises of dreams come true. Don't forget a hint of romance, friendships stronger than granite, and sibling relationships with their complicated twists and ups and downs. Of course, diversity is as strong as ever, and I haven't forgotten simple fun. After all, the world would be horrid without humor.

Add more than a couple sweet picture books, and...

*takes a deep breath*

Let's just say that January's reading list is amazing, and I've been looking forward to tackling it since November. 

Ready to take a small peek?


This book twists into high gear with one interesting question—how would it be to touch someone and immediately see the lasts moments you'll ever meet with them? Since most 'last moment's' are simple and harmless, this is rarely an issue. But this person sees herself turn into a murderer. Sound interesting? I thought so, and we'll find out on the 3rd. 

Young Adult Thriller


After the deep thoughts, it's time for fantasy fun, and this book promises loads of it. A boy bonds with a magical animal and has to stop evil forces. Imagination should pour from these that's what I'm hoping for. Find out if that happens on the 5th. But you'll have to wait until March 30th to read this one for yourselves.

Middle Grade Fantasy


It's time for real life information, and that's where this book comes in. With a focus on Native Americans, this one visits the historic moments of the women's movement and introduces some interesting facts along the way. You can find out all about this one on the 7th.

Children's Non-Fiction


We'll head over to India for this tale about a very diverse bunch of individuals. Due to very different circumstances, they find themselves forced together to survive a life threatening situation thanks to Mother Nature. I'll let you know how exciting this gets on the 14th.

Young Adult Catastrophe Fiction


Venturing to China, this book follows a modern 12-year-old boy, who discovers  dragons are real and is pulled into an ancient battle with new friends and tons of danger. Yep, it sounds great, and I'll share it with you on the 15th.

Middle Grade Fantasy


Of course, I'm going to have more than a couple amazing picture books appearing this month. This one had me picturing my own kids as they dragged certain toys with them anywhere and everywhere. We'll see how fun it is on the 27th.

Picture Book


The first in a new series, a young girl finds herself on a strange world...
one of twelve...where evil forces mix with magic. It's a prophecy tale, so we'll see how that goes. But the cover caught my attention as well as the blurb. Plus, I need a read, which explores new worlds every now and then. You can fly away with me and visit these worlds with me on the 21st.

Young Adult Fantasy


Anyone else love a good omelet? This kid hopes to win over friends with his. I loved the idea behind this one and am excited to see how this boy works in the kitchen. Let your tasty thoughts join me on the 30th to see if this one deserves a chef's hat or not.

Picture Book


It's time for a short story collection...right? Promising chills and thrills and more than a little action, these tales take edge-of-the-seat moments again and again and again and again. In other words, this should be one for action fans. We'll find out on the 29th.

Young Adult Action

As always, this is only a tiny glimpse at the wonderful words headed to Bookworm for Kids during January. I've been packed with review requests and have been picking out what I think will create a colorful, diverse, and exciting mix. There will be almost 30 reviews this month, and I had trouble choosing which ones to show you today. Believe it or not, I've done this post three times because I couldn't decide, which ones to highlight. So, expect to be surprised.

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