Saturday, January 16, 2021

Review: So You Want A Pet Dragon by Tania Pourat

 Just in case you didn't get enough dragons yesterday, I have another dragon read for today. This one is for a slightly younger audience, ages 4 to 8, and takes a more silly twist on 'bonding' with dragons. 

by Tania Pourat
Illustrated by Tristan Tait
Mascot Books
Picture Book
ages 4 to 8

We all know how hard taking care of a pet can be. Taking care of a pet dragon is no exception! If you need tips and tricks to take care of your dragon, look no further. This book has everything you need to know to care for your very own feisty, fiery friend. Simply follow this advice and see for yourself how rewarding owning a pet dragon can be!


Packed with down-to-earth information for all those would-be dragon owners, this book is sure to create more than one smile.

Owning and caring for a dragon isn't an easy undertaking, especially in today's world. In these, pages everything that young dragon owners need to know, watch out for, or do is pointed out. After all, dragon owners want to keep their pets happy and safe, while making sure they don't lose their tempers, too.

The book is pretty straight forward as it goes from one thing to watch out for to the next. The things dragons need are sometimes important and, more often, silly. And it's exactly this which makes this a fun read. The illustrations allow the fun to seep from every page and make it hard for listeners not to wish they could own a dragon as well. While the care and things to watch out for are presented as tedious, it's pretty clear they'd be tons of fun too.

The text rolls along nicely for the age group and makes each situation clear, while allowing the illustrations to do their part along the way. I would have like to have seen the ending round out a little smoother, since it does chop off rather quick. But it's still a lovely read, and I can see dragon lovers enjoying it quite a bit.

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