Saturday, January 9, 2021

Review: Wally Whale's Mighty Tail by Kim Linette

 Happy Saturday! And I say that with tons of heart and excitement because today, I even have a book which centers around happiness. I don't think it's stretching things to claim that events in the world has made many people doubt happiness in recent months and days. But should it? When I read these pages, this appeared to be the perfect tale to share!

EQ Explorers, Little Adventures for a Big, Happy Life
by Kim Linette
Illustrated by James Loram
Kapalua Cove
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 4 to 8

Koa has heard that the secret to being mighty is written on Wally's tail, and he wants to know what that word is. But when whale and boy meet, Koa discovers the word is smudged! Determined to find out Wally's secret to happiness, Koa follows the whale through waves and reefs, trying to guess. And the answer is surprising...
Wally helps Koa learn that the secret to being happy lies within; it's an important key to being mighty and to living a big, happy life!

Did you know studies show that emotional intelligence (EQ) is an important key to living a happy, successful life? And unlike IG, EQ can be learned! Each EQ Explorers book teaches important EQ principles and other powerful life lessons - one adventure at a time.
100% of profits from EQ Explorers books helps nurture and empower underserved children. We provide direct donations to charitable initiatives and give books to orphanages, remote libraries, care centers, and more.


                                                     * Uplifting message
                                                     * Bright, colorful illustrations
                                                     * Story key, messages flows along with it
                                                     * Questions for discussion at end
                                                     * Whale facts at end
                                                     * fun 'search' hid in each illustration


I'm always wary about books with a mission to give 'life messages' to kids, but this one won me over.

Koa is a boy, who will be the leader of his tribe one day, and it's his job to see what's written on the great whale's tail. After all, it's a message which hold the key to an important strength and power. Wally, the whale, is more than happy to help but since the last word on his tail is smudged, agrees to assist Koa in figuring out what that last word is. 

This tail...or rather, tale...made me smile. Firstly, there's the wonderful ease of adding diverse characters by having Koa as the future leader of a tribe. Second, these are characters to love. Koa is really determined to be the best leader he can be and hits the task with determination and enthusiasm. The Wally is horribly wise, a little playful, and carries the love and care of a favorite grandfather... (and interestingly enough, this book mentions a grandfather in the 'thanks' at the end). So, the entire thing already radiates goodness and wholesomeness.

While there is a very distinct purpose and message in these pages, the story does not let itself become a slave to that. Koa is on a journey, and his discoveries or thoughts are entertaining the entire way through. Young listeners will connect with him and love some of his guesses. 

The end of the book holds more treasures. There are a few questions to open up a discussion about the meaning of true happiness, but there's also an entire section about 'little known' facts over whales. Also...and I wish this was pointed out at the beginning of the story...there's a bee hidden in every illustration. So, to say that this one is a book, which grabs kids' interest is an understatement. And the message is one extremely important and necessary, especially today.

And here she is...

Kim Linette is the mother of six wonderful children and an entrepreneur at heart. 
She founded Kapalua Cove Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering underserved children. She is the author of  EQ Explorers, a children's book series designed to inspire children to live big, happy, emotionally healthy lives. 
Raised in Southern California, Kim Linette now splits her time between Alpine, Utah and Lahaina, Maui.

And the best part!

One hundred percent of profits from the EQ Explorers children's book series (yes, all our profits) help underserved children through the non-profit Kapalua Cove Foundation. The foundation provides direct donations to charitable initiatives and donates books to orphanages, remote libraries, care centers, and more. 


In ancient Hawaiian, “Kapalua” means “arms embracing the sea.” It’s a word that perfectly depicts our mission to embrace and help nurture children around the world, providing the tools and opportunities they need to live happy, healthy, emotionally connected lives.

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