Monday, January 4, 2021

Spotlight: Mashka and Mishka: Get Trapped in a Rainbow by Marina Makaron


Get Trapped in a Rainbow
by Marina Makaron
Children's Fiction / Fantasy
88 pages
ages 6 to 10

Mashka and Mishka are siblings who can only see each other in the reflection of a mirror but can never see themselves in the mirror. One day they wake up in a mystical land with a singing sun near a skyscraper city of flowers, the Floreton. With the city's ruler, Tiny Royal de Vasil, they must save the magical land from Hue Burglar, who steals the colors in the night. In the process, they find secrets about the enchanted realm as well as about themselves. Their adventures include flying over a biting forest, escaping creeping shadows in a cabin on animal legs, meeting a golden phoenix-like creature, and so much more. Mashka and Mishka undertake an uneasy journey to come back home, and most importantly, to find their own identity. 

This brightly illustrated book takes a reader on an incredible ride while touching on an important message of gender identity and gender bias. It is a fantastic read for the whole family to read out loud before bed, and a great personal escape curled up in your favorite lounge chair. Inspired by Eastern European folklore, this story fuses notes of history and modernity, country life and global cities from a global perspective."Mashka and Mishka get trapped in a rainbow" is full of colorful imagery, making it an entertaining book suitable for various reading levels.

All about...

Fashion designer and author Marina Makaron has come out with her debut illustrated chapter book for children, Mashka and Mishka Get Trapped in a Rainbow. Launching November 18, 2020, the illustrated work delves deeper into questions of gender identity and the conflicts that underline issues of gender equality.

The book deals with the hardships of growing up and the pressure of social norms where everyone is told who they are and how one should behave. Underlying the story is the crucial message that kids ought to simply be themselves. 

A tale of two siblings, Mashka and Mishka live on opposite sides of the reflection of a mirror. Neither of them knows which sibling is real until one night they appear on a magical field surrounded by an array of colors and a singing sun. It is in that field they can finally hug each other without the help of mirrors. But the enchanted land is not only singing willows and flying goldfish, there is a darkness that creeps within the shadows. Every step of this whimsical journey leads the kids closer to home but in the end, will they be able to find themselves?

As a fashion designer and creative artist, Marina Makaron has had her works featured in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and publications such as Elle and Vogue.

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