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Sort of a Mommy and Daddy's Day Review: The Kouzlo Saga by L.L. McNeil

Today, I have a series I stumbled across on a Facebook review group...yes, believe it or not, I review even more books than I present on here (scary, I know). This one is suitable for the Young Adult audience but it's also one which will thrill older readers. It's not a romance series, but simply follows a band of misfit friends. Isn't that refreshing? I've only read the first two books in the series, but I'm told book three has just been released and four is in the starting gates already.

The Koulo Saga, Book Two
by L.L. McNeil
Three Dragon Publishing
Urban Fantasy/ Fantasy
225 pages

Seila has been slaying demons for as long as she can remember.
A Phantom, she travels the length and breadth of England in a quest to reclaim her humanity—and her soul. With her Sieken Blade, she cuts down the demons in her path while inching closer to freedom from the endless hunt.

When an Elite Demon makes sport of London’s Kouzlo—a secret organisation of supernaturals dedicated to ridding the Earth of demons and sealing the portals they slink through—its leader, an Enchantress called Fallow, implores Seila to join their cause before they’re wiped out.

Desperate to save her Kouzlo and the people they protect, Fallow pledges to help Seila reclaim her soul in return for the Phantom's formidable skills.

The demon hunter is torn between her lone hunt and joining Fallow’s decimated forces—and perhaps the chance to stop the demons once and for all.

Thrown in with Damon, a fledgling half-Fire Elemental with limited control of his powers, and Tej, a reckless human with a penchant for crossbows, can Seila and her new allies keep it together long enough to save London?


With lots of magic, demons and battle action, this is a fast-paced tale which keeps new twists coming until the very end.

Seila was once human, but when a demon stole her soul, pure determination allowed her to survive. Now, she's a Phantom, a demon hunter, and she her only desire is to kill the demon, who stole her soul and get it back. But it's a long journey and never-ending fight. When a hunt leads her into London and a stray demon, who usually avoids cities at all costs, she realizes something strange is happening. Seila not only has quite the battle ahead of her but is forced to make a difficult choice—fight a battle which isn't her own or continue to find her soul at all costs.

This is an quick paced read with a tough heroine, tons of magic and lots of grit. And it's not a romance. Seila is very determined and it's easy to understand why she leads the life she does. Her loner attitude does get harsh at moments, but is still understandable, for the most part. She has a hard shell, and yet, wins enough sympathy to make her interesting. It's easy to root for her until the last page. There are several new twists, which give it an original feel (something which isn't always the case in this genre), while holding all the action fans of Urban Fantasy and demons will enjoy.

The book plays well as the first in the series. It sets up several potential friendships and relationships without going to clearly in one direction or the other. Each character brings strengths and hope, but the author manages to keep much open for the future books without leaving a cliffhanger at the end. It's the first step, and it's a good one.

The Kouzlo Saga, Book Two
by L.L. Mc Neil
Three Dragon Publishing
Urban Fantasy/Fantasy
240 pages

Demon hunting is all in a day’s work for Seila.
As a soulless Phantom and member of Fallow Caramond’s Kouzlo—a secret demon killing organisation based outside London—Seila is driven by little else.
But she’s made new allies—Elementals, Enchantresses, Shape-Shifters, and even a Djinni—and slaying demons has never been easier.
But working as part of a team goes against everything Seila has done before, and adjusting to friends is not without difficulty, especially when she's still no closer to reclaiming her soul and her humanity. She butts heads with Lady Tress Vitali, a demon assassin, and finds the edge of her tongue as sharp as her dragon axes.
After vanquishing Sekki, an Elite Demon, another has leapt in to take his place, and Seila cannot rest while London is under siege.
With Prowler Demons on the loose and half-fire Elemental Damon’s developing powers less than under control, Seila has her hands full not just coping with the growing Kouzlo, but the new Elite Demon wrecking havoc upon London.
With demons, dragons, and kick-ass characters, this is a new demon hunter series that you can really sink your teeth into!


This one takes off with a new adventure and can be read as a stand alone...somewhat. But I wouldn't recommend it since there is important background in book one concerning the characters and the relationships.

Seila has decided to stay with the Kouzlo for the time being and work with them to keep London safe from demons, while hoping that she might stumble across the one she's still seeking. Hopefully, the rest of the Kouzlo bunch will be ready to help and willing to help her when she does. Satisfied that she and her new found friends...uh colleagues...have defeated an elite demon, she's thrilled when another takes its place. Unfortunately, the new demon is not only strong but already has a demon hunter on its tail. And this hunter carries not only amazing powers and crosses dimensions, she has a monstrous attitude. Still, Seila doesn't let anyone shove her to the side...especially someone with the vibes this hunter is giving her.

This is an exciting continuation to book one. Seila is still her loner, stubborn, risk-taking self, but she's beginning to open up a bit. Her growing attachment to her 'almost' friends is warming and makes her easy to root for despite her sometimes rough exterior. Like in book one, the heroes have their hands full. Action abounds right along with magic, demons and so much more. It's quick paced with enough emotion and heart to draw in. The secrets behind the demon and hunter keep tension high, and the danger even higher. It's a fun read, especially for those relaxing hours and magic fans who simply want an exciting read.

And here she is...

My name is Lauren, and I’m a fantasy author of character-driven stories and epic adventure.

If you're looking for the demon-hunting, kick-ass characters found in urban fantasy, the KOUZLO SAGA is the series for you! Demons reign supreme across not just Earth, but countless dimensions, and it’s down to the secret supernatural organisation of the Kouzlo to hunt them down.

Prefer a new epic fantasy story? Let me introduce you to the WORLD OF LINARIA! It’s a light-hearted, fast-paced fantasy adventure with bucket-loads of magic, dragons, sky pirates, and airships.

I have a degree in Psychology and a fascination with MBTI (I'm an INFJ) - I love reading and writing about introversion. I'm a petrol head and thalassophile, and adore castles, sunshine, and dragons.

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