Thursday, November 7, 2019

Review: Mac and Madi's Surprise by Linda Herron

A Very Different Twins Birthday!
by Linda Herron
Illustrated by Marie Delon
Picture Book 
35 pages
ages 3 to 7

Mac and Madi are twins who are identical in so many ways with the same hair, same smile and the same size. Not only do they look the same, but their birthdays are the same each year. But this year, Mac and Madi have other ideas in mind. They are out to sass things up, to show that they can be individuals too. So, they made some changes to their birthday celebration that made them both happy. In this adventure, they find out that they like being the same, but they also like being different too. At the birthday celebration, can you guess what their friends and family thought?

Join Mac and Madi in this color and imaginative book as they change it up on their friends and family this year. It's a fun-filled story depicting acceptance of differences in an unlikely relationship, identical twins. Mac and Madi's Surprise is a book that young children will love.


With fun and quite a bit of charm, this is a sweet tale surrounding a wonderful pair of characters...who happen to be identical twins.

I haven't seen many picture books on the market featuring identical twins, and this one does it with love and a dash of humor. While the first pages start out with how similar they are, they tale takes off as it quickly becomes clear that they are each different too. And it does it without letting the message overpower the story. The characters have a wonderful touch of sass and snip, which will draw young listeners in. As their party gets underway, things get interesting and the solutions are well laid without being overly preachy. It's a great beginning to what promises to be a fun series.

The illustrations are sweet, colorful and let the wit and fun of the story radiate on every page. The two girls are brought across in a way which will ring a connection to young listeners. The emotions and situations come across in a very warm and delightful way. It makes it a nice read-aloud which kids are sure to want to hear more than just a few times.

And here they are...

The Author...

Born and raised in Rhode Island, Linda Herron knows firsthand what it is like to grow up as an identical twin. In fact, the most wonderful part of her childhood was spending time with her best friend and twin sister.

Because Linda recognizes the unique bond—and the unique challenges—that being a twin entails, she was inspired to create a series of children’s stories about being an identical twin. Her latest book is Mac and Madi's Surprise: A Very Different Birthday.
When she isn’t writing children’s books, Linda spends much of her time writing business articles and blogs. As the CEO of SimpliProfit, she provides strategic advising that transforms businesses by boosting profitability. Her financial expertise has been featured on media outlets including American Express, LendingTree, and Daily Business News, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Bryant University.
Today, Linda lives in California and enjoys the sunny, seventy-five-degree weather every day. Though her twin still lives in Rhode Island, they visit each other to spend time together.

The Illustrator...

Marie is a Mexican illustrator based in the city of Puebla, Mexico. Her work includes mostly digital techniques and mixed media. In the past, she has worked for independent publications and zines, children books and advertising, both national and international. Marie is a full-time graphic designer and implements her illustrations in her daily job.

Recently she's been working on personal creative projects that include character design, merchandising design and concept art for videogames. When she's not designing, Marie loves watching movies, reading comic books and playing tabletop RPG games.

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