Sunday, November 17, 2019

Review: Snowy Farm by Calvin Shaw

by Calvin Shaw
Illustrated by Oamul Lu
Paula Wiseman Books
November 5, 2019
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

A magical and lyrical fantasy about a family of farmers who live in a shimmering, frosty house in a snowy white world, where warmth of each other is all they need to be cozy and happy.

There’s a snowy white windmill
on a snowy white farm
with a frosty old house
and a snow covered barn.

And so begins this enchanting story of a family in a frozen land whose quiet and simple way of family life is all they need. This fantastical picture book from debut author Calvin Shaw and internationally renowned illustrator Oamul Lu is sure to warm hearts and become a perennial family favorite.


The cold winter hits with tons of charm in this icy tale, just right for the winter season.

Placed in rhyme, this is a journey into a snowy world somewhere up north. Bundled up in clothes familiar to those of Eskimos, this farming family hits winter with simplistic warmth and fun. And what is left at the end of the day, is peace pure.

All the snuggly and happy emotions a snowy, wintery world can offer is bundled into this pages with a rustic twist reminding of the Eskimos. Yet, it isn't the Eskimos. When we first read this book, we weren't aware that it takes more of an imaginative, fantastical swing at what a farmer life in the most northern parts of our planet might look like. Not what it really is. Things such as igloo windmills, or ice block houses with wooden shutters and thatch roofs threw us for a loop. But once we figured out that this was a more imaginative twist, things fell more into place.

The rhymes run smoothly and with grace, following right along with the beautiful setting. It's as if the wondrous snowflakes and chill radiate from the page, inviting young listeners to join in. The life portrayed is simple, which is very refreshing. There's a bit of humor thrown in too. But it's the over all atmosphere of this book, which makes it enchanting. Family, togetherness, and the warmth of simply living come across like a comforting hug. The ending adds a last dab of enchantment, making this a perfect read for those last moments before bedtime.

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