Friday, November 15, 2019

Review: Inky Makes New Friends by Riley Morgan

by Riley Morgan 
Illustrated by Elona Bezooshko
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 3 to 7

Your kids will sleep much better!...and you will too...Inky Ink is a small and cute splashy creature made out of ink. He is looking to make friends and playmates but gets rejected because he seems weird and dirty. The book follows Inky in his quest to make new friends and feel loved and accepted.

It's a cute, weirdly funny and socially sensitive tale of friendshipThe author displays a unique understanding of the child


Finding new friends, especially unexpected ones, takes an unique and entertaining twist.

Inky is a bit lonely but as he runs into other lonely characters, he slowly learns that friends can come in all forms...even the type he doesn't expect.

This book is all about opening up to those, who nobody else might pay attention to. Inky is lonely, but it's not hard for him to find friends once he reaches out. His first friend is a bit dirty. His second a bit big. Nobody wants to be friends with them either, and yet, this is where Inky finds the best friends ever. It's a great message, which is brought across in a clear way without ever feeling preachy. 

The text is simple enough to use as a read-aloud even to younger listeners. A couple of times, there's a page with just a little more text, which is written in with energy and shows how fun friendship can be. The illustrations are bright and don't vary too much. They do bring across the characters nicely and accompany the text well.

It's a sweet read especially the younger end of the age group will enjoy.

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