Thursday, November 14, 2019

Review: Daddy, Can You Hear Me? by Thomas Davison

by Thomas Davison
Illustrated by Samuel Simmons
Joy Publications
Picture Book
ages 4 to 8

This keepsake is intended to be the first-step in the healing process between father-child or child and father. If you ever had the need to say, "I Love You" then this keepsake is a must.

The inspirational words and beautiful illustrations, combine to make this more than just another ebook, but a lesson in love.


This is a beautifully illustrated and touching book, which will especially ring with children who have lost their fathers, no longer see them, or do not meet with them very often. But then, even children who are regularly around their fathers will feel the warming love.

Written with a flow of poetry, these pages celebrate fathers and help children remember the influence of fathers in their lives...especially as memories. The text is touching and written in a way young readers will understand. It hits upon moments which a variety of listeners will recognize. And that's one of the important themes in this book, as well. A large variety of cultures, races, beliefs and living situations are addressed in the artwork, while the text remains more all-compassing. It makes for a lovely read.

And here he is...

Thomas Davison is the father of four children, who tackles the difficult subject matter of a relationship between a child and an absent father in Daddy, Can You Hear Me?
This book explores the raw emotions experienced by both parties in the desire for love, hope and forgiveness can jumpstart the healing process to overcome this situation.
Daddy, Can You Hear Me? has a history in “Read to Me” programs for inmates and has been recognized in a Wall Street Journal article by Columnist Jeffrey Zaslow.  Endorsed by numerous librarians throughout the United States, this book is sure to become an important addition to any collection.  (Now available as an ebook on Amazon, iTunes Books and You can order copies right here)
A native of St. Paul, Minnesota he currently works in the Healthcare Industry and enjoys free-time writing and spending time with family.  His passionate desire to help heal societal relationship pain experienced by children, prompted the writing of this book

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