Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Review: The Boring Books by Shinsuke Yoshitake

by Shinsuke Yoshitake
Chronicle Books
Picture Books
40 pages
ages 4 to 8

The Boring Book is a humorous picture book that follows the story of one particularly bored boy.

As the story progresses, our protagonist discovers there's actually more to boredom than what meets the eye—more questions, more theories, and heaps of humor.

This exploration of boredom from acclaimed author-illustrator Shinsuke Yoshitake
 playfully—and hilariously—unpacks the ways in which a seemingly stagnant state is actually a portal into a dynamic, life-enriching experience.

• Embraces the topic of boredom—an ever-so-popular kid complaint—and runs with it
• The unique comic format, fast pace, smart humor, and narrative approach makes it ideal for reluctant readers
• A universally hilarious book that will amuse children ages 5 to 8, as well as adults

In addition to banishing boredom, Yoshitake's distinctive illustrations promote visual literacy and show young readers what the process of creative thinking looks like.

This smart, laugh-out-loud picture book just might change your child's perspective on the state of boredom forever.
• A wonderful gift for parents, teachers, educators, librarians, caregivers, and anyone who has to answer to the statement "I'm bored!"
• Perfect for readers of early chapter books
• Great for fans of the Fox & Chick series by Sergio Ruzzier, Waiting Is Not Easy! (An Elephant and Piggie Book) by Mo Willems, and I'm Bored by Michael Ian Black


Never has boredom been so exciting as in these pages and been as boring as boredom truly is.

This boy is bored. He's bored of playing with his toys and can't think of anything to do. So, he complains to his mother, who wants to know what he expects her to do about it. Suddenly, the boy wonders—why am I bored? And this opens up a very packed and 'boring' adventure.

I've heard the same complaint from one of my sons quite a bit lately and had to laugh as I read through this. So did he (even if he insisted he was bored at those times...with a smile) Step by step, a little boy uses his fantasy, things around him and even talking to others to figure out how not to be bored. And with each new moment, he's doing something unexpected and not sitting around with nothing to do. Young readers will easily relate with the boy...although, like my son, I doubt they'd ever admit it. But their smirks, rolls of the eyes and twitching lips make it clear that they understand this completely.

This boy has quite the imagination, too! Rolling in a giant doughnut is only the beginning of what turns out to moments where fantasy and play are unleashed, and new activities are discovered. It's fun to watch the boy, and these moments won't only bring a few smiles, but also a few ideas for young readers to do themselves.

And here he is...
Shinsuke Yoshitake is the author-illustrator of The I Wonder Bookstore and the creator of many award-winning picture books. He lives in Japan.

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